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Your Questions About Google Docs

July 19, 2013

Donna asks…

Is there an app to view and edit Google Docs?

I would like an App for my Apple iPad to view and edit Google Docs with. I would prefer free apps over paid apps.

Administrator answers:

There is an app called GoDocs for iPad/iPhone that lets you access Google docs on your iPad but it is $4.99. You can always navigate to Google Docs on your mobile browser, as an alternative and create a shortcut on your desktop.


Hope this helps!


Michael asks…

How do I send an Excel Graph to Google Docs?

I have made a graph in Excel and I need to put it in Google Docs. Copy and Paste doesn’t work so what should I do?

Administrator answers:

Find the folder with the same name as the file and open the folder.
The figures have been saved as gif files, and image that web browsers can read.
Rename each gif appropriately: figure1.gif, figure2.gif, etc. Number the figures as they will be numbered in the report, not the way Excel numbered them.

If that doesn’t work then you’ll have to re create the graph in Google Docs

George asks…

¿Is there any way to publish a pdf document in Google Docs?

I uploaded a pdf document to Google Docs platform (that means clearly that I have my account of Google,). But I want to it make public, that is to say to allow any users to read it, but I do not find the way. I can to share it with other users provided I know their e-mail addresses, but that does not solve my problem. Some idea? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Here’s the answer as google states it.

Working with Collaborators: Sharing PDFsPrint
To share a PDF from the Docs list, follow the steps below:

From the Docs list, check the PDF(s) you want to share and click the Share button.
Enter the email addresses of the people or mailing lists that you’d like to add.
Choose “as Collaborators” or “as Viewers” from the drop-down list.
If desired, add a message and click Send Invitation.

Even if you have previously shared the document with the people to be notified, they will still receive the invitation/notification you send.

Please note, at this time you can only share PDFs from the Docs list, not the PDF itself. Publishing a PDF so that anyone can view has not yet been implemented.

I think you can make Excel files public. Not sure on status of others.

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