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Your Questions About Google Chrome

March 7, 2013

James asks…

How can I unstick my google chrome from the lower right hand corner?

When I turn on my google chrome only a small portion of my home page shows. I have tried using the arrow and sliding it to full screen but it won’t move. The section in the upper right is blocked so I am unable to enlarge screen at that point either.

Thanks for your help and tech support.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried ctrl and +/- ? If I understood your problem correctly.

Ruth asks…

Whats the difference between firefox, google chrome, and internet explorer?

I’ve always had internet explorer and I never used anything else. What can google chrome and firefox do that internet explorer cant?

Administrator answers:

1) The ECMAScript interpreters are different. IE crawls on complex Javascript. Firefox is much faster. Chrome is faster still.

2) Firefox is much more secure than IE, handles popups better, etc.

3) IE renders sites differently than most other browsers. What this means is that if the person writing the site doesn’t write special code for IE (many web developers don’t), what you see in IE isn’t what the developer wants you to see.

4) IE is more “in your face”. If it hits code it can’t handle it stops. If you have debugging enabled it pops up a debugging window. Firefox just ignores the error, makes any assumptions that appear logical, and carries on. Usually you don’t even know that there’s been an error.

5) If you want to add things to the browser, IE has a few add-ons. Firefox has thousands.

Download both Firefox and Chrome and see how they work.

Susan asks…

How to sign out of google on google chrome on another computer?

I use google chrome on my new computer and my old computer. I gave my old computer to my sister and shes using the google chrome browser. Now Im randomly getting some bookmarks on my new tab screen. How do I sign out of my account on the other computer remotely?

Administrator answers:

I don’t believe you can do it remotely. Have your sister perform the following steps:

Open Google Chrome.
Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
Select Signed in as .
In the “Sign in” section, click Disconnect your Google Account.
Click Disconnect account in the confirmation dialog.

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