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Your Questions About Google Chrome

February 22, 2013

Maria asks…

How do i make downloads on Google Chrome like downloads on internet explorer?

Chrome is my main browser, but i don’t like the way you download things on it. I love the way internet explorer downloads things. So i was wondering if there was an extension or anything that could make downloads on Google Chrome, more like downloads on internet explorer?

Administrator answers:

What i say is that just to download like how it is i don’t think you can switch how you download so its just going to hace to stay like that

Sharon asks…

Is it possible that google chrome will make me replace my computer?

My stupid dad keeps thinking that google chrome will break our computer. First he rambles on about these memory dumps and how google chrome uses alot of memory. I honestly have no clue what he’s talking about. Then he also defends his statement with its a droid-based browser. From what I understand, this hasn’t happened to anyone else. I just want to know. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I’ve used Google Chrome since it came out.

And it’s better than the other browsers. So no.

James asks…

How do I change google chrome back into Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 as a web browser ?

Ever since I upgraded internet explorer 6 into google chrome I cant use youtube because it has a diffrent adobe flash player and I dont want to mess with all of that so can you teach me step by step ?

Administrator answers:

First of all, you don’t want to. IE 6 is no longer supported by many major websites, including YouTube and Google Docs. It still works (for now), but it won’t in the future. You might as well download the other version of Flash. Otherwise, go ahead and download IE 8, the current version of Internet Explorer, which has much better handling (though still not as good as Chrome)

By the way, you didn’t upgrade IE 6 into Chrome- Chrome is a separate program. IE 6 is still on your computer. But IE 6 is so bad that Bill Gates has to have hacks in his website just to make it look right in IE 6.

Mary asks…

Google chrome !!!!!!!!!!!?

hey guys can u tell me how is the performance of Google chrome by comparing to Mozilla Firefox… Because am using Mozilla Firefox as internet browser because it maximum helps us to prevent for spywares & virus’s etc… And plz suggest me shall i download & starting Google chrome or shall i continue with Mozilla Firefox only.. Mainly i want to know will Google chrome helps us from preventing virus etc like Mozilla Firefox.. plz suggest me which will be good by comparing Mozilla & Google chrome mainly am stressing on virus’s & spywares topic.. tell me which one will be good plz………..

Administrator answers:

I started using google chrome because i had a virus & my internet explorer shut out constantly. Google chrome never shuts out & if anything happens: laptop dies, shuts off without notice, etc; google chrome recovers all websites, tabs & windows you had open. Saves passwords if desired.

I dont know anything about firefox but i just love google chrome & now its all i use.

Carol asks…

How to make Google Chrome save all passwords without asking?

When I enter my username and password on a site, Google Chrome asks me if I want to save the password for that site. I want Google Chrome to remember my password(on any site) without asking me if I want to. Is it possible?

Administrator answers:

No, because Google is not perfect and has often mistaken other things from HTML forms as username/password combinations. (Machines don’t understand English, you know, they only understand predefined patterns)

Also, your privacy and data safety.

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