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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 21, 2013

Maria asks…

How do you transfer all my favourites, and important things to Google Chrome?

I hate Internet Explorer 9. I want to turn to google chrome but I have a very long list of favourites and how can I just like transfer all my favourites and important settings and passwords to the favourites list at google chrome??? Or is there a button that offers that I can click ‘I accept’ to transfer all my favourites and important things to google chrome favs…..

Administrator answers:


Please follow these steps to import bookmarks from Internet Explorer:

1.Click the Chrome Menu
2.Select Bookmarks
3.Select “Import bookmarks and settings”
4.Select Internet Explorer
5.Click import

The favorites you import will show up directly on the bookmarks bar, docked underneath the address bar If you haven’t yet created any bookmarks in Google Chrome. If you already have bookmarks within Chrome, the bookmarks you import will appear in a new folder called “Imported from IE,” located at the end of the bar. You can also find your bookmarks by clicking the Chrome menu and selecting Bookmarks.

Thanks & Regards
Vishal S

Richard asks…

How do you make Google Chrome render pages specifically made for Internet Explorer?

I use Internet Explorer to attend my online high school, but I would much rather be using Google Chrome. Internet Explorer always finds a way throughout the day to set me back in my school work and i’m sick of it. Is there a way to fool my school’s server that i’m using Internet Explorer when i’m using chrome?

Administrator answers:

No its embedded inside the coding of the browser and so , to do tat , u need to get the source code for the browser and then change it…….better avoid cheating…..bcoz , online actions may get disturbed if sumthing occurs….

Carol asks…

Is it possible to make a Google Chrome extension that automatically edits a URL?

I’m really sick of this Facebook theater view for photos.

I was wondering if someone had some idea of code to put in a Google Chrome extension (I’ve already made one) that will automatically delete the ‘&theater’ out of the URL. Any help would be much appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Yes, I’m sure it is.

When you make it, please submit it to Google. I will be the first one to download it. I never thought about doing that, but I’m sure it’s possible.

David asks…

What exactly is the difference between Google Chrome and Chromium?

I’ve noticed that Google has two web browsers. Chrome and Chromium. What exactly is the difference? Also, how do I install Chromium on Windows? I’ve figured out how to install it on Ubuntu by going to the Ubuntu Software Center, but how do you install it on Windows? Thanx to anyone who can help! :)

Administrator answers:

There’s no difference in the browser. In the sources I will link to a page that will give you detailed instruction on how to install the Chromium OS on Windows XP, you can also do this on Vista and Win7.

Paul asks…

How to save pdf files when I use Google chrome to open it?

Yesterday I could still open pdf files using Google Chrome and have this toolbar that can save the file, print the file, find words, zoom. But today when I open pdf files using google chrome I couldn’t save it as the toolbar is gone. How do I assess the toolbar or did google chrome changed something?

Administrator answers:

With the newest update to Chrome, they changed the plugin used to open PDF’s from Adobe’s plugin to a new Chrome PDF viewer (the one without the toolbar).

To disable it, you have to enter “chrome://plugins” into the Chrome address bar, which will bring you to a menu of all the installed plugins. Just go and disable the Chrome PDF Viewer and you should be back to normal!

Jenny asks…

How do I make Grooveshark (on Google Chrome) play through my headphones instead of my speakers?

So I decided to go on Grooveshark to listen to some music and I can’t get it to play through my headphones. I opened audio mixer and it says that only Skype is set to play through my headphones, and Google Chrome is set to play through the speakers. Any idea on how i could change it so Google Chrome automatically plays through my speakers?

Administrator answers:

Hmmm..a bit of a funny question but have you tried

basically this is an app that lets you “rip” songs from grooveshark …

So find the songs you want to play in grooveshark and then copy to a notepad…

Open up groovedown and search for the songs,hit download..and presto you have them in mp3 format on you pc

William asks…

How to stop Google Chrome from keeping my browsing history?

Google Chrome stores my browsing history and lists it day by day under the “History” page. Instead of having to delete the history pages one by one, is there a way to stop it from recording my history at all?

Thanks for any help!

Administrator answers:

Google Chrome offers the incognito browsing mode

Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito aren’t recorded in your browsing and download histories

go to Tools –> New incognito window

shortcut : Ctrl+Shift+N

Robert asks…

How do I reset to Google Chrome default settings on new page and new tab?

I have Google Chrome and after downloading stuff when ever I open Google Chrome “mystart” opens up as a start up, how do i reset to default settings. So when I open up the Google Chrome internet the page will open of the themed view and the recent pages etc.. It’s really frustrating me.
Clicking on the open new tab thing in the settings doesn’t work, it still opens “mystart”

Administrator answers:

It is very simple to change it into its default
1.Open your browser
2.Click on the spanner button (wrench icon)on the top right and select settings option
3.Choose Open the new tab page or set the website link you want in the on start up option
4.Set the settings you want and restart the browser
If you want to change the theme Choose Get themes or click Change it to default in the Appearance option next to it
If it’s not working
Click on the wrench icon and choose settings and now go to manage search engines options and make Google as default and again set “open new tab’
then, Click on the extensions option to your left and uninstall anything of My start by clicking on the trash icon
Restart your browser

That’s All

Thomas asks…

Google chrome problems: How to I get rid of glitches which are occuring?

I am using google chrome and haven’t disabled internet explorer. When I first turn on the computer I get an error message each time. I report the error but this is getting annoying. What to do?

Administrator answers:

There’s not a lot you can do. They’re still developing the browser so feedback is most important. About the only things you can check is cookies and Java compatibility.
Good luck

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