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Your Questions About Google

March 21, 2013

Carol asks…

How google gather information about users to customize advertisemnet?

From a technical point of view how Google in different ways can (or could) gather information about users and use it to customize advertisements, both at their own and others’ sites. What kinds of information can be gathered?

Administrator answers:

The best way is to read and understand Google’s patent describing their contextual advertising process of scoring ads by price, relevancy, and performance, using a technique called “probabilistic hierarchical inferential learned cluster.”

Charles asks…

How to store a Google spreadsheet in Gmail folder so it can be accessed and updated from within Gmail?


I want to be able to store a Google spreadsheet in a Gmail folder so that it can be accessed and updated from within Gmail- rather than having to come out of Gmail and go into Google docs.

I’d be grateful for any tips on how to do this.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Not to sure yet I just got this free video course for google at I am only on the first video.

Betty asks…

How much bandwidth does Google Maps use on a smartphone?

Hi, i’m planning on using an HTC Aria/Wildfire on a plan that includes only 50MB of data a month (3g). All I really use 3g for is Facebook, emails and google maps. Does anyone know if the GPS on google maps will put a spike in my data allowance?


Administrator answers:

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Sharon asks…

How do you get google adsense to post ads on different sections of a webpage?

Is there a way that I can put different key words for different menus of each page?

I have a website with many menu bars. Somehow whenever I click different sections, all the same google ads appear. Each menu has a different characters, so I would like to customize ads for each sections. Is this possible to have different google ads for each page? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you haven’t done this already then you need to make your page titles reflect the content of your page. I’ve put my site url below which may help demonstrate this.

William asks…

How to change back to google canada as my default search in google chrome?

I have change my default google search in chrome to serbian google by accident, can any body help.

If you can give me step by step help please
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Click the ‘wrench’ icon> Settings> Under ‘search’ section select ‘Manage Search engines’> Select Google Canada> Make it default.
If Google Canada is not listed go through the below steps.
Go to . Then right click on the search box and select ‘Add as search engine’. Then do to above step and select Google Canada from the search engines.

Paul asks…

Does Google have too much power as a private enterprise for a democracy to maintain good governance?

The blackout has forced a question: If Google, or another high-usage portion of the internet, were to change their policies to be more active in voicing their opinions about public matters in ways which you were either for or against, would they effectively have too much power over our democratic process?
Google can do other things to protest besides shutting down, however.

Administrator answers:

No, Actually what they did was bringing attention on what they wanted and express their opinions at people. Totally it is people’s choice after all.

Laura asks…

How realistic is the google flight simulator as it relates to actually piloting a plane?

I’m curious only because it seems to come extremely natrual and easy. Even taking off and landing. I’m only using a mouse for most of the controls but it seems as though the actual mechanical controls would make it much easier to “feel” what is going on. Or, is google just faking me out? Thank’s to any pilots out there who have tried the one on google!

Administrator answers:

No simulator is identical to the real thing, but realism varies among different simulators, and since simulators are not always used to simulate every aspect of flight, most of them are good at certain parts of the simulation, and not very good at others.

The Google flight simulator is at the low end of the scale in terms of realism.

You can get vastly better realism from PC programs that simulate flight specifically, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator or X-Plane. They provide a good general simulation of flight, especially if you have a joystick and other controls attached to your computer. Because the computer doesn’t move and has only a single screen (instead of wide windows), PC-based simulations are more accurate for flight by instruments than they are for visual flight. Various add-ons for these simulators are available that greatly increase accuracy and realism, and they can also be used on networks so that you can fly among other “pilots” with air traffic “controllers.”

Beyond that, the price goes up, but the accuracy improves. Some dedicated simulators for the PC simulate specific things, such as instrument flight only, and some of them, in specific configurations and with an instructor present, are certified by aviation authorities and the time spent on them can be logged for the purpose of obtaining a license (although you still need lots of time in a real plane to get the license). Programs like X-Plane are not expensive, but when you get into certified simulators, you add one or more zeros to the price.

Beyond that, you get into purpose-built simulators that simulate many of the physical aspects of flying. At the top of the scale are full-motion simulators that exactly duplicate the behavior of specific, real aircraft. They move like the real thing, and they look and behave just like the real thing (from inside the cockpit). They are certified and the time spent on them can be officially logged. They are very expensive ($15-$30 million), and time on them is charged by the hour. They are used mostly by airline pilots for practice and certification and other necessary purposes (airline pilots must constantly remain current on various procedures that they are unlikely to ever encounter in real life). Despite the cost, using simulators for commercial pilots is still cheaper than handing them a real airliner just for practice.

If you like flying on the Google simulator, try a PC-based simulation program like Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you really like that, there’s a good chance that you might enjoy flying for real, so you might consider going for a pilot’s license (or even a flying career).

Maria asks…

How does a minor Get a Google adsense account legally? Does Google adsesne take tax out of your check?

How does a minor make a Google adsense legally? Does Google adsense take tax out of your check or do they take it out of the payee’s bank account?

Administrator answers:

If you are in the US, Google will tax your income if you have received more than $600 in your account

You cannot sign up as a minor with Adsense. A parent has to sign up for you, and they need to give their tax ID number. If your parent is a US citizen & you make over $600 in one year Google will automatically send them a 1099 form & the IRS stating the earnings.


Mark asks…

How to disable the feature where google tries to guess what you’re typing?

I reluctantly installed the newest version of internet explorer, and this meant getting google update. So now google tries to guess what you’re going to type while you type it? It’s driving me crazy.

How do I disable this?

It’s gotten to the point were I’ve tried to type faster than google can guess, and its making my computer lag… :(


Administrator answers:

Sad I know, but you can’t get rid of it. It’s the same with everyone. :( unfortunatly, their is no feature which allows you to delete it or set up the preferences so it isn’t their.

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