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Your Questions About Google

December 1, 2012

Sandra asks…

How can use google without seeing all these festive google logos with birthdays and things?

I just want to use the same google page, but it keeps changing. How can I stop it?

Administrator answers:

There is no way to do so for Google like this since there is no such feature available…

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

Why does everything related to Google not work on my computer?

Everytime i use google the search works however the links take me to an add page, same for Yahoo. ALSO b/c youtube is owned by google i have not been able to log into my youtube account or create new accounts on several website b/c the “captcha” option never appears due to the fact that it is google related. It’s relly annoying and has been happening for months now. HELP!

Administrator answers:

It is possessed by the devil. Consult a priest for an exorcism as soon as possible.

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