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Your Questions About Google

August 28, 2013

Michael asks…

How can I get Google english back as my permanent search engine?

Without warning, my english Google search engine seemed to become overnight. I’ve gone through Google‘s search settings options to change it, but when I use the quick search bar, my computer automatically searches at

How do I get google in english back and permanently?

Administrator answers:

Language > English

Betty asks…

How do I get my google search engine back as my primary search engine?

I down loaded this up date and lost my google search engine. I want to enable and continue to use the google seach engine as my primary search engine. How do I do this?

Administrator answers:

Do you use IE or Firefox or Chrome ? Well look for the word settings or options or preferences on your browser and in general set google as your primary search engine, ok or save.

Ken asks…

What is the google program to transfer files?

I know that google offers a program that you can upload your files and then access them on a different computer. Do you know the site?

Administrator answers:

Google Docs

Robert asks…

How did Google start making their money before Google went public 2005?

Just tell how Google got enough money to buy youtube and how the two owner became billionaires?

Administrator answers:

Which part of this Google is incomprehensible for you?

That is not a complicated problem so u ask for it’s answer just revise and understand the rules and u will solve it in a few mins

What is that you don’t understand?
In the meantime, please grow up and get a life outside Google

Paul asks…

How do you add google adsense ads to your youtube video page?

How do you add google adsense text links to your youtube video page? I understand the google video units are just attached to the video itself, but how can you add the actual google text links to the page also?

Administrator answers:

When using Google Adsense with YouTube, you post the code Google provides to a separate web page… You won’t be able to post the Adsense code onto your YouTube profile/channel… You would need to become a YouTube partner to get the ads show up in your videos…

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