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March 2, 2012

Jenny asks…

I’ve seen a car that I think I can buy and resell for a profit. Where can I get CHEAP short-term insurance?

I’ve had a look at various temp cover sites but they are quoting silly prices (£150 a month!). As I need to get the logbook in my name before I resell it could be upto 2 months before it’s sold and any potential profit would go on paying the insurance! Any tips from people that resell cars would be appreciated!!

Administrator answers:

A car dealer will have trade cover for all cars they have to drive. Doing what you are thinking of for onr car will never be economical

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know where I can get cheap short-term car insurance?

I’m due to go away travelling in January, so just want to insure my car (previously declared off the road) for a month or two before I go.

Thanks in advance for your help! :)


Administrator answers:

There are some companies that do it, but for 2 months you’ll pay more than you would buying a full years cover then getting a part refund on it when you cancel.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know of a way to get short term car insurance in the uk for someone aged under 21?

I know there are very few companies that even offer this, but does anyone know of any cheats, such as insuring yourself with a foreign short term company?
I just need to be legal, it’s a cheap car!
I have done my fair share of exploring the web and i have found no insurance companies that will insure you under the age of 21. Similarly with hire car companies!

Administrator answers:

It just cannot be done at under 21. No insurers want to take the risk.

Lizzie asks…

If i take out a short term car insurance cover (28 days) Will I gain 1 years NCB?

I had an accident 6 weeks after I renewed my car insurance, if I was to get a short term cover (from norwich union etc..) for 2 lots of 28 days (renewing it after the first 28 days) would I then gain 1 years NCB?
The only reason i’m asking is because the cost of renewal last year was £450, this years renewal the cheapest I found was £1300!!!

Administrator answers:


You will get one year’s No Claims Bonus after having a valid insurance policy for 12 months, without making a claim.

Mary asks…

Short term car insurance for road trip?

Here’s what I want to do:
I want to buy a car really cheap and drive it across the state and back. I don’t necessarily plan on keeping it (if I did I would look into insuring it regularly). So is it possible to get insured at minimum coverage (for Florida if that makes a difference) for about a month at a low rate? I don’t need anything special, just enough to be able to legally drive around.

Administrator answers:

You can purchase insurance for any length of time you wish. If this is your plan, I would NOT mention to the agent that this is going to be only for a month. Ask for a 6 month policy, then when you are finished with the insurance call your agent to cancel. Any extra you paid will be refunded to you.

Donna asks…

uk short term car insurance new driver?

can any1 tell me sum cheap insurers who will insure a new driver for the day or weekend,and if they do how much.

Administrator answers:

No insurance company does that,but you can rent a car for a day and be covered by their insurance,expensive though!

Lisa asks…

Where can I find a CAR RENTER’S INSURANCE that I could use for a week?

Found a cheap rental car- but they require insurance. Need a short short term insurance for renting car- HELP?

Administrator answers:

The rental place should offer it but it’s usually expensive. Ask your insurance company if they offer a short term plan & you may get a deal.

Charles asks…

Are there any short-term auto insurance companies in the US?

I’ve been searching, and all the ones that I’ve found so far are UK only. I’m in a weird position, and basically, in order to get a certain car, I have to have insurance in my name on it first. The tricky part is that it will be alot cheaper to buy short term (if there is a such in the US) than full blown bi-yearly, because I’m strapped for cash. I’m in a deal with a family member that I can be put on his insurance, and I’ll only have to pay 1/6th what I would with my own policy. Tricky. LoL

Administrator answers:

All companies require you to take out a 6 month or 1 year policy. You can either pay in full, or pay monthly.

Mark asks…

can my uk insurance cover me to drive an irish registered car in ireland?

as i go to ireland on a regular basis iv bought a little run about rather than keep hiring but trying to find the cheapest way to insure it, don’t no if any irish ins companies do short term insurance, any ideas.

Administrator answers:


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