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March 25, 2012

Chris asks…

Driving around Europe (i am 18) don’t want to take my car does anyone know of a place that will hire one.?

Or offer short term insurance to an 18 year old. Or just cheap insurance for a month. (I have been driving for 10 months so don’t have no claims)

Administrator answers:

You are online….do a google search, but it’s very unlikey that a car rental company would rent to you.
Also most rental companies in Europe do not allow the rented car to leave the country in which it is rented. So more problems.
Best bring your own car….IF your insurance company will cover you.

Ruth asks…

There is paint on my car bumper that is peeling away; how can I slow the damage for a while for cheap?!?

Some jerk hit my car in the parking lot some time ago. They didn’t leave their contact or insurance info so I gotta pay to fix it myself since I don’t want to go through insurance. Currently, there is only a small dent and a few paint spots that look like they are chipping or peeling away. Is there a cheap, short term way I can quell the damage? Im just looking for a quick fix until I can set aside some money to fix it for real. I heard that applying clear nail polish around the scratches would help. I may try this but I was hoping someone could suggest another way or vouch for the nail polish option.

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

car hire for short term (for three months or more)?

Hi, I have a faulty used car which I need to sell off (has major engine fault and costs a lot to fix) and need a car just for short term (from three months upto six months, after that I am moving abroad). I googled for car lease, but seems to be very expensive. if you are aware of any cheaper deals (or any other alternatives), please let me know. buying and selling will be too much hassle for me for just few months and also will the insurance be provided for short term lease? can I transfer my current insurance to leased car? my current insurance expires in January and I made the full payment already.

Administrator answers:

Will you drive when abroad?

Maybe buy a car suitable for there eg. If you’re in England now, but moving to France, left hand drive can be bought now, sure, minor inconvenience now, but fine when you move, and oresumably, you;ll be abroad longer than 3 months?

Cheaper option for you, if your friends / family / situation are ok – agree to contribute to an existing car someone has already for sharing – you pay them insurance difference, petrol, and percentage of any consumables etc – agreed before you’re driving to avoid arguments etc if anything does go wrong by accident. I did this in reverse – abroad for similar short period as you, before returning home to England for longer.

Failing that, I’d buy a banger to run – cheap unfashionable one that devalued before I bought it. Then sell it / give it away. EG. Old Rover 400 series around the mid 90s, has a Honda engine, so whilst others will be trouble, you can buy a 414 for a few hundred £, yet the Honda Civic version will be at least another £800 for otherwise very similar lump of plastic and metal.

Daniel asks…

Best girls’ car insurance deal?

What’s the cheapest car insurance available in the UK for a 25 year old woman with 6 points on her licence? Do any of them do shorter term contracts than 12 months?
Ford Focus, 2005, 1.6 litre petrol engine.

Administrator answers:

Admiral Insurance came out cheapest for me (I’m 28 and female so probably quite a similar quote) They are now offering 10 month policies. They also own the Diamond Brand which is aimed at women only so that also may be a good one to check.

Lisa asks…

Does Progressive have an option to cover insurance if I rent a car (’cause I didn’t see it on their website)?

Hi, I’m looking to rent a car. Now, I know that the optional car insurance offered by these car rental companies like Budget and Enterprise are pretty expensive. But I am renting a car because I don’t have a car (renting for short term usage) and I have never had one, which means that I never have had car insurance.

I was on the Progressive website to “get a free quote/buy” but one of the many questions they ask is what car do I have and also if I’m : 1) leasing it 2) own it, but make payments (installments, rather), and 3) own it, but don’t make payments. The last two options don’t apply to me, although would renting a car qualify as leasing it? If so, what “kind of car” should I put in since I have no idea what the specific make of car that will be available for me to rent. Or is this something I fill out after I rent the car (but of course, rentals won’t give away a car if the customer doesn’t show proof of being covered by car insurance).

If you didn’t notice, this is the first time I’m going about these things. One last question while I’m on this topic–I currently have health insurance through the Blue Shield Blue Cross company. I heard Progressive also provides health insurance, so would it be cheaper if I had to take health insurance as well as auto insurance from Progressive/a similar company that specializes in auto insurance but also offers health insurance?

Please help me. Thanks so much in advance!

Administrator answers:

It tells you in the contract they sent you with the bill

Donald asks…

While the Republicans are concentrating on elections, are the Dems getting things done?

A quintet of Democratic senators introduced legislation Wednesday to specifically prohibit investment maneuvers that have been likened to “selling a car with faulty brakes and then buying an insurance policy on the buyer of those cars”.

Senators Jeff Merkley (Ore.), Carl Levin (Mich.), Sherrod Brown (Ohio), Ted Kaufman (Del.) and Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.) are pushing the Obama administration’s proposal to rein in banks’ Wall Street-like practices, such as trading securities for their own profit, while they enjoy the protections afforded by U.S. taxpayers through deposit insurance and access to cheap funds courtesy of short-term loans from the Federal Reserve. Their legislation also attempts to sever the ties between banks and largely unregulated hedge funds and private equity funds — firms that invest and bet for the benefit of their investors.

Those two proposals try to resurrect the wall between Main Street banking and Wall Street trading, a Depression-era reform that was torn down during the Clinton administration. After excessive risk-taking by Wall Street culminated in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, necessitating hundreds of billions of dollars in a taxpayer-funded bailout, top economists and Wall Street veterans have come out in favor of at least partially restoring that divide.

Administrator answers:

Yes, the White House is chuggin’ along, we do not have the time to ‘TALK’ with the American people. The ‘time for talk is over’, as Obama said today.

We can’t worry ourselves with the disapproval of 60% of our populous, it’s getting hung up on things like that… Which never allows you to force products and ideals upon people.

John asks…

What should I do regarding my auto insurance situation?

I hit my dad’s expedition with my Dodge Ram and caused about 1500 dollars in damage to my Ram, as estimated for parts and labor by a collision center, I hit the expedition’s hitch which caused damage to me but barely a few scratches on the expedition. The expedition doesn’t run, and is not even registered or insured. My dad is aware of the situation and has no interest in fixing his car and will not report me to the insurance or police. We have and still are on good terms.
I have liability insurance, so it will not cover damage to my vehicle.
My insurance policy expires in two weeks.
What if I update my insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage that will cover my vehicle. Then I report that I hit an object and have them pay for it.

Would this be cheaper in the short and/or long run than paying to fix out of pocket?
Is such action above illegal, unethical, and/or against policy?
I live in California and have Progressive insurance.

Administrator answers:

That would be illegal, dont take any chances for a mere $1500.00,,,you got a long life ahead dont mess it up

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