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July 21, 2013

Paul asks…

Where can I buy cheap auto insurance or temporary auto insurance in the United States?

I know u can do it in the UK…but can’t find any insurance agency in the US to do it.

Administrator answers:

The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent. Look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and they should be able to help you.

In Texas, we have several companies that will write a 30 day policy – but that is the LEAST amount of time for issue.

If you are hear as a tourist, you can purchase coverage on a rental car. I have had foreign workers that come and find it more cost effective to purchase a car for the period they are here and then sell it when they return to Europe.

In that case, 30 day policies would probably be what you need. You could always start a 6 month plan on payments and then just quit paying when you leave the country.

Good luck and I hope this helps!

John asks…

How do you get the best deal on a car rental?

We knew of a couple who rented a SUV for 15 dollars per day in Orlando Florida. Does anybody know how to get a deal like this?

Administrator answers:

THAT would be incredible. I did book a last minute flight/hotel reservation this time last year through Travelocity and they beat the block room rate discount that our group was offered.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, they or another could possibly get you a great combo rate. The cheapest econobox car that I’ve seen for rent was about $24.99 per day, and that was before all of the fees, insurance, etc. Sounds like they knew somebody that could get them the hook up.

Betty asks…

What happens if I only have liability coverage on my new car?

I just bought a new car, and I only have liability insurance, will the finance company contact me and ask for me to raise it to full coverage or no?

Administrator answers:

Yes, when you purchase a new car, you sign a contract stating that you will have comp/coll coverage, (usually refered to as full coverage) on your car within 30 days. If you do not comply with this, they will put a “Force Insurance” on your vehicle. This will increase your car payment. I suggest that you find insurance on your own, it’s way cheaper. If you dont have comp/coll coverage, in case of a total loss, you will still owe your finance company for the car, even if the car is a total loss.

Linda asks…

How much will insurance try to offer for a stolen 1985 El Camino.?

I had my camino stolen. Show quality, special interest car. How much will an adjuster generally offer since it cant be found in Kelly’s Blue Book. Also, whats the process of getting more for it as Im almost positive they wont offer what the car was actually worth?

Administrator answers:

It all depends on HOW you had the vehicle insured.

Did you have a qualified profession independent insurance agent write the coverage for you or did you try to find the “cheap way out” and do it yourself on-line??

If you had been insured properly, you would have had it on a collector policy, all of your mods listed and insured to the value of your car.

If NOT, you probably have an ACV (Actual Cash Value) policy which pays a depreciated value (Replacement cost less depreciation) and unless you can document your investments and restorations, you might be out of luck on this one.

Good luck and I hope they find it. At any rate, don’t expect much of ANYTHING to happen for thirty days. They normally take that long to investigate and to see if it shows up somewhere.

Jenny asks…

What insurance company do police use and why do they accept bad driving records?

There are few police departments here that actually allow people to apply with -10 driving points. I cant even land a private job involving a company car with -2 points; so I was wondering what company police use and why the company is so lenient?

Is it due to the fact that a cop car is less likely to get into a wreck, cheap to fix and is less likely to get stolen?……….similar to government vehicles? Back in my days any service member could have driven a vehicle with government plates on base and off. Driving record was never a concern of the military and up to this day most units and branches dont care

So the city, state and government has to be using a certain company that is unlike Gieco and Progressive who monitor every little thing and jack up rates

@Badge, clearly you are the dummy! Now go look up Portsmouth Police Department in VA and tell me what you see! You come here acting all tough without knowing how stupid you are. At least the first two people have common sense!

Administrator answers:

Many government agencies are self-insured.

Ken asks…

How does is cost roughly to rent a car?

What are the requirements on renting cars??

I would like to rent a car for the first time and would like some advise, please help !

Thanks !

Administrator answers:

It depends on what kind of rent a car you would like, small cars are cheaper, luxury cars cost more money, Some rental companies offer a deal for the weekend, but roughly its about 50 to 60 a day,(I am including the 25 dollar daily insurance ryder fee I suggest you get on the car) usually it is for unlimited mileage, and some companies have restrictions as far as what states you can go to. Also keep in mind, most rental places have some sort of gps or global positioning device, and know exactly where you and the car are by looking on a computer screen, you need a credit card and a valid drivers license
go online type rental cars in the search box and dig around a little, and there is a website that compares prices for different companies good luck

Sandra asks…

How much will gas and insurance cost for me?

I will be driving at least 30 miles per day on week days and about 12 miles per day on the weekend. I am 18 and in college. I haven’t gotten my driver’s license but plan to take the test in a month or two. I don’t know what the MPG of my car will be as I have not purchase it yet but I can almost guarantee it will be fairly old so that may help determine it somewhat. An estimate on a cheap car would be nice too.

Administrator answers:

Insurance and gas can easily run you over $200 a month depending on where you live. While gas prices are fairly even across the US, insurance prices can vary by more than 100% from state to state. An older car will be cheaper to insure, but the real cost for insurance will be the fact that you are under 25 and don’t have a driving record.

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