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July 14, 2013

Paul asks…

Cars: What is the cheapest way to fix the crack on my windshield?

My car is an old mercedes benz 97 and I have a 4 inch crack from a stone. Should I buy a repair kit from ebay?

Administrator answers:

Insurance or not, make sure who ever does it, is local. What happens is they sell you on a windshield and come to you. Selling you on the idea that they are willing to travel great distances to serve you. But any free follow up/chip repair after, you will have to go to them. And, they may require you to leave it there for half a day. That’s a serious catch to me. Because you can get $20 guaranteed chip repair at most any local place and sometimes even a temp road side stand. So, for instance, driving to them, leaving vehicle, and driving home, may cost more than $20.
So it can actually cost you more to get their free chip repair, than just finding a local place to do it.
In which case, the “deal” they offer you, that includes a “special”(chip repair) is non existent. They will not, in most cases, knowing where you live, not volunteer that info.

Donna asks…

I have Mercury Car Insurance, what should I watch out for?

I recently opened up a policy with Mercury car insurance because they gave me the best quote. A month later my roomate was doing research and found a large amount of people giving bad reviews of Mercury car insurance. Since I don’t know anyone who has Mercury car insurance I was hoping someone out there could give me some good feedback as to whether or not they are worth renewing in 5 months.

Administrator answers:

This is a company like Geico. Yes they save you money but when you need them to actually pay for coverage you will get hassled.

Never agree to limited tort- you limit your rights to recover for damages when you actually might need it.

Always keep you insured amounts high like 100,300 and 50 at the min. The higher the more protected you are —thinking cheaper by using low limits can come back in your face.

Match the uninsured/under-insured to the same high amounts as above.

Ask what the difference in premium would be for a deductible of 100,250,500 and see what is best for you. Remember this is what you pay in case of a claim. You might be surprised how little it raises your premium with a lower deductible- maybe not.

Never, use the drive-thru claim service or the service when they come to your house etc.. They give you a check and good luck finding a body shop that will do the repairs for that amount. Look around for a reputable body shop in advance and have the car towed there if unable to drive) because they are in the business of repairing cars where as the insurance company business is to make money so they avoid paying what is necessary.

Add rental care option usually 30 -35 a day for a max for a month so you have transportation while vehicle is being repaired.

Travelers insurance is good coverage at a reasonable premium in my area. You could ask the body shop you find to be reputable to see which co. Worked with them the best. But if they are a direct repair facility there answer might be tainted.
Direct repair is when a body shop agrees to work with the insurance co. (at a lower repair rate) in return for direct referral of their business.

Donald asks…

Is it wise to purchase insurance for a puppy?

I am a new puppy owner & would like to know if it’s worth the money to purchase pet insurance? What does it cover & what doesn’t it cover?

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to get insurance, it’s best to get it when he/she’s a puppy, as you’ll get a cheaper rate.

The issue is if you should get it at all. As others said, it doesn’t cover everything. It’ll cover shots and whatnot, exam costs, and most emergency surgeries (ie: if your dog gets hit by a car, etc…) though it won’t cover every major one, in which case they’ll pay to have the dog euthenized *rolls eyes*. It doesn’t cover many illnesses, even those specific to certain breeds. And for what it does cover it does in the same way that many human insurances do, but worse… You need a surgery. You KNOW you need it (or in this case, your dog). But they won’t pay for the surgery. They’ll pay for something else, much more minor and less effective, and maybe some medication if necessary. If that doesn’t help, then they’ll go one step up… A little more medication, maybe more frequent visits, etc… But still not what even your vet says NEEDS to be done. And they’ll keep going up on level, until the issue gets worse and time passes (thus the success rate of the surgery goes down and down and down)… If you’re lucky, after a few of these cycles, they *might* cover the surgery. But maybe not.

By all means, look into it… But read the fine print. Have some foresight and think of the pros and cons once you and your dog are IN a serious situation (ie: how much time, etc… Can be spared, and compare that to their plan… If it’s just a matter of getting some diagnostics and few days, that’s probably fine… But if its minor treatments over a year while the condition gets worse then, yeah… No).

In my opinion, you’re best off just saving some money and starting your own “pet emergency” fund (I recommend keeping $3,000-4,000 in it at any given time, just in case). In the long run, it’s not much more expensive than pet insurance (and, if your dog is completely healthy, can actually be cheaper) and is certainly MUCH safer and helpful when needed. Not to mention, since it doesn’t cover everything (read: MANY things), if you have it but your dog needs something they don’t cover, then you’re paying all the medical bills as well as the insurance premium.

Sharon asks…

How much money should we put aside for car repairs on our epic road trip?

My friends and I are going to drive to L.A from New Jersey. That is a total of 2925 miles!! How much money should we put aside for car repairs? We would also like to know how much money we should put aside for gas and for spending money? (the car we are taking is a saturn I believe, I don’t know the exact car name..)


Administrator answers:

Get the car checked out thoroughly and take care of any pending maintenance issues before you leave and you should not need any money for repairs. Figuring a round trip and 25 MPG and $3 per gallon average for gas works out to about $700 for fuel. Allow $30 per person per day for food. Hotels are all over the chart so you’re on your own for that. Ditto for spending money.

I have to disagree with the comments about the GPS. I’ve been using Garmin GPS for close to 7 years now and have traversed the country countless times with nary a problem. On one occasion I had a problem locating a hotel up in Wisconsin but other than that GPS has been a God-send. Maps are usually out of date the day you buy them and can never be updated. Enough individual maps to cover the US will cost more than a GPS unit will and you can update the mapping on a GPS for around $50 or so. With Garmin you can get lifetime updates for about $125. Maps have little detail on fuel stops, restaurants, hotels, etc. But even a cheap GPS will have a wealth of data on services along the road. Better ones can also route you around traffic jams and the best ones come with real-time traffic data.

Check your auto insurance. If you have towing coverage that often will replace AAA for less money. Just be sure that your insurance company does not treat a towing or jump start call as a claim to jack your rates. Most don’t but a few have been known to.

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