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June 9, 2013

Susan asks…

Do I get a refund on my car insurance deposit?

I took out a new car insurance policy last week and paid a deposit of £333. However, my documents came and they are telling me my compulsory excess is £500, when I specifically chose this company because they quoted me a £150 excess. I’m actually paying slightly more every month for this company for this reason – I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere! If I cancel now will I get my deposit back?

Administrator answers:

If you took out the insurance over the phone, the insurer should have the call recorded. If it’s recorded that the adviser told you the total excess would be £150, then this would count as misselling. Speak to the insurance company about your concerns. If you did take it out over the phone, they will be obliged to investigate this further and they will be able to advise you on what has happened and the terms of cancellation. The FSA require that insurers have a 14 day “cooling off” period, so if you do have to cancel within that 14 day period, you won’t be charged as much for cancelling. If the product has been missold to you, then register a complaint with them.

If you took the policy out online, then it’s likely the voluntary excess was £150, which is on top of any compulsory excesses which must have been outlined to you before you purchased the insurance. More often than not, there’s a link at the bottom of the quote page which leads you to a breakdown of any compulsory excesses (standard excesses, young driver excess, inexperienced driver excess, etc). Online insurance is a bit of a minefield. I prefer to call companies direct to make sure that everything is ok and that everything is explained to me.

Call them sooner rather than later so that you’re still within the cooling off period, so you won’t be charged as much to cancel.

Donna asks…

what is the cheapest way to get from naples, florida to denver, colorado?

I have looked at plane tickets, but how do i consult adding in bus, train, or even a taxi save the fact it would be a bunch of money. I didnt go with geico; i didnt save abunch of money on my car insurance- so i need all the help i can get!

Administrator answers:

Flying would be the least expensive. Over land would take 3 days, consider gas, food and lodging

Linda asks…

If i drive less than 40 miles a day am I really entitled to more affordable car insurance?

You probably notice these ads on yahoo saying if you drive less than 40 miles you are entitled to cheap insurance to click on their ads to find out more. I was wondering if that true, what ‘s the trick?

Administrator answers:

Many insurance companies in the US do offer a low mileage discount for many people who drive under a certain amount per year, it’s mostly taken advantage of by seniors.

I know for a fact that travelers, farmers, and commerce offer it.

Jenny asks…

How much would it cost to add this to my car insurance policy?

okay, i am 16 years old and just got my liscense a couple of days ago.
my parents are now paying an extra $800 to add me to the insurance but they want to buy me a really cheap car to drive for about 2 years so i dont crash the other expensive cars we have

say i got a ’93 honda civic for around $2,000 with around say 100k miles on it, how much do you think it would cost to add that to the policy?
i mean, the more cars you add the more expensive it is. so how much would it be to add another car.

Administrator answers:

I’d recommend asking the insurance company that insures the other cars in your family for a quote. You might as well go straight to the source for the answer – and you’d probably get a multi vehicle/discounted rate since they’re already carrying the coverage on the other cars (unless your parents have a horrible driving record, wrecks, etc – lol!).

Be sure to compare the cost of a stand-alone policy (you insured in your car only) vs. Adding the cheap car to the family policy (which would allow you to drive any car in the family if you needed to). When my son turned 16, we bought him a truck but added him to our existing auto insurance. His is not a separate policy and he can drive any of our three cars (although he seldom drives anything but his truck).

Because we have three drivers and three cars, every driver has to be listed as a primary driver on each car, with the others listed as secondary. Since it was cheaper to do so, we listed him as the primary driver on his mother’s car and put me on the truck. Everyone’s still covered regardless of which car we’re driving. This was our insurance company’s suggestion since teenage boys driving pickup trucks = higher premiums. Good luck and drive safely!

Donald asks…

How much would car insurance cost for a Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1?

-I’M using the information for a spreadsheet and to get an idea of how much it costs to insure a
modern day Corvette because I’M planning to get a Corvette “Some Day“.
-An estimate is also fine thankz

Administrator answers:

If you have to ask then you can’t afford it…..I have a viper and a zr1 and it ain’t cheap……if your 25 or less expect around 8ooo.00 a year if you can get someone to insure you…..

George asks…

Do i have to keep paying insurance on a scrapped car? My insurance runs out in August.?

I am planning to scrap my car next week but my insurance runs out in August. Am I legally expected to continue paying for it or can i cancel it?

Administrator answers:

I am going though a similar problem at the moment, depending what insurance company your with you can cancel it but you might be tided in to a contract and have to pay silly money to cancel, I was told its illegal to insure a car you no longer own and as I told the insurance company that i no longer have the car i now have 30 days to either cancel or insure another car, if i don’t theres penalties which amount to over £500 quid, crazy !! So personally I would say either cancel it and pay the fine or insure another car for the remaining months left e.g. I have a car that’s due to be scrapped soon and if the worse case is I’ll insure that as it will be cheaper to insure a car i don’t use then to pay the fines. It really depends on who your with so I would give them a call and see what they say. Its a joke really as to the amount of money they want. Good luck

William asks…

Which Car Insurance Company would be cheaper?

Looks like everything now and days is going up -including car insurance. Does anyone know of any company that has cheap car insurance???? I’m not sure if AAA offers any good deals
Where would you find an Insurance broker?

Administrator answers:

Use an insurance broker to help find you the best deal.

Carol asks…

What is the best car insurance for a traveler?

Hi, me and my partner just bought a car in Auckland. We are traveling around New Zealand for around 9 months and was wondering which is the best vehicle insurance we can get.

Administrator answers:

Good day!
When I arrived to New Zealand and bought my van in Christchurch, one of the banks offered me quite a good deal with the auto insurance. However, when I had an accident they refused to pay for the damage I caused to another car because I’m not a New Zealand resident. I was very disappointed they did not mention anything about it when i purchased the insurance.
I found out that non residents can only get a third party insurance and QBE is the only motor insurance offers it for travelers. I happily changed to this insurance as it will definitely pay for the expenses in case of a car accident. The cheapest place to get it is from Backpackers Car Market in Auckland. They also offer great Roadside Assistance deals with it. Check their page out, it will help!


Enjoy your trip around New Zealand!

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