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Your Questions About Cheap One Day Car Insurance

June 8, 2013

Mary asks…

what is the cheapest car insurance you can think of?

I make $900 – $1000 a month & Im moving out in a week. my rent is $300 & Im going to have to get new car insurance next month. I got quotes from & The general was 119.00 a month & esurance was 204.00

do you know anything cheaper? I have an 08 honda accord coup. please help if you can!

Administrator answers:

It sounds like the General is the cheaper one, but bear in mind that they write only state miminum limits, and those are nowhere near enough insurance. Most states require only around $25/50/10, and even a fairly minor accident could go through those in a day or two–and $10,000 property damage wouldn’t replace my ’08 sedan if you totaled it. Those limits may make you legal, but they won’t make you safe. If you possibly can, find something better.

Mark asks…

where can i find cheap car insurance for someone who is 18 and basically lives on thier own?

my boyfriend’s parents are kicking him off their insurance and he needs to find it for cheap in only a couple of days. any ideas…i tried geico,esurance and some others but its still too expensive.

Administrator answers:

Well, it’s NOT cheap, no matter where you go. He can get quotes from, or go to a local agent. But at 18, it’s probably going to be Progressive, Geico, Leader Infinity, or some other higher risk company.

Michael asks…

Has anyone else noticed that when people ask insurance questions their words get joined together?

I picked it up a few days ago, and since then it’s really confused me. They ask questions like “where can I get cheap car insurance“, but for some reason the question ends up as “where can i get cheapcarinsurance”. Has anyone else noticed that, or can explain to me why it happens?

Administrator answers:

Yes. The asker is part of a spam team or group.

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