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May 12, 2013

Mandy asks…

What is a good way for my Fiancee and I to save money?

I am living in the basement of her parents’ home, and the rent is quite affordable.

Please tell me, what are some basic ways that my Fiancee and I can save money for the future? Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I am looking for any ideas- coupons, buying in bulk, buying sundries at the dollar store, cutting down on gasoline consumption, cheaper car insurance, decreasing the grocery bill, saving money eating out, etc.

Administrator answers:

There are lots of ways to save money, and keeping your rent/mortgage payment low is one of them, so congrats on your living arrangement. Having affordable rent allows you to focus on other ways to save. Here are a few:

* when possible, walk don’t drive – with gas over 4 bucks a gallon, this one is obvious

* buy food in bulk – get a membership at somewhere like Costco or Sam’s Club. Those places usually have cheaper prices and the savings will add up.

* cut out the cable – if you are paying for cable or satellite TV, you probably can save lots of money by just watching free TV until you are in a better financial situation

* don’t eat out – you already mentioned this, but you can save several hundred dollars a month eating at home. This is multiplied if you go to bars and spend money drinking. Stay at home and you’ll see the money piling up that you save.

* once you have some money, invest in a CD – all banks, credit unions and even some online companies sell CDs with nice interest rates. You don’t have to tie up the money for years, like you would with a IRA and you’ll get much better interest than with a traditional savings account.

* if you’ve got the time, get a second/third job – whatever you are good at, go out and get some extra income and put it in the bank. If you aren’t sure what to do consider waiting tables, do landscaping, bar tending, working at a supermarket during off hours, even a paper route. All will give you nice extra income that you can sock away for another day.

* when making gift lists, ask for household supplies and other items you need – it might make for boring gifts, but if you have a birthday coming up, ask for something for your home.

Those are just a few ideas. Hope the info helps. If you want some more ideas how to save money, check out Quizzle, the site I work for. We’ll give you some more financial tips and it’s all free. Good luck!

Daniel asks…

How much would i pay for car Insurance?

How much would i pay for car
Insurance for cheap car that cost me honda accord 2000,I am 28 Years old, never been in any accident,I got my license 8 years ago

Administrator answers:

These sort of questions appear on here almost every day, and usually just attract spam from people who post links to internet based insurance web sites. No reputable insurer would resort to using Yahoo Answers to advertise their business when they can afford to advertise by other means, so I would be very wary of such web sites. Like any other business, insurance is open to fraud, and there are a lot of phishing web sites out there that appear to be genuine sites, but are set up just to obtain your personal details and bank account details to use fraudulently. Please bear this in mind and use a reputable insurer rather than following one of these dubious links.

Sadly, this sort of question also attracts comments from a lot of people who are not qualified to give this sort of advice and will just post anything to get the points. Motor insurance is very important, and the consequences of taking bad advice don’t bear thinking about, I have worked in insurance for many years, and all insurance staff have to constantly retrain and take exams and tests to keep up to date with the ever changing legal regulations. People who give advice on insurance are not allowed to say, ‘Buy this policy from this company’, (which is something that people often say on here), as if we do, and that policy is not suitable for your needs, or the company goes out of business, you could then sue us for professional negligence for giving you poor financial advice. What we can do however, is to advise you of all the options available to you, and leave you to go away and make an informed decision of your own.

Insurance quotes are very complex, and the insurer will need to take lots more information from you to accurately assess the risk involved before he can quote, so with the limited information available, it would not be possible to even give a rough estimate of the cost involved.

When choosing insurance, you can either go to an insurance company, (who usually just sell their own products), or you could go to a reputable internet based price comparison site, or call in to the local insurance broker, as they deal with many different insurers, and will be able to give you several quotes and you will only have to provide your details once. By getting several quotes at once, it gives you more of an idea about which companies are cheaper. If you choose to use the price comparison web site or the insurance broker, it may be worth asking them which companies they are quoting for, and if you approach those companies directly for a quote, it could work out cheaper as brokers and price comparison web sites often charge commission, which you may not have to pay if you deal directly with the company. Some companies will give a further discount if you set the policy up yourself over the internet, as you are saving them admin costs.

One thing to bear in mind though is that the cheapest does not always mean the best. If an insurer can cut costs, they need to make that money back somehow, and you need to do plenty of research to make sure that the cost savings do not compromise the service they provide to you. There are lots of consumer web sites out there where people review companies, good and bad, so have a look what people say about your potential insurer before you go ahead. It could save you a bad experience in the long run.

Good luck.

Sandy asks…

How can I get that under 25 driver age fee knocked off?

I’m 22, and would like to rent a car with my husband who is 25. We’re both in the military, so military discounts, send em our way! Anyways… Is there any possible way, loop-hole, something to get out of this stupid $25 a day because I’m not 25? Our car insurance covers anything we drive, so that’s no an issue. Any decent companies, or dealership based? This is in the North carolina area too. THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Don’t listen to the above response, if you drive the vehicle after not disclosing it you will be guilty of various criminal offences (or as you say in the US, driving felonies). If you drive when you have not told them you are NOT insured. If then you have an accident or get stopped by the highway police – Kiss goodbye to the military and say a big hello to jail. Don’t risk it. It is only $25 after all!! I have found the below link for you – It is a list of cheap hire car companies in North Carolina. Good luck!

David asks…

What’s the insurance police for instant buying and selling cars businesses between individuals?

For instance, an individual making profit by buying and selling cars for a higher price within a short period of time (a few days). The car needs to be registered and tax needs to be paid and title has to be renewed too. But what about insurance? Do you have to add the car to your insurance? Or you wouldn’t bother since you’re not going to own the car? What is the policy?

Administrator answers:

No, the car does NOT need to be registered, so it doesn’t need to be insured – but you DO need to pay tax and title.

If you’ve got a car flipping business, though, then you’d need a dealers policy – sometimes called garage liability policy. If you drive that car, you buy dealers liability insurance on state “dealer plates” that you can attach to your cars that you temporarily own.

Keep in mind, this type of coverage is EXPENSIVE. It’s usually based on the number of dealer plates that you have, and you can bet that the FIRST plate, will cost you $5,000 a year for the insurance. IF you’re over 25, with a good driving record, and decent credit. Maybe $3,000 a year for each plate after that, and you won’t get a decent price break until you hit six plates.

Also keep in mind, if you’re acting as a dealer, most states will also require an auto dealers bond, which is ALSO not cheap for a startup.

James asks…

USAA canceled our car insurance without notice. How do we get it back?

My husband is active duty military, and he called today to change our address with USAA, at which point they informed him that they had canceled our car insurance policy two days ago. He talked to three different people who all told him that they would not re-instate us. This is a horrible situation. Does anyone have experience with this, or know how we can get it back?

I have already been in touch with another insurance company to make sure we’re covered until we can get this all sorted out.

Administrator answers:

Either someone has a bad driving record, filed too many claims, or didn’t pay the premiums. Insurance companies don’t cancel for no reason. There is an issue here that is not clarified. I know a fair amount about the armed forces and USAA Insurance. They give special rates and basically expect you to remain claim free and pay premiums always on time. I believe if they told you that they would not renew, then face the fact and be honest with yourself about why the cancelled the policy. Learn from it, and move on. Make a lot of calls and find the best rate you can with an insurance company. Just get back to having insurance. Go with a cheaper policy to get started. After some time you can move up the ladder. To be honest with you, USAA isn’t all that good about paying claims anyway. In my opinion your not losing much except maybe premium pay rate. If your vehicle ever needed work, USAA uses as many aftermarket parts on your car as they can. Read their policy. Farmers Insurance Company and State Farm, in my opinion are the two best to deal with.

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