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March 24, 2013

Carol asks…

Whats the cheapest car insurance company for young/newly qualified drivers in the UK?

I have just passed my test and have a car, but the insurance is ridiculously high, around £3,300. There has got to be cheaper quotes out there. Please help, thanks!

Administrator answers:

That’s cheaper than most people are getting quoted, and as this question gets asked a dozen or more times a day on here, it’s not difficult to find that out! Anything below £4000 is good for a new driver, £3300 is positively great!

Thomas asks…

What do you do if you cant afford car insurance?

Im a sinlge mother and my bills are more than my income. I seriously have to choose between food or car insurance. i cant take the bus to work the schedule doesnt work out….Im scared Im going to get pulled over. What do I do?
If I dont drive, I dont work, and my daughter and I will be homeless.
I cant beleive you people who have good jobs and education look at the world of poverty thru rose colored glasses. you sit up on your pedastool and judge someones situation without knowing the limitations im dealing with. I cannot take the bus to my job. To get there on time, it would take me 2 hours and 3 transfers and in order to do that I would have to leave at 5am and the busses dont run that early. A bike is not an option, its to far. cant get a scooter, I can afford it. My car is all I got and its only worth about 300 dollars. If I lose this job I will have my girl on the streets. I have to get to work! and no co workers will drive me.
So if I decide not to drive, I lose the job and then I will get judged for being on welfare.
Are there any ‘po people I can talk to?

Administrator answers:

Easy answer… Don’t drive

Picture this as a real likely scenario:

1) You are involved in or cause an accident in which you are to blame. Maybe a minor injury or two

2) The PD will tow your car – even it it is driveable since it has no insurance and you can not drive it. , the DMV jerks your license for no insurance.

Ok so much for the GOOD news.

You are responsible for the repair to the car you hit. Figure a modest $5 to $6k unless you hit a new car where even the wheels may cost $1 each. Eventually they will sue you for the bill and your check will be garnished. Now it is up to 50% less (net).

But wait .. There’s more.

Remember that injury? Hospital stays are around $300/day PLUS the treatment. Figure a minor broken bone or two is going to cost around $10k…. Guess who is paying.

And now lets get to the Pain and Suffering (not yours… Theirs) an easy $10k maybe a LOT more).

Its going to be a looooong time before you see a full paycheck. If you buy a car, (let alone a house) it will be seized and sold to apply to the debt.

You think you are scared of being pulled over… Dwell on this scenario for a bit and you will see that is the least of your worries.

Concerned.. ? This is not an extreme picture. In fact it is pretty realistic as others answering your question will likely echo.

Bottom line..

Take a bike, walk to work, get a motor scooter (which has cheaper insurance) find a co-worker or a ride share and save up the money to buy the insurance. There are a LOT of alternate transportation methods… Not as convenient as a car but they ARE there… You are just choosing not to use them for one reason or another.


Ken asks…

What papers do you need for car insurance?

Alright I don’t know too much all I know is I’m determined, I want a car with car insurance on it. My dad has a car in which he is going to let me have and I am going with him next week to get car insurance. What papers do I need to present in order to get the car insurance because I want to be ready. I’m not sure what insurance I want yet but I believe he might be putting the insurance in his name and mine being that I am a young driver.

Administrator answers:

If your dad puts you on his insurance , it will be alot cheaper and you don’t have to do anything. Your dad can call them and tell them to put you on the insurance. He tells them what kind of car it is and they will tell him how much it will be. You only need liabilty insurance. Once you get the insurance you have to go get the registration at motor vehicles. Take the title of the car with you. Providing you have a drivers license. After the registration is done and you have all the paper work. All you have to do , is take your car thru inspection. ( 45 days to do it ) good Luck

Susan asks…

Whats a good cheap car insurance for someone with a dui in NJ?

i got a dui 3 years ago and need car insurance for both my girlfriend and i. i would like the insurance to be under my girlfriends name and me be covered under his… anyone have any advice on cheap car insurance with someone that has had a dui?

Administrator answers:

With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there’s no answer to it… You can’t get a quote or a best insurer from here….

So you want to shop around for insurance just like you are doing when buying a car or anything else.

James asks…

What is a decent auto insurance rate for minimum coverage?

I have just turned 18 and bought my first car. I work part time with a fast food restaurant. I need to get the cheapest possible car insurance. What is a good rate for minimum coverage?

Administrator answers:

This question gets asked many times each day, however it isn’t all doom and gloom… Simply get off the net, pick up a phone and start dialing! It isn’t as if it costs anything.

Sandra asks…

What is the grace period to drop one car insurance company an get another 1?

My car insurance restarts September 24 I pay more for the 4month plan an want to switch. to a cheaper insurance company

Administrator answers:

Your police ends at midnight on the date of expiry, and if you have an accident the next day, or the car is stolen, and your new policy isn’t in effect, you have no coverage, period.

Mandy asks…

Do Different Car Insurance Companies Really Have Different Rates?

I keep seeing ads on TV which claim this or that car insurance company is cheapest. Are they really that different, or is this just marketing?

Administrator answers:

Make sure you understand why the rates are different. For instance if your current policy has towing and car rental included, make sure that is included in the policy you are comparing it too. Make sure the deductible is the same…and so on….

That said, I did have an experience where I just bought a newer car and my old insurance company raised my rates quite a bit! When I called in to pay a bill, they asked me if I’d like to compare rates, and I did get a much lower quote on exactly the same (apples for apples) policy!

They were both national company, so I guess the new company is using price to bring in new business. Good for me. I switched!

Compare rates. It is pretty easy these days.

Robert asks…

When renting a car are you expected to provide your own insurance or is it included in the rental price?

I am thinking about renting a car for a few days. I no longer maintain car insurance since i got rid of my car 6 months ago. When renting a car do they provide your insurance for the time your renting it or are you expected to provide your own? it been a long time since i ever had to rent a car.

Administrator answers:

Most car rentals will waive the insurance if you already have insurance with your personal car. Most, if not all, auto insurance carriers will cover car rental. But since you don’t have a car, or car insurance, the car rental place may sell you insurance. I would suggest since it’s cheaper to spend the little money for the insurance rather than a whole car to get the car rental insurance. The rental insurance usually only covers the car and not the occupants, cargo or the other vehicle but ALWAYS CHECK WHAT IS INSURED and READ THE FINE PRINT when signing ANYTHING dealing with rentals or rental insurance.

Michael asks…

How much can I expect to pay for Enterprise car rental insurance per day?

I have no other options have to pay for the rental insurance how much can I expect to pay in orlando florida area for enterprise car rental insurance?
Why do people keep answering my question if they don’t know the answer? I dont need auto insurance, the answer is not on the web site, they don’t even tell you one the phone. I’m looking for a factual answer!

Administrator answers:

It actually does say on the web site, it is a little hard to find. As it varies by location, you have to go through most of the rental process to find out. On the page after you enter your personal details it has a section on the lower right hand side detailing insurance options. Damage Waiver runs $17.99 to $26.99 per day depending on vehicle class. This is at MCO.

There are other options, your credit or debit card may provide some coverage, I assume you do not have your own auto policy. If you do have an auto policy you may be able to get a rental supplement. Also, you can purchase car rental insurance from many travel insurance companies. If you have an AMEX, they have a supplemental insurance policy. Most of these options are cheaper than the rental companies insurance.

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