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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

May 9, 2012

George asks…

Is there a good/cheap motorcycle insurance where you can pay like $100 for a whole year?

I’m a college student…don’t have loads of cash to pay insurance every single month.

Anyone have motorcycle insurance like that or know anything about it. Or something similar like pay $50-100 every 5 months or so….something like that

As always thanks in advance
P.S. I DON’T have any speeding tickets. I am a first time motorcyclist!

Administrator answers:

First-time motorcyclists are considered very high risk. You are unlikely to find insurance for less than several hundred per month, let alone per year. I paid about $140 for my first year of insurance on a 60cc bike–IN 1974!!!

Robert asks…

Where can I find cheap motorcycle insurance?

I recently bought a Honda CBR600F4I and am looking for inexpensive insurance. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I have liberty Mutual. I have heard that countrywide is also inexpensive. You want to find a company that quotes a price based on the number of cc’s instead of whether it’s a sportbike or standard or whatever. Good luck and ride safe.

Chris asks…

What is the best learner motorcycle, cheap on insurance and good quality?

I am looking to learn how to ride a motorcycle and am looking for a bike that is easy to learn, cheap to run, cheap on insurance and a good ride. Are older bikes cheaper? Are some brands better on insurance than others? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Kawasaki 250 Ninja
Kawasaki 500 Ninja
Suzuki GS500S

dual sport bikes: very cheap on insurance
Suzuki DRZ400S
Suzuki DR650
Honda XL650S
(cannot recommend the Kawasaki KLR650 cause it has a engine oil consumption problem)

sport and dual sport bikes are much easier to learn to and to ride, cruiser bikes are slow and heavy, unbalanced and are hard to learn for the beginner

Richard asks…

What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

what is the absolute most shitty dirt cheap motorcycle insurance you can buy in the state of california?

Administrator answers:

Tempted to say ‘the one which costs less’. Go to ‘comparison websites’ for the best quotes, eg ‘go compare’ etc

Susan asks…

What is a cheap motorcycle insurance company? Help immediately please?

Administrator answers:

Geico has motorcycle insurance.

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