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August 27, 2013

Donald asks…

What is the best first motorcycle to buy?

In a few months I’ll be relocating to the state of Oklahoma and will be seizing the opportunity to get a motorcycle I’ve always wanted.

Anyways, I’m 20 years old, 5’11 ft (180cm) tall, and weigh 163 lbs (73kg). I don’t have prior riding experience on motorcycles. The only things I can relate with is I’ve ridden bicycles literally my entire life, and I’ve ridden a dirt bike a couple times along with an ATV, so I really have no experience when it comes to a motorcycle. I also have a regular drivers license.

I do know the ideal bike to start off would likely be a used, Kawasaki Ninja 250. However I plan on putting some serious miles on this bike I’ll be buying soon, and as bad as this sounds, I simply don’t want to put in 3-4 months learning properly on a 250 commuting around town.

I’ll be located about 1 hour 26 minutes from Oklahoma City, and 3 hours 17 minutes from Dallas, and I plan on riding these distances nearly every weekend. I know I can’t jump on a bike and magically have the skill to ride on highways and such to Dallas, yet I want a bike I can learn on, and is already built to take me the distance.

So in all, I’m asking someone with knowledge about bikes, what is fit for me? From the little I know, I’m thinking a used 2007-09 Kawasaki Ninja 500r is the right bike for me because it should have the power behind it to easily ride a highway comfortably, yet it hopefully is forgiving enough to learn on. Also I’m a cheap person and I’ve heard 500r’s will be lighter on insurance.

Administrator answers:

Im sorry you’re not getting the answers you need. Do not buy a ninja 250. They are crap and in 3 months you will have outgrown them. The wheelbase is smaller. The tires are small. They are uncomfortable for someone of our height. This will be your first bike so get something a little old but not to old because you will drop your bike. If you spend over 2500 make sure that bike is fuel injected. If its less then 2500 then carbs will do. Are you mechanically inclined. Sports bike require a lot of chain attention or something can happen. If you plan on taking a lot of highway drives look for a sport touring bike. Im 5 11 and 145 lbs and I drive a heavy katana or as some people refer to them as a kan a tuna. Well to me the bike is light. It handles great and I can do everything I want to do. Also its cheap on insurance. Ninja 500r is a better bike then a katana but a katana is more dependable. In my opinion the best beginner bike out there would be a suzuki gs500. They come fairing and non fairing. Reason why I say it is the best beginner bike…. 1. Light 2. Cheap 3. Low maintenance 4. Its build by suzuki. Find your top 3 bikes you like and can afford, get the vin number, then price all with your insurance agency. If there is a park somewhere near you that rent out dirt bikes I would suggest going there renting one and practice. Woods are forgiving the streets are not. DONT FORGET YOUR GEAR

Steven asks…

Motorcycle owners: how much is your insurance?

I plan to purchase a motorcycle in the near future but im worried about the insurance.

What do you pay?

Is motorcycle insurance expensive??

Administrator answers:

Cheaper than a car, generally.

George asks…

Is the Ducati Monster 695 or Monster 800SR an ok bike for a beginner?

I’ve never ridden a motorcycle but im an experienced mountain biker (if that helps).

Administrator answers:

Neither. Both are way too powerful for a novice to handle – it’ll probably be a quick trip to the cemetary. Stick to something cheap for your first – you’ll probably total it, anyway (most new motorcyclists do.) Just try not to total yourself at the same time. Once you have some experience, then get something you actually want. Besides, I hate to think what the insurance would cost for a beginner on either of those bikes.

Good luck, and keep it upright!

William asks…

What is the cheapest way of holidaying in Tennessee from uk?

I have found that all the flights and accomodation is expensive.

Administrator answers:


If you have checked the flights then you already know your arrival destination which you didn’t post in your question – to my disadvantage in helping you.

I would imagine you are flying into Nashville (a guess).
Check out (assume you have a valid UK Driver’s License and Auto Insurance) Recreation Vehicle rentals. You could rent an RV and drive all over the state spending nights and weekends cheaply in hundreds of the Campgrounds and State Parks scattered all over. Maps of campground locations are available at all RV Centers and at a lot of the larger camp grounds. A long term rental will get you the best price per day on the RV. The size of the RV you rent will also play a big part of determining the cost of the rental.

If you are alone (not traveling with a wife, girl friend, or children) or if your companion is the rugged sort you could also rent a motorcycle and camp out at all the previous mentioned places if you pick up suitable camping equipment along the way. It is now just about November so you will be heading into some fairly cold weather my friend. Bring insulated clothes, heavy socks, and some kind of warm hat for the chilly evenings.

If you are a fisherman, pick up a Visitor’s Fishing License and go Fly Fishing in some of the fantastic
rivers and creeks in Tenn. You will be delighted with the
taste of fresh Fried Trout oir Bass for breakfast one chilly morning.

Have a good visit and safe journey home.
Eastern North Carolina

Donna asks…

How much would it cost to get a moped?

I’m 16, live in the UK and want to get a moped. How much would this cost?

So far I’ve found four main costs

1)The Moped itself
2)Driving lessons/test
3)Helmet and gloves

Can anyone give me some average prices for these things?

Administrator answers:

In the U.K the best price to get yourself a descent moped (50cc) is around £650!

My CBT (Moped Training) took one day from 9am untill 3pm and it cost me £120 but the prices range from roughly £90 to £130… The test is very easy though, provided you do it on a automatic and not a manual!

Helmet will cost you £50 but i dont know anyone who wears motorcycle gloves on a moped cause it looks kind of cheesy, you know wearing a motorcycle costume on a little scooter!

Insurance costs me £28 a month on third party (the cover only the other driver and not you) and fully comp was about £60… The cheapest third party insurance company for me was motorcycles direct.

Also when you buy your bike do a few checks:
>If its liquid cooled, take the cap off the coolant tank and smell it; if it smells like exhaust fumes, the gasket is gone
>Check the frame numbers, on my bike its on the bottom right hand side under the foot rests; and if the frame numbers looks welded in any way and not properly indented in there, the bike is most probably a ringer
>Check the electrics for example the electric start, indicators, lights etc.
>And if the suspension appears to be leaking oil then do not buy unless they are upright forks and u can get the fork seals changed

Susan asks…

whats the process of buying and paying off for a sports bike?

im thinking about buying a motorcycle in the range of 7 or 8 thousand dollars i have good credit so im just wondering what i have to do to get started. i want people who actually own bikes to please answer. let me know what payments are usually like and stuff like that how long u pay? thanks

Administrator answers:

Insurance is VERY expensive if you finance. Sometimes 4-5000 a year depending on age bike ect. Usually cheap I have a Harley and pay 75 a month. Most bikes are the same. Look for sales and low financing. Pay it off fast then change insurance. I have basic insurance for $400 a year

Mark asks…

What would be a good motorcycle for me?

I am 14(dont plan on riding yet) and want a “Sport Bike” or “Crotch Rocket” for transportation once im 16. I live in California. I really like the look of the Triumph Street Triple. I know insurance wont be cheap but I need an inexpensive bike. Im almost 5′ tall so im on the shorter side so i need a smaller bike but ill probably be like 5’5″ by the time im 16. Should I go used like on ebay or just go for a cheaper bike? Any specific bike that would be good for my height?

Administrator answers:

You need to ask this in the Street section. Its found under Transport.

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