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August 11, 2013

Joseph asks…

motorcycle insurance in ontario?

Im 21 years old and im looking for cheap motorcycle insurance in ontario. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

The Facility Association and that’s about it. If you currently have auto insurance then your auto insurer MIGHT be able to offer coverage. If not then it’s the Facility Association, which the insurer of last resort in Ontario.

William asks…

Should I buy a motorcycle or a car as my first vehicle?

I’m a college student looking for my first transportation to and from school and maybe out to friends house or club. I don’t know what to get. I live in Miami. Motorcycle are cheaper and I don’t know how the insurance is.And if I get a car I would have to replace something that doesn’t work and also the insurance is expensive because I’m 19. Also just wanna add that my parents would not help me if I get car or cycle. Please someone help!!!!

Administrator answers:

If you have to ask you probably should get the car for transportation… You only want the motorcycle for the fun.

If you want to find out if you are an idiot full time rider you don’t want a hot fun motorcycle — you want a 50cc scooter. It is far cheaper than a car or a motorcycle. It can take you anywhere you need in the city. You can carry lots of stuff with underseat storage plus a tail box. Ride it for at least 2 years. If you still prefer two wheels than four, you are a rider.

Steven asks…

what is the difference between driving a sport bike and a dual-purpose bike ?

for instance,
what is the difference between riding a Ninja 250R 250 and KLX 250S ?
I know that you can go off-road with the KLX

is there any special way or movements that makes it different when handling both of these motorcycles on a pavement street ?

Administrator answers:

Im a big fan of both. I have a Honda CBR and a XL currently.

In general Dual Sports are the best starter bikes. They are super Cheap (mine is an 82, but it functions fine and was registered/inspected when I bought it for $500 recently, plus the tires/gas/insurance etc cost is very low ), they are rugged, they have forgiving brakes/suspensions, tourquey motors, low gearing and progressive clutches. They are rugged and you wont likely damage much if you drop it. They are also light, which makes them ultra nimble as well as easy to handle around a parking lot. All good for a first timer. Plus you can go off road.

Compared to a sportbike they have a few draw backs. They are not as smooth at speed. They are not good for two up either. Of course a 250 ninja or a racerep dont exactly excel in these areas either. The sportbikes also generally PULL and PULL and PULL. A thumper is quick, but nothing like a liter bike. Sportbikes are actually a little harder to turn in than dual sports, but have much better traction and ultimate lean angles. So they can corner much faster. The biggest difference is brakes. DS usually dont have great brakes for hiway use, but then they are designed to be effective in the dirt.

With the 250s the differences wont be as profound. The KLX (even SF) isnt much of an Enduro, the Ninja isnt much of a race bike.

The supermoto style S is a good middle ground, but unless you are small, never want to travel two up, and don’t plan on exceeding 55mph I would look to something a little stronger. The Suzuki DR-Z 400SM is a good bet, or if you have to stay with team green, maybe you can score a Tengai . But kudos on choosing a supermoto style bike. It is a very intelligent first choice.

Lisa asks…

Im 18, and im bout to get my motorcycle license, and a bike, I want to find a cheap insurance. Does anyone?

anyone know where I can find a cheap insurance in pa? I looked at all the big names, and it was 700-500 a month. I know ther are places that will work with the price i just need a little help finding them thank you.

Administrator answers:

Sate farm would be the cheapest around or you could try a credit union. It’s like a bank but they also have auto/motorcycle insurance.

Paul asks…

Why does the government make me where a seatbelt, when it statistically more dangerous to ride a motorcycle?

How can we change the seatbelt law? I wear mine b/c I want to be safe, but why should the government mandate my safety?
How can we change the seatbelt law? I wear mine b/c I want to be safe, but why should the government mandate my safety?


Appearently some ppl do not get the irony in allowing motorcycles on the road at all. With or without a helmet, a crash on a cycle is hundreds of times more likley to cuase severe injuries than any size car, yet in most states you need a seatbelt law in order to get federal dollars for road improvments.
It’s crap, why don’t we just station a guard to walk me accross the street for fear that I may get run over. Survival of the fittest damn it. Let us make our own decisions.

Administrator answers:

The first answerer is a moron.

To the idiots who support seatbelt laws hopefully one day the government makes a criminal offense of running with scissors or something stupid you do consistently.

This was lobbied until approval by that almighty insurance companies and supported by the government by not funding certain projects for states that didn’t meet the seat belt requirements. The tickets are cheap($25 usually) so you don’t fight it in court because you could possible win and the government knows that. But this law gives officers an excuse to pull people over because they “think” they didn’t “see” the seat belt being worn.

In La. Recently there was a state trooper given an award for writing OVER 1,000 seatbelt tickets in ONE year. That officer alone brought $25,000 into the department and paid over half of his yearly salary. While people like me see this as horrific the government gives pats on the back for it.

The ONLY way I can see having a seat belt law overturned is by angling your defense as your vehicle being your private property and that the government is hindering your freedom within that private property. You would have to contend that somehow not wearing your seatbelt is an exercise of your liberty and the law infringes upon the bill of rights considering nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty.

The idea of “promoting the general welfare” is one of the most abused segments of our constitution and is how the seatbelt law is justified.

The government should NOT mandate your safety but it SHOULD insure your safety is not neglected by others!

Bill Hicks said something along these lines but it was in regards to drugs but the idea still applies

” It isn’t for your SAFETY, it is a WAR on personal FREEDOM, keep that in mind at all times, thank you.

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