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August 4, 2013

Carol asks…

Do I need to drain the fluids out of my motorcycle for fall/winter garage storage?

I have a 2002 Kawasaki Ninja. It will be sitting there for a few months so I was wondering if it’s ok to just leave it as is. If not, what fluids do I need to drain and how do I do it? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

How about storing it with a FRESH oil change,instead of oil that’s been run & slowly turning acidic while it sits?

I usually heavily “fog” the intake with WD40 at idle ,then shut it down.
Pop out the filter,run it a minute while fogging it with the stuff.
Tends to keep rust off valve seats,faces, stems while it sits for months with a few of the valves coincidentally open.

Fuel,,the suggestions to leave it Full are correct.
Tanks rust otherwise.
A Carb stored with gas will get “gummy”,,fresh fuel will self-clean it.
A carb stored Dry, Can get crusty & flaky,not to mention any corrosion,,which sometimes requires a physical cleaning.

The suggestion to “flood the engine” with motor oil is quite Valid.
It’s Cheap Insurance.
In hi-humidity,sea-level,variable weather locations,,such as US’s coastal areas,GulfCoast…it’s a Good idea for storage longer than a month or 2.
Dry,Low airpressure,steady Cold weather,,it’s not so necessary.

6month++ Storage & where bike will Not be cranked occasionally,,flooding the sump is cheap insurance.
The main considerations are whether You plan to start it it during storage period.–You CANNOT RUN it.
You CAN kick it over or crank,a Little.

And the hassles(and remembering to!) of draining the excess oil before putting unit back in service.

Mist the Fork Tubes with wd40,,and anything ya wanna protect from corrosion.
It doesnt make as much mess it seems,,
Dust wipes off easier than Rust.

If Brake Fluid is over a year old,,drain some thru bleeder & refill MasterCyl with fresh fluid.
“Old Fluid” does fine when In-Service,,but when left sitting it can get nasty & corrosive.

Mist the brake disks with wd40.
Yeah,I know.
I did not say Soak Them in gear oil or pack them in wheel bearing grease.
On the 20% or so chance you roll it out next spring and see a Pad Tattoo on your nice disks(generally harmless),,,even the “gear lube/brng grease’ wont sound so stupid,,lol
Wd40 wont cause probs–dont Soak ‘em,,just a mist.
The carrier flashes off leaving the protectant.

If You plan to leave a charger on the battery,,,realize that the gasses from charging are Corrosive and extremely Light—They Rise,,,right up “thru” a Sitting Bike.
Might pay attention to where Batt Vent hose exits.

Bare Minimum–Top up it to proper levels with FRESH fluids,,including Fuel.
Best thing ya can do is crank it occasionally,,or run it a couple minutes.

You’ve gotten a BUNCH of Excellent suggestions from everyone.
ANY effort is gonna pay some dividend,,either next spring or “way down the road”-such as avoiding long-term effect of gastank corrosion.

Good Luck!
And most important when coming outa storage,,
YOU are gonna be a bit rusty too.
NO WHEELIES in the 1st block or two:)

*Tires sometimes get a bit glazed from sitting,,give ‘em a few miles to scuff back in before heating ‘em up.

Linda asks…

Is England a better place to live than America?

I know this is a massive question and cannot be very clearly defined, but what do you see as the pros and cons of each country? Personally, I am English, but I have lived abroad for a few years as a child and have visited various countries (including the US) on holiday. I see the 2 countries as being quite similar. There is a massive social-economic divide in both. In England there are sink estates in every town and city in the country – places where people can work but choose not to – for various different reasons – but usually apathy is a major factor – and I am guessing America is the same except on a much larger scale. Crime wise I think the US is probably worse than England. When dogs are walking around with guns then you know something has probably gone wrong ;-) In terms of standard of living I would say the US is by far superior to England. Whenever I have been on holiday there everything seems a lot cheaper. Then there are the wide open spaces – you can just go and lose yourself and not communicate with the outside world in America – whereas in England there arent too many places where you can totally get away from it all.
Anyone agree / disagree? Would love to hear peoples thoughts

Administrator answers:

I lived 2 years in England and the only thing that I like about it is the motorcycle scene, the beer, and the women.

Compared to where I live in the USA, just about everywhere I was in England, the motorcycle “motorbike” scene was better, Guinness, Murphy’s, and Caffrey’s is in just about every pub in the countryside, and I am highly mesmorized by the English woman’s voice over the Southern country accents of the women here in the SE United States.

While i’m not up on crime statistics between both countries, I do go about my daily life armed and within the law of my state. It’s insurance for my life and my family’s lives. I take personal responsibility to defend my life and my family’s instead of being a helpless victim waiting for cops to show up (if I would still be alive) to take my statement for a report.

As far as things being cheaper here, yes I will agree. I have done my price comparisons in the past and what I see is something here price as $x.xx, the £ pricing wouldn’t be very far off less if not just about equal.
I noticed this very much when comparing Japanese motorcycle pricing between both countries. So yeah, bring your quid here and it goes further compared to bring US $ to England, which won’t last very long.
I always ballparked in my head when i was in England those two years that I would just take the price of £, and it would just be double that in $, although I knew the exchange rate was somewhere in the neighborhood of £1:$1.65

America does have some pretty wide open spaces where you really can feel secluded and alone.

Everyplace has it’s good and bad, pros and cons, etc.

Helen asks…

What is the most popular and dependable motorcycle available today?

I am considering a larger cruiser bike for short trips on western roads.

Administrator answers:

Harley if you have the need to throw money away on a name so you can tell everyone you have a Harley.I bought a Kawasaki and saved myself $8000 plus for gas money.I also don’t feel cramped up like I did on the Harley.I don’t have to worry about the engine heating up in heavy traffic.I don’t have as much heat coming up at me from the engine.The insurance is cheaper then it is on a Harley.Less likely to get stolen then a Harley.Oh and the feel of the wind in my face and hair feels the same as it does on a Harley.Well I guess that is a lie it really feels better knowing I saved myself $8000 plus by not buying a bike with old technology.

Donald asks…

If I leave all the 50cc scooter badges on my scooter and drop in a 150cc would cops know? Cause I don’t wanna ?

Pay for insurance/ tags/ motorcycle license.

How do cops inspect the scooter if the pull you over? Would I be able to get away with the 150 drop in?

Administrator answers:

Its people like you that cause MY insurance premiums to be high.

Cheap SOB.

Chris asks…

What are the Advantages/Disadvantages to a rigid frame motorcycle?

Could some one tell me the Advantages/Disadvantages to a rigid frame motorcycle.(bobbers)

Administrator answers:

Advantages- easier to maintain, customize, you can get a fat chick on the back with limited problems, rides lower and looks cooler. Frames are cheaper.

Disadvantages- scrapes on ramps and sometimes screws up your bike if you take a really sharp turn (too low). Resale isn’t as good. The ride is really stiff, but spring solo seats make it OK. ..but at first, your ride feels like “wow, what a piece of crap…but then you get used to it.

Also, aftermarket rigid frames are harder to insure. Foremost Insurance will ensure it.

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