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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

August 1, 2013

Susan asks…

Is it worth installing a motorcycle alarm?

To get a cheap motorcycle rate an insurance company has told me it is mandatory to have one of their approved alarms installed. That’s going to cost me hundreds to do that. From what I’ve gathered no alarm is going to stop four burly men throwing my bike into the back of a van or pick up truck. I know nothing is theft proof, but I think I might just take my chances and buy 15 feet of hardened steel security chain, a bolt cutter proof lock, and wrap it around the thick tree where I park my bike. outside.

Administrator answers:

Best thing is to put it in the garage and move in a good neighborhood.

Thomas asks…

Can I buy a motorcycle in the US and drive to Canada?

Motorcycles are cheaper in the US, and I don’t live too far away from the US. I was thinking if I take my motorcycle license plates and go to the US, buy a bike, then drive it through the border, will they charge me taxes on it? or how would it work? I know the bike will be unregistered, but is that the only risk?

Administrator answers:

Some good points in the previous answers. Here’s the real deal: You can purchase a bike in the US. You’ll be the equitable owner when you get the US title and the bike. You’ll need valid insurance to drive in the US. If your Canadian insurance company will let you, go ahead. Otherwise, you’ll need US insurance.

When you arrive at the US-Canada border, you have to export the bike and import the bike. US Customs (OK, Customs and Border Protection) will verify the title and the VIN. There is some delay, maybe something like 72 hours, though with a bit of luck you can make an appointment earlier and get beyond the delay.

Once CBP says the bike can go, you have to import it into Canada. Revenue Canada will do pretty much what the US did- verify the title and the VIN. Then you’ll pay an import duty to bring it into the commerce of Canada. Once it’s imported, you still have Provincial DMV to deal with- registration, tags, smog, etc.

None of this is impossible for an individual, but it can be frustrating. You’ll be dealing with several burocracies- local police, insurance, US export, Canada import, and provincial DMV. Here’s what I’d do- find a customs broker who can help you massage the deal. Once you find the bike, it may behoove you to flat-truck it to the border, avoiding US registration and licensing. Once in Canada, you may want to keep the wheels off the road until you get Povincial DMV done. The customs broker will know how to do the whole process. When you talk to a broker, ask about recent transactions. An experienced broker will be worth the money; one who does lawn furniture and sugar beets may have to learn the ropes at your expense.

Bottom line: Do *not* put Canadian plates on a US bike and pretend everything is fine. You will get tripped up when you arrive at Provincial DMV with US plates and try to register “your” bike. Just not worth the trouble. If the US folks catch you, you’ll have a seizure of the bike, which will cost you $$$ and you’ll also have a record that will likely keep you from entering the US again. Don’t know that it’ll be a felony, but when you want to visit Disneyland, you won’t be able to go. Revenue Canada will stick you with substantial fines, too. Just not worth the risk, so don’t do it.

Talk to a good customs broker. You’ll learn a lot more from him/her than you will here. Best of luck!!

Donna asks…

What is the cost to own a nissan leaf vs. the cost of my own motorcycle?

my motorcycle(07 gs500) gets about 44 in winter and 55-maaaaayybee 59mpg. it cost me 250 dollars a year in mileage services.

i live in central Texas, our electric company is atmos energy that charges 0.13 Kwh.
I drive 55 miles per day 6 days a week. I drive an average of 70 miles per hour to sometimes 75mph.
there is one hill In Nolensville Tx that is only a long climb but not steep.
I also have a Nissan d21 pickup that gets 24mpg and it costs me 60 dollars a year for oil changes
I also have a Nissan d21 pickup that gets 24mpg and it costs me 60 dollars a year for oil changes

Administrator answers:

You are comparing a far lighter but very inefficient vehicle (motorcycle) to a far heavier but very efficient vehicle (Nissan Leaf,) and I am left to wonder what you want.

Your bike is getting 60 mpg on a good day. The Leaf will get a little less than twice that with no oil changes or other maintenance.

As a heavier and enclosed vehicle the leaf will give you more protection from the elements.

The motorcycle insurance is cheaper than that of a car because the smart people there have noticed it is more likely that you will be killed on a bike than you will kill someone. This will probably make the motorcycle cheaper with more personal risk…

And lets face it … Thrills… Although the first time I drove an EV it reminded me of the acceleration of a 750cc bike.

Lisa asks…

Approximately how much money would it cost to insure this motorcycle?

I live in Rochester, NY and I’m looking to buy this motorcycle:

How much would it cost me per year? I am male 19, almost 20.

Administrator answers:

I didnt click on the link…but it will cost you about 100 to 150 for liabilty only and about 200 to 300 for comp and collision and listed equipment….u need a motorcycle license to get a motorcycle rate. And must have car insurance in your name…..driving over 3 yrs is cheaper also…and some companies i wrote for did not write a mc policy if you had violations on your driver license….but that varies from company to company….ps…dont drive a motorcycle if you want to live to a ripe old age,,,its not you…but ny drivers are idiots….so dont do it….

George asks…

Is operating two motorcycles just as cheap as operating one?

I have a ’98 Harley Davidson. I was thinking of buying a Kawasaki 650R Ninja also. My plan is to drive the Harley one year, then ride the Kawasaki the next year. Since one of the bikes will be in storage I was wondering if the operating costs would be the same as owning one. I will take the insurance off the bike in storage. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes same, but why? Keep them both going and ride which ever one calls to you that day. I have 12 bikes and keep them all insured. They cost virtually nothing to insure once you have more that a couple.

Michael asks…

What insurance company will give me the cheapest full coverage policy on a sportbike?

I’m 23, I have one year of riding experience, and i have no traffic convictions. I’m looking to go no higher than a 600. I live in an apartment, and I will have a lojack installed. I can’t seem to find a policy for less than 3,000 bucks a year.

Administrator answers:

Sign up for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation riders course. This will help reduce your insurance costs. I use Progressive. But I am way beyond your age.
Owning a sport bike can be horribly expensive to insure. Consider a different typo of motorcycle until you are at least 25.
And do not ride without insurance. One small accident can wipe you out financially. I had a small accident when I went down after hitting a dog. Speed at impact was around 10-15 mph, down from 40 when I saw the dog crossing the street. I was taken to hospital as a precaution. Hospital bill was $2300. The extent of my injuries was a sore shoulder and a skinned up knee. Costs for towing and one day of storage was $165.
Please do not ride without insurance. I added extra medical insurance on my policy.
Costs are so high because sport bike riders have more accidents than other types of motorcycle riders. It is the high medical costs that raises your premiums to the OMG level.
Sorry, you will have to keep shopping or buy a more insurance friendly motorcycle.

Daniel asks…

Sell my Honda Civic for a cheaper car/truck and motorcycle?

I am considering selling my 2008 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe with 50,000 miles on it, and with the money buying a cheaper car or truck and a motorcycle. I am thinking about buying something like a used Ford Ranger and using the extra leftover money on a used motorcycle. I am thinking of doing this because I have wanted a motorcycle for a long time, but I can’t afford one now or else it would deplete my entire savings.
Do you guys think doing this would be a wise idea or not?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Make sure you feel comfortable in it check insurance.

Mark asks…

what do you prefer your motorcycle or car?

i just wanted to know because im going to get my license soon and i cant decide weather to get it for cars or motorcycles. I like motorcycles because ive been involved with bicycles all my life and it’s fun and i like doing tricks on them with the wind and rain in my face. I wanted opinons Would you trade your motorcycles to drive an ordinary car? and if so please state why.

Administrator answers:

I am a motorcycle guy. Likely will always be. My first vehicle was a bike. Why? Cost of the vehicle, insurance, maintenance, gas, etc.. Insurance for me at the time would of been in the 4 digits per year and I could not afford that (I was paying my own way). I learn how to deal with the cold and rain (and yes it sucks) but gotta say that I was never embarrassed about having my bike. A $1000 bike is way cooler that most $3K+ cars and would kick their *** in both acceleration and gas mileage. Eventually you will need o get a car but bikes are convenient (easy parking, easy on the wallet). But if you are a trickster a motorcycle could get expensive quick as body replacement parts are not cheap. Also if you do not like working on the vehicle yourself then get a car.

Currently, I own both and I ONLY drive my car when I have to carry lotsa stuff or when the weather really sucks. Why? Let see, my current bike gives better mileage than a hybrid with better acceleration than a sport car. I don’t know maybe because it is a nice color.

James asks…

Where or who from can i buy an inexpensive motorcycle?

K, i need to spend less than $1000 dollars on an effective motorcycle, that is highway worthy, and will keep running. Help!?

Administrator answers:

I’m in the same boat as you friend. The only problem is that $1000 can only get you garbage. I bumped up my budget to $2500 to get a semi-reliable used bike.

I would try one of the following places… (Classified or Local Search)
Of course the Newspaper

You might want to dig around for a chinese full size motorcycle but remember that you’ll be sacrificing quality for price.

Oh and I bought a bike just now and I paid

$45.00 for dock
$38.00 DMV Transfer
$184.54 for taxes (9.25%)

PLUS I paid around $150 for really cheap used motorcycle gear necessary for safety!

I am expected to pay around 150/yr in insurance.

Hope this helps :)

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