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July 23, 2013

Lisa asks…

How can i tell if a motorcycle is stolen?

Buying a used bike, just want to know the easiest/cheapest way to find out if a bike is stolen. Will the police check the VIN for free, or is there a charge? Does work for motorcycle background checks, or just cars? Keep in mind, i’m from Canada so it might be different at american DMV’s etc…. not sure. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Have the police or your insurance agent run the VIN. Also, you could ask to see the title; most vehicles of questionable origin won’t have a title.

If the seller is in any way squirrelly about having a clear title to the bike, walk away.

David asks…

Which is better for a middle aged woman – a car or a pickup?

I have a 2002 Ford Taurus with 148,000 miles (from the divorce) and my kids are insisting that I get out of it. I have a big dog and a bike and I am thinking about getting a pickup. I have driven a Ford Ranger, but it seems to small. I can’t afford much right now, so what should I be looking for? I would love a 4-door F-150. Any suggestions? I wouldn’t be hauling much but the big lab dog and my bike, but can’t do either with my car. Of course, tags, taxes and insurance are considerations also.

Administrator answers:

You must have a huge dog if you cannot move it in your car. You can always install a tow hitch and get a bike rack, or a roof rack (unless you mean motorcycle). This would be considerably cheaper. Keep in mind that with a truck insurance is higher and gas is higher (trust me, I went from a Taurus to a truck). If you want to make the move before the car dies, go with a small truck. I got a Nissan Frontier (the old style, smaller) which I love. The Toyota Tacomas are great. If you are not hauling a lot then a smaller truck will get better gas milage and serve all your needs. Try a used one from Carmax and you probably will like the decision.

Mary asks…

How much is insurance for a dual purpose/enduro motorcycle?

I am interested in buying a dual purpose/enduro bike however i am unsure about the insurance costs. I am only eighteen so im guessing it would be high, but if i buy something around 250cc, would it be cheaper? I still havent got my M license because i dont know how much insurance is. I am only looking for a ball park answer. Thanks

Administrator answers:

I’m assuming you live in Ontario, Canada. You should be careful to make sure that the bike you are buying is street legal. If it is then it can be insured by a motorcycle policy (as opposed to an off-road policy which doesn’t cover for street use), however in your situation you’re probably looking at the Facility Association (FA), which is the insurer of last resort in Ontario. The FA isn’t exactly known for having reasonable rates, but they will insure those who no one else will insure. A 250cc would be a cheaper bike to insure, but in your situation that just means the price to insure will just be crazy rather than insane.

Maria asks…

How easy/cheap is it to park motorcycles in LA?

Will be moving to LA from London next year and trying to decide between getting a car or a motorcycle (experienced rider) wanted to get the lowdown on parking. From what I gathered they treat bikes just like cars but since it’s a much smaller vehicle is it easier to park, can u find free parking in like Santa Monica, Hollywood, downtown kinda areas? Also if anyone can give me a rough idea of average insurance costs for 600cc bike and any other advice welcome. Thank you

Administrator answers:

Insurance, just liability, is about $145 a year for me. I can’t give a firm quote for you over the internet, as I am not a broker and don’t know your age or record. Google it.

Parking, depends. Most city parking lots, no, you use a car space and pay like a car.Private lots vary; I know bikes can be right up front at hospitals. In some lots, it’s free for bikes, not cars.

Ruth asks…

Roughly how much would it cost to register a cheap old motorcycle?

I have a 1978 Honda Hawk that I bought for $125 and restored to roadworthy conditions. And I was just wondering how much it would cost annually to keep it on the road because i have no idea and i was thinking about getting it registered if it wasn’t too much

Administrator answers:

Probably $25-50 for the regs and $100 for insurance.

Richard asks…

What is a good starter motorcycle?

I am 21 and am looking to buy my first motorcycle. I am not looking for a harley-davidson or chopper style bike, but more for a sport bike. I don’t necessarily mean fast when I say a “sport bike”, but just that style. What is a good bike to start with, and how much can I expect to pay?

I rode dirtbikes as a kid, but they were really small and I haven’t ridden for a while, but I do have some experience with riding. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I started out with a Kawasaki EX500, now called the Ninja 500. It is a great bike for beginners, but I wouldn’t recommend buying a new one. Your first bike, you should probably get something used. It’ll be cheaper on insurance, and if you go down, it’s not as bad mentally as if you just wrecked a brand new bike. Stick with something 650cc or less. Go to a dealership and sit on a few different bikes. Se which riding position you like and consider what type of ridig you want to do. The Naked Sportbikes usually have a more upright riding position than regular sportbikes, which makes them a whole lot more comfortable for distance riding. Suzuki SV650 is a good starter bike. It is naked, but you can get the full lower fairing later on if you want the full sporty look. The Yamaha YZ6 is a nice looking bike, but it is very fast, as it has the same engine as the R6. Insurance will be more expensive. The Suzuki GS650 is a nice bike too.

I always recommend the Ninja 500 for several reasons.

A. Its a 500 which will keep the insurance down.
B. It has a nice riding position. I took mine to Vegas from LA several times a year for years and never had any cramps or back problems.
C. They last for years. I had mine for over 60K miles before it got wrecked, and it never had any major problems. D. Its plenty fast for beginners. I had mine over 120 before my speedo cable snapped.
D. It looks sporty and handles the canyons well.

Your best bet is to sit on a few to see which one fits you best for the type of riding you plan to do.

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