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July 17, 2013

Betty asks…

Any idea how much motorcycle insurance for a 19 yer old Female in Texas would cost?

i been driving for at least 13 years (since i was 7 i was driving a 150cc) at 15 i started driving a 1600cc yamaha royal star :D (so don´t say i don´t know) i had a mexican motorcycle license for about 4-5 years (i am verly gonna get tx Licence) And i am planning on getting maybe a 600cc sportbike to use in TX

Administrator answers:

Generally motorcycles are cheaper to insure than cars, but of course this also depends on your driving record and the details make and model of motorcycle and your age factors in. I’m guessing $500/year for insurance should be possible. My 20 year old son has insurance for $250/year but that is on a 50cc Yamaha Riva scooter.

Joseph asks…

What is the best begeners motercycle in Canada insurance and operating cost wise.?

Are cruisers cheaper to insure then sports motorcycle for the same displacement engines? And what are some good models in the market?


Administrator answers:

Well it depends which province/territory you live in. In Ontario having a sport bike is going to almost double (in some cases triple) the cost of insurance over a cruiser. Is that the same case in Saskatchewan or Newfoundland? I couldn’t say. If you want to know for sure contact a local insurance broker and ask them.

Richard asks…

Who is the best motorcycle insurer for a 16 year old?

I’ve got my eye on an Aprilia RS50 for my first bike but trying to find insurance for it is proving difficult. Who are the best insurer for a 16 year old looking to insure a 50cc bike?

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as “the best insurer” for anybody, regardless of their age or what bike they ride.

The cost of your insurance is unique to you and your circumstances. The only way to find the “best” insurer for you, is to keep contacting insurance companies, until you find the cheapest one.

I’ve done that every year, for the last 30 years.

Paul asks…

Would it be a mistake to have auto body shop buff out fairing scratches and paint scrape on motorcycle?

I bought a used 07 Kawasaki 650R with some medium size scratches on the fairing and a scrape on the left side of the bike under the seat. The shop owner who sold me the bike said you could have an auto body shop buff out the scratches, but he warned not repaint because he said it’s nearly impossible to match the paint. The auto body shop I might take it to does specialize in motorcycle fairings. If I do take my 650R to the shop roughly how much would the job cost? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

$50.00 will get a scratches out, fluff and buff, 1 clear coat and a wax at couple local auto body shops. This is the quick remove most of ugly streaks job done for cash for people with no insurance to repaint. It gets you a weather proof ‘fix’ of parking lot scrapes, fall down at light repair cheap and quick on fairing cycles. A whole car being cleaned up for the older used car lot gets basic same treatment for $300/500.00 for hail and stone damage instead of the $3000.00 grind down, reprime and repaint of hail damaged new car with insurance.

Jenny asks…

what are the requirements to ride a motorbike over 125 cc?

I have no license of any sort, no vehicle, no insurance, I am looking towards the near future, what would I need to ride a bike above this power.

What are the requirements of the license that gives me access to no restrictions? I’m 18 years old (19 on the 29th april) and will soon be jumping into a new job 9 miles away, I am hoping to purchase a bike for both recreational purposes and for transportation.

I have recieved some usefull reccomandations from people on what bikes to choose but unfortunately they seem to require a full bike license, could someone please open my mind to what is required.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

As from the 19th of January 2013 there are 4 moped / motorcycle licence categories

Min age CC Code Licence
16 Max 50 AM Moped
17 120-125 A1 Light Motorcycle
19 Min 395 A2 Medium Motorcycle
24 Min 595 A Full Licence

this year the law changed and you have to be 24 to ride anything over a 600 unless its restricted.
You probally will be best to get a 125cc for 2 years on your cbt and then go from there.

Take into consideration that a 125cc is very economical, cheaper on insurance and all you have to do to ride one for 2 years is complete a cbt which costs about 100 pounds.

For a full bike licence now you’ve got to do
cbt 100
theory about 50
mod one 15
mod two 75
plus all the bike training which with no experience costs about 600 pounds

good luck

Mary asks…

Does it cost more to get insurance for a motorcycle?

Will the price be even higher if its a new driver on a motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

Billcarr is right, it’s expensive. Liability is cheap but make sure you have really good health insurance for yourself and your passenger, you never get hit by an uninsured or underinsured (surprising how many there are) driver, and can pay for everything that happens out of pocket. The minimum makes you legal but it barely covers anything else if you get into an accident.

Donna asks…

What cheap cars to buy insurance wise?

Looking to see what is a good car (within UK) to buy for a 1st time driver that just passed test. I was thinking corsa or Ka something 1.3 or lower, only requirement I have is the same reason for a car and give up motorcycles- need the car to be able to fit a baby seat comfortably in the back seat, any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

All cars are categorised as being in a particulr insurance group, and the lower the group, the lower the insurance. You can check the details here:

However, do remember that the make of car is only one factor in determining you premium – and far from the most important one. Your age, when you passed the test, where you live, where you keep the car overnight, and your past driving record all have an effect, with age and postcode being the most significant. You will pay 10 to 20 times as much as I do, even if you get the cheapest car on that list, just because you are a new (presumably young) driver.

David asks…

how much is it going to cost to run/maintain a motorized bicycle?

insurance, tax, mot etc. what do i need to road legalize it?

Administrator answers:

“how much is it going to cost to run/maintain a motorized bicycle?”
“insurance, tax, mot etc.”
Tax and M.O.T. Will cost the same as a moped (£16 a year for tax, £29.65 for the M.O.T.)..
Insurance will cost MORE than a moped, because it will be classed as a ‘specialised vehicle’.

“what do i need to road legalize it?”
It will have to pass an M.S.V.A. (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) test at a V.O.S.A. Testing station. The test costs around £75, but unless you know exactly what is needed to pass, you could easily spend hundreds of pounds modify your bike to get it through the test.

Buying a moped is much cheaper and much easier.

Maria asks…

What do you need to do to get a dirt bike steer legal in ny state?

I want to get my motorcycle license and I want to get a cheap used dirt bike to start with for a little bit then work my way up to a Harley eventually. I just figure a dirtbike could be fun for a little bit since I’m not a croch rocket type of person. My question is what do you need to do to a standard dirt bike to get it street legal? What are some good dirt bike manufacturers? And what happens of you get caught with a non street legal dirtbike, with and without a license?
Another reason I want just a dirt bike is the fact that I drive 6-7 minutes to work and the less I need to use my truck the better. And it is also down a back road that isn’t traveled too much.

Administrator answers:

It would be cheaper to get a bike. You would have to add at least one mirror, headlight, tail light, brake lights (that is in my state, I don’t know where you are), registration, and insurance. In some states, Dirt bikes can not be registered at all. In mine and others, you will need a state police inspection for a custom build. Insurance will not only see the dirt bike (lots of scratches and damage to insure for), they will see the “custom” part and you will be paying more for the insurance than the bike.

My suggestion for you is to either find an old cruiser or even better would be a Enduro. This is a dirt bike that is street legal. All the major bike makers (except HD) make dirt bikes, Another big brand is KMX, and you can Google others.

If you get caught, they at least impound your bike, and you will owe LOTS, and you won’t get your license or bike license until you are 18. Plus you will have fines, court costs, and your insurance will sky rocket

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