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July 15, 2013

Daniel asks…

Is it worth installing a motorcycle alarm?

I can get cheaper insurance from TD Trust Insurance if I install one of their approved alarms. I can save $220 a year with the alarm installed. But I have to spend hundreds buying and installing the alarm, and don’t the alarms drain power and shorten the life span of the battery? Is it worth the bother?

Administrator answers:

It depends on what type of bike you have, if you have a sports bike you should not install anything that runs off power, alarms, HID kits, neon’s ect, they not only drain power from the battery but can screw up the whole electrical system, if you have a cruiser or a sports touring bike it is generally ok to install one,
So basically it would be worth it as long as you don’t have a sports bike.

James asks…

What’s the cheapest motorcycle insurance for a 17 year old owning a motorcycle and holding a Motorcycle L….?

Learner’s permit and no DL in viriginia? Serious answers only please. I want to be the only person on the insurance.

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have a license, you cannot be the only person on the insurance. A licensed driver would have to be listed as well.

Sandy asks…

What is a very general cost for motorcycle (cruiser) insurance for a teen?

I am a 16 year old living in Kansas City, Kansas. I just need a very general quote for the annual cost for a cruiser motorcycle less than 600cc. A small bike with not a ton of power. I have taken a Basic Rider Course. I’ve never been involved in an accident car wise. Would it be wise to just have my dad insure it under his name? Are there any potential consequences for that? I only need liability as the bike is only worth around $1300. I have not bought one yet.

Administrator answers:

If your dad insures the motorcycle, *he* will be the only one to ride it. The insurance will *not* cover you riding your motorcycle. To have to cover as a second rider, the insurance will be more than if you were the sole rider. You *cannot* cheat the insurance company — they will not cover you if you lie about anything.

For cheap coverage, buy a used Rebel and only cover liability. Knowing that you lose everything if you crash will help you to ride a bit safer.

Nancy asks…

How much would motorcycle insurance cost?

I am 18 years old and i am thinking about getting a 2013 honda cbr 250r. What is the general cost for insurance if i am under my dads insurance? Or would it be cheaper having my own? I am looking for just a general cost!

Administrator answers:

Guessing since its a new bike, your age, full coverage, $800-$1200 per year depending on your states requirements.

David asks…

What would be a dependable, fuel efficient motorcycle for me?

I have been saving up for a car for a while now and have about $10,000 saved up but the way gas is these days I’m looking into purchasing a motorcycle instead. I barely know anything about cars and my knowledge of motorcycles is very limited. What’s a good brand/model to buy? I’m looking for new with a warranty of some kind. What would you recommend?

Administrator answers:

The best beginner bike bar none is the Kawasaki Ninja 250. They cost $3,000 new so expect to walk out with one for about $3,500 after TT&L. Now to insure it. Motorcycles are stolen much more easily than cars so you are going to need comprehensive insurance. For me, another new and young cyclist, the estimate was around $250 for liability and another $800 a year for comprehensive. That brings us to $4,550. Now you need safety gear. Between a helmet, jacket, boots and gloves expect to pay a minimum of $5-600 for decent safety gear. If we split the difference we get $550. That brings us to $5,100

So basically a $3,000 bike cost over $5,000 before you get to ride it. Keep in mind that motorcycle upkeep is much more costly and is required more often than on a car. A set of motorcycle tires might wear out enough to warrant replacement in only 6,000 miles. For my bike the tire change cost $450. Thats $300 for the tires and $150 for two hours labor that I was billed at. This is not uncommon. Most dealerships and shops charge $50-75 an hour for labor.

Motorcycles are not much cheaper than a car. Keep in mind that $3,500 is about as cheap as a road worthy bike is going to cost new. The Ninja 250 is unique in this. $6,000 out the door is what you are going to pay for a decent small new bike designed for beginners like a Honda VLX or Ninja 500. This would bring your initial cost to $8,100. A carryover 2006 model Kia is going to cost less than that.

Bottom line: Motorcycles are about passion. They are not cheaper replacements to cars. If you are set on a motorcycle take the MSF course in your area first. The course should cost about $150-250 and it should teach you enough to get you started riding. You will spend several hours on an actual motorcycle and if you decide afterwards that motorcycling is not for you then you are only out a small amount of money. If you decide that it is for you, the Ninja 250 is just about the best cycle for the money out there.

Sandra asks…

How to convince my parents to let me have a motorcycle?

I’m 15 and in about a year or so it’s going to be time to get my first vehicle, which I want to be a motorcycle. My parents will probably be giving me one of their old cars since they are getting new ones soon, so it’s not like I’d have to use the motorcycle for everything. I plan to work my ass off this summer to get as much money as I possibly can to put towards the motorcycle. I plan to pay for as much of the motorcycle as I possibly can, take a motorcycle riding/safety course before even getting on the motorcycle, and buying safety gear before I even get the motorcycle. Do you guys have any advice for persuading my parents to let me get one? I know my parents are going to be iffy about it since the majority of parents think motorcycles are death traps. I figured I’d ask here since its probable some of you had to do the same thing at one point.

Administrator answers:

Tell them the insurance is dirt cheap, you will get abo 80 mpg and you wont take it on the freeway. And definately dont ask for a sports bike (crotch rocket) go for a cruiser. 250cc would be a good choice.

Oh, and if they say no, tell them you respect the decision, politely ask them to think abo it and keep saving.

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