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July 7, 2013

Chris asks…

What is the best brand/style of scooter or moped out there?

Looking for something classic like a vespa but looking at other options? Perhaps cheaper options?

Administrator answers:

Suggestion . . Edit your question to include your speed expectations and approximate budget.

If you need to keep up with 45 mph traffic select at least a 150cc scooter, which will require insurance, registration, and a motorcycle driver license endorsement.


Might find a good used value on your regional craigslist > for sale > motorcycles . . Honda, Yamaha, Kymco.

Don’t forget to budget for proper riding gear . . This video shows why:

Betty asks…

What are the safest motorcycle helmets?

my boyfriend is getting a motorcycle. he refuses to wear a helmet cause he thinks it will look stupid. well i am going to get him a helmet because i don’t want him to bust his skull open. what are the safest motorcycle helmets? like are there any suggested ones? but they have to look “cool” lol

Administrator answers:

The one you wear is the safest. Seriously, If he just has to look cool, get a “beanie” style helmet. If he want’s the best protection get a full coverage helmet. In between are half and 3/4 helmets with and without face shields. I’ve ridden for 41 years, when I was younger I alway wore a helmet. In my late teens to early 20′s I wore one most of the time, now a days, I wear one if my wife or daughter are on the bike with me, because I insist they wear one. When riding alone, If on the highway, I wear a “beanie” style helmet, if in heavy traffic I wear one, but if light traffic and riding alone, I don’t wear one. But I have excellent insurance, a good solid will written up to take care of my family if I do get hurt or killed, 41 years of riding experience to fall back on, and I ride very carefully.
I tell everyone, wear a helmet, It’s the cheapest insurance policy you can buy. Remember, in the end, there are only two kinds of “bikers”. Those who have been knocked down, and those who will be knocked down.

Sandra asks…

Does an A2 licence still turn into a full licence after 2 years?

I was going to do the Full A licence test but I don’t fancy being tested on a 600cc bike when I’m used to a 125cc.

I’m guessing that I’ll need less days to get used to the 400cc they’ll put me on with the A2 test, so it’ll work out a bit cheaper too.


Administrator answers:


“Does an A2 licence still turn into a full licence after 2 years?”


Look again at the flow chart I posted last time –

Read the 21 – 23 and over 24 chart.

You will see it clearly shows you have to be over 24 or being over 21 have held an A2 licence for 2 years before you can take the full category A test.

There is no longer an automatic upgrade from any level. The test you take is the test you get, no more.

Advice -
If you are over 24 go for the Direct Access full A test.

Cheaper because you will only take one test.
In terms of training there is not a lot of difference. If you can handle a 400 you can handle a 600.
Both will out accelerate a car, both will exceed the speed limit by a large margin, it is only the legislators who make these laws that do not appreciate this. Throttle control will be taught!
In terms of costs to my students not a lot of difference. The instructor still has to be direct access qualified for A2 and full A courses.
The insurance liability has not changed..

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