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June 20, 2013

Linda asks…

Which motorcycle is the best for the price?

I am looking to get a motorcycle similar to or the ninja 250r . I know that for the price I want to spend I would have to find a used one. All the money I have to spend is no more than $1500 . I just would like an opinion on which bike has the sport look to it but is also cheap and durable? Any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You don’t have enough money to start out in motorcycling. Do you have money for license plate, registration, title, and in some states, excise and/or sales tax. I just paid $388 to get my plate and registration for my new to me 955 Triumph Tiger. Do you have money for insurance? That can easily run $1500 a year or more. Do you have money for riding gear? Good riding gear can easily run $1,000.
Sorry, I believe you need to save more money.
Good Luck

Sharon asks…

How much would insurance on a motorcycle be in Texas?

I am 20 and my car insurance is $70 a month and I know it will go down some when I turn 21 but I probably still will not be able to afford it. I have never received a ticket and was wondering about what my insurance would be if I was 21 and had a motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

First…you can take a defensive driving class and get a break on your auto insurance.

Second…here in Texas if you take the MSF course and pass it. You will be exempt from having to take the riding portion of your motorcycle test with DPS. You will only have to pass the written portion at the DL station, show them your completed portion of your MSF course and your done.
(basically that’s it). The MSF certificate also has a portion for your insurance company…that will also give you a price break for that as well.

Your insurance premium will depend on the size or your engine and if its classified as a sport bike, the amount of your deductible. Also depends on if its kept in a garage or not. As a rule cruiser style bikes tend to be cheaper to insure.

A bike that has a bank lien will require full coverage…A used bike that you own outright only need liability.

Go to the various websites and see what the different agencies will charge you to insure the bike you want to buy. Here in Texas I’ve had experience with Geiko, Progressive, and Dairyland. I never had a problem with any of those three.

You didn’t mention if you have any experience ridding a bike.

A lot of this you probably already know, but the question was kinda open ended so I tried to touch all the bases of what you’d need.

Ken asks…

I brought a used motorcycle but after later inspection it has severe damage to the frame, what do i do?

The bike had MOT and test, the mot was recent when i purchased the bike. The bike looks like it has been re-welded due to it cracking before which the previous owner must of known about which is why i think it was so cheap. The bike has also been re-painted in the damaged area which leads me to suspecting the damaged part was repaired but if something like this cracks it always crack and is an mot failure? I just don’t know where i stand do i go to the police or my insurance?

Administrator answers:

What kind of cycle and where is weld? Mid down tube on a 125 is nothing to worry about- is where a mild front endcollisionn would be damaged and repaired, front end exchanged.Motor mountt at bottom of frame? Someone ran with loose bolts until crack, then welded and tightened bolts. Rear of frame by swingarm- loose swing arm bolts andsquirmyy rider that slid into berm- straighten , weld and sell after fixing from nervous to ride again. Fender mount tubes? Overload of passenger and a bounced load.

Jenny asks…

What would be a good starter motorcyle?

I am 6’1 and 205 lbs.. I want to look into a sports bike like a ninja 500 or 250. What are some good starter bikes for my size, without killing my wallet, my insurance, and most importantly myself.

Administrator answers:

Because of your height and weight, you should be looking at something 750 cc or larger. I never bought into that “start small and go larger with experience” bit. Getting a bigger bike doesn’t mean you have to use all the power it has. I know many guys that start out riding in their 40′s, and go with an 1800 cc Goldwing, and have no problems, simply because they don’t ride like a jackass. You really don’t want to start off with a 500cc bike, only to want to buy something more powerful in 6 months. It’s just a waste of money. I do agree with not getting a full fairing bike until you have a few years experience riding. Lord knows my first bike got dropped plenty of times, sometimes just not making sure the sidestand was all the way down.

Sportbikes look good and are fun to ride, but just shouldn’t be your first bike. I’d go with a Kawasaki Concours ( not the new 1400cc, 2006 and earlier). They are 1200cc, and very reliable. Used ones are dirt cheap, and most riders of these bikes don’t beat the hell out of them, so buying used shouldn’t be a big worry. It’s a tourer, and a great bike to use to commute on.

As far as a new one goes, A Yamaha FZ1 wouldn’t be a bad choice, plenty of power, no side fairings either. This is one that you’d have to watch the throttle on, it will buck you off if you ride like an ass without any experience in riding like an ass.

If you like cruisers, A VTX 1300 or 1800 would be great. You most likely would be happy for many years to come.

Whatever you do, don’t get a bike based on what you think “girls think are cool”. You shouldn’t be towing any passengers for a good 6 months or 5k miles, until you get comfortable with the bike.

A motorcycle safety course is a great idea also.

PM for any more questions.

Donna asks…

About how much would it cost to insure a motorcycle in NJ?

i am new to the whole motorcycle thing and am trying to see about how much would it cost me for insurance.

Administrator answers:

In NJ, too much! I can’t even give you an estimate, but it tends to be cheaper than your auto policy and is usually only active for 6 months (summer), and then you will suspend coverage during the winter. I would recommend checking with GEICO as they seem to hold a large portion of the motorcycle market.

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