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June 4, 2013

John asks…

What type of sports motorcycle should I look for?


I am interested in learning how to ride a sports motorcycle next year, and well I don’t know anything about sports motorcycles. What are some tips and terms used in the industry?
I have only looked at Yamaha and Honda…what other brands do you recommend? (I Know Ducati is expensive as hell…)
Basically talk to me like I know ZILCH..because thats how much I know :]


Administrator answers:

Aside from the Kawasaki 250R and the soon to be released Honda CBR250, the answer is none.
Big displacement 4 cylinder sport bikes are terrible machines for the beginner.
Instead of worrying what kind of bike you will ride, worry about acquiring some riding skills and your motorcycle endorsement.
Sign up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Beginning Rider Course. 2nd link shows some of the course work you will learn during the MSF course.
3rd and 4th link explains more on why big bore sport bikes are to be avoided at all costs.
Sport bikes are single purpose machines. They only exist to go fast around a road racing track. They just happen to be street legal. Uncomfortable, no room for gear, no protection from the elements, terrible for two up riding, high insurance rates, and very expensive to repair after an accident.
If you are tall enough, start with a 400 cc single cylinder dual sport. Very easy to ride, inexpensive to insure and maintain, and cheap to purchase. Ride it for a couple of years and then you can make an informed decision on your next motorcycle. Say you discover the best way to travel and see the country is from the seat of a motorcycle. Then look for a sport touring bike. Say you find a partner that really likes riding, but wants to be comfortable. Again, a sport touring bike may be the ticket. Say you live in the middle of Kansas and you are hundreds of miles away from a road with a curve. Then you may decide a standard or cruiser will do nicely.
I ride two up and pull a trailer. Sport bike is not up to the task. So I ride a GL1800 Goldwing. But the Wing is my 16th motorcycle.

Wear head to foot riding gear.

Good Luck

Betty asks…

I have a Honda CRF230F and I want to make it street legal, where can I find the parts for this?

I need to find a headlight and brakelight (with sensor) for my motorcycle… Anyone know where I can find the parts made for this conversion for my bike?

Administrator answers:

Fred C above needs to lighten up, sheesh.

The CRF is actually an easy bike to legalize. It has a good stator and makes enough electrical juice to power lights stock due to the electric starter. It is also quiet, gets good mileage and is reliable.
Baja Designs should have a kit that’s bolt on. Just google dual-sport kits for CRF230F and you should find plenty of options.
Below are just a few examples, most are around $400. Commute on it and you can probably save that much in gas over a year.

Where you live will determine what exactly you need to be street legal but most states a crf with a dualsport kit shouldn’t be too hard.
Insurance should also be cheap since in street bike land a 230 is small.
And don’t listen to yahoo’s like Fred ;)

Carol asks…

How easy/cheap is it to park motorcycles in LA?

Will be moving to LA from London next year and trying to decide between getting a car or a motorcycle (experienced rider) wanted to get the lowdown on parking. From what I gathered they treat bikes just like cars but since it’s a much smaller vehicle is it easier to park, can u find free parking in like Santa Monica, Hollywood, downtown kinda areas? Also if anyone can give me a rough idea of average insurance costs for 600cc bike and any other advice welcome. Thank you

Administrator answers:

It IS easier to park your bike, especially on the west side where parking is at a premium. However, free parking is almost nonexistent. There are some places you can park overnight for free, but you’re just as likely to get your bike stolen on the street. You’ll want a parking garage, which will cost you extra.

You can get a quote for insurance yourself from, or from Mercury insurance. Or Geico.

Daniel asks…

What would be a good starter bike for me?

Okay so I am interested in buying a motorcycle and am looking at a sport bike/crotch rocket style. I don’t really have much money (i am a student) and would wanna keep things well under two grand.
FYI I am looking for a used bike. most likely an older one too.

Administrator answers:

Look.. Everyone here is going to tell you to get a 600cc sport bike which you will most likely die on.. I say get the Kawasaki 250 ninja. The insurance for it is really cheap. Also it’s a gas sipper gets about 75 mpg.. But still says sporty with it’s standard/sport seating position and top speed is about 110 mph so you won’t be killing yourself. Some people will say you’ll get crushed on the high way with a 250 but that’s not at all true.. If i can link you to a youtube vid from rebelyell 91 i will


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