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May 28, 2013

Sandy asks…

Reason for wanting to upgrade to a larger cc motorcycle?

What are the reasons for wanting to upgrade to a larger cc motorcycle?
Smaller bikes are cheaper, better mpg, and better insurance. Is it wanting more power? Or what. The smallest bikes are still faster than most cars on the road.

Administrator answers:

Yea, 200? You own the Y2K bike, Magz? An ‘unlocked’ (via T.R.E or what have you) Hayabusa or ZX-14 with the mods that are going to push it past its ‘unlocked’ 190-195 roof.

Most common answers are power, but more specifically torque. I’m the same way. I’ll be ‘upgrading’ next year and the things I notice most easily on my father or other people’s bikes when I ride them is the torque. The ease of getting up to speed. I like that on a sport bike. (And sport bikes, 600s/650s and below especially aren’t known for that.)

That said, if your bike is simply only a means of travel and it needs to be a bike, not a scooter, there’s no reason to go above a Ninja or Hyosung 250.

David asks…

What do i need to do to be eligible to drive a motorcycle?

Im 16, going to graduate in 4 months, then get a job until college to save up for a motorcycle. But of course you need a motorcycle, but what are the tests you need to pass. Is the insurance for a motorcycle more expensive than the insurance of a car? If you know this, could you give me step by step instructions in how i can be eligible to drive a motorcycle?
i live in utah

Administrator answers:

It varies so much from state to state that you need to say where. The insurance is usually cheaper unless you want to insure the bike for collision, which pays to fix it if it’s your fault. But if you buy a cheaper secondhand bike and can get away without collision, the insurance should be pretty low. I drive cheaper used cars and once figured I could total one every seven years for what they charge for collision.

Even if your state doesn’t require it, take a safe riding course. And if you don’t want to turn into a drooling imbecile in some long term care home, wear a helmet.

Sharon asks…

Would it be a good idea to get a 2009 Ninja 250R (motorcycle) for a 17 year old male?

How much would the insurance cost a month, and would he be able to drive the mororcycle to school?

Administrator answers:

Good choice for a first bike.

Cheap on fuel, parts, and maintenance.

Insurance is going to be $150/$200 a year. Very cheap considering some young adults pay $150 a month for car insurance!!

Paul asks…

How much do motorcycles go for?

tell me from cheapest to highest i want to know
i want to get it for a gift for someone someday and i’m planning out buying them it before they get a chance to buy one!! :D
also you can list ones you find attractive looking that are pretty fast :D

Administrator answers:

Wow… I think the least expensive bike I ever bought was about $25 and came in several boxes. The most expensive was maybe around $18,000. They both turned out to be very good bikes, although one required a little more effort to get that way ;-)

Listing attractive, fast bikes is a little risky – it sounds like you’re buying for someone that is new to riding, and I’m not even clear if you’re looking for a dirt bike or a street bike.

A lot of riding is about what feels and looks right to the rider – it is tough to buy a bike for someone unless you a) know a lot about them and b) know alot about bikes.

I’d suggest you go with the person and help pay for the bike, or better yet, get them a seat in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic rider course (if we’re talking street bikes). They provide the bike and the helmet if needed and professional instruction. The completion certificate generally gives a break onm your insurance and in most states will get an “m” added to your license if you take it to the DMV.

Maria asks…

How much do i need to save for a motorcycle?

I have my g1 and will be attending a motorcycle safety course soon then getting my m1. Then i can drive motorcycles. But I want to wait till next year..I am first buying my car. (03 crown vicotria) After the winter. I am 6’2 and weigh 140lbs. (17 and male) is a kawa ninja 250r a good first bike for me?? how much do i need to save for the bike itself? but also insurance?? what is your opinions?

Administrator answers:

I’ve noticed throughout the years, bikes have been decreasing pretty quick. To get a nice, legit, first bike, it’ll probably run you about 3,000 and insurance will probably be alot just considering how young you are. If youre on your own plan of course. Cheapest its going to be a month will be about $100 but have your parents call and ask. Ps, dont get a ninja for your first bike, they have some kick to em’ lol

Susan asks…

Can a foreigner buy a motorcycle in NSW or SA?

I am looking to spend 3 months traveling around Australia. I will be arriving in Sydney. I want to get to Alice Springs, but do not know how. Is hitchhiking safe/common? Is there a bus system that will take me there? I have also been exploring buying a motorcycle, registering it for 3 months and then selling it upon my departure. Is insurance mandatory? In terms of registration and insurance, will it be cheaper to buy and register a motorcycle in South Australia or New South Whales? Thank you for your help!

Administrator answers:


You can get the train and the bus The bus stops over night in Coober pedy a must stop and look town . You can certainly buy a motor bike. Great trip . I’ve been around and through the centre of Australia several times always by car though but many go by motor cycle. To register your bike I’m not sure of the price but it should have 6months registration on it when you buy You have to pay for at least 6 months and the registration will include compulsory 3rd party insurance. The insurance is not for the bike it is for injury to other people as our sueing laws could be very hard on you . Not so many people hitch hike today truck drivers once gave one a ride quite willingly but not any more their insurance doesn’t cover you so it’s not worth them taking you. Come on over you will have a great time. All highways are sealed road . Just make sure you carry water with you . There will be some big trucks on the roads

George asks…

Whats the best overall bike for a new rider?

I am about to get a motorcycle lic, and i want to get a sportbike that would be good for a BRAND NEW rider. but also one that will be good/fun in a few years after i get some experence. im looking for something that will last for a good many miles and low maintance cost (doesnt have to be new) for commuting to work and school. whats a good year, model, engine size, and overall value etc…?
ps. please, only answer if you have experience and know what your talking about.

Administrator answers:

Hmmmmmm new riders and sport bikes are a dangerous combination. I would personally recommend a cruiser for a first bike. Now that I got that out of the way, If you still want a sport bike, I’ll say this-
I just bought a new sport bike and test rode most of the models out before buying. I wouldn’t recommend any of the popular 600′s or 1000′s like the R6, GSXR, CBR, Ninja, or Duc.

On the day I picked up my bike (a CBR1000RR) I test rode an 800 interceptor. It is not nearly as violent as the bikes I mentioned above which would make it more beginner friendly. Don’t let if fool you though. It’s not a complete wimp. It has a very sporty appearance. The price for it is about 10k (roughly the same as one of the 600 or 1000 superbikes), but the insurance is cheaper than the rest. Good luck!

Michael asks…

What is the best brand of motor scooter?

Thinking about buying a motor scooter. Would rather have a motorcycle, but don’t want the hassle of an operators license, dmv registration and insurance. I realize that scooters have a 50cc limit, but are any brands more powerful than others? Which brands are the most reliable? Does wheel size affect overall performance?

Administrator answers:

For cheap, Honda or Piaggio. The Fly is considerably bigger, 2.5″ taller in the saddle. The Vespa is over $1,000 more, but many people think they are worth them.


Lisa asks…

Can a person without a class M license register a motorcycle in IL?

I live in a different state that requires an inspection, so I wanna find a loop around it. I have someone (with an IL drivers licenses) who would put it in their name and I would be listed as a “second” rider/driver on the insurance. I have a class M. They would be the “owner”, and I would be the rider… is this possible?

Administrator answers:

Possibly, but if you ever had a clam or a ticket, the ruse would probably unravel and come back to bit you.

I’d suggest you take care of whatever would not allow it pass inspection in your state, since a vehicle must be registered and insured in the state where you are a resident.

I live in the south part of Oklahoma, where people tend to try for Texas registration since it’s a little cheaper. I’ve had lots of cars in my impound yard after they were towed for “taxes due the state of Oklahoma” when it was found they lived and worked in Oklahoma.

I wouldn’t take the chance.

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