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May 24, 2013

Donna asks…

If I finance a motorcycle, whats the least amount of coverage i can have in NYS?

I want to finance a bike but I’m looking for cheap insurance. Whats the minimum coverage necessary if your financing?

Administrator answers:

25/50/10 for liability limits, plus collision and comprehensive.

Obviously – or maybe not – it’s the collision insurance that’s MOST expensive, when you talk about a bike.

Mandy asks…

How do you get your motorcycle(M1) license in California?

I was wondering on how do you get your class M1 motorcycle license in California. I’m under 18 and have my drivers license
thanks for any help

Administrator answers:

Hey. I’m 21. My insurance is 269 a month for full coverage. FIRST, get a job that can support your dirty habit ;) . Bikes aren’t cheap if you’re trying to do it LEGALLY and safely. I know a lot of guys that don’t have registration, insurance, or that M1 on their shizzle. Haha! My friend doesn’t use his gear. He rides in the rain with a cotton jacket…no gloves! Ridiculous! Haha anyway, to answer your question, take a class. Your parents have to be there I believe. You then will get a slip saying that you completed the class (MSF course). You want it, any penny you can save is gonna help you. It will lower your insurance. Once you get the paper from them, usually it takes a week. Then you go to the DMV and take the written. You might have to renew your C license too. Anyway, feel the pain baby!

Mark asks…

How much do the moped training cost?

How much does the most basic moped training cost?
Like CBT insurance and all of that.

How much does it all come to?

Administrator answers:

To do your CBT, you will first need to have your provisional licence which costs £50.

The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) costs between £80-£140. It depends which training company you use and if you use your own bike or their bike. Make sure you shop around to find the cheapest CBT near you.

Once you have your CBT, you can ride a 50cc if you are 16 or up to a 125cc if you are 17 or over.

The cost of road tax is £15 per year and the MOT costs just under £30 and is required yearly for all bikes over 3 years old.

The cost of insurance depends on many things so the only way to find out is to get some quotes from some insurance companies. Try using The Bike Insurer – – it’s a price comparison site for motorcycle, moped and scooter insurance, so automatically gets insurance prices from loads of companies.

Good Luck & Happy Riding!

Ruth asks…

What kind of bike is best for a beginner?

My boyfriend thinks I should start on his harley wide glide (1980). The thing is, I can’t even drive a stick shift and keeping my balance while shifting the bike will be very hard for me. Does Harley make an automatic? Any suggestions for a good beginner motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

Definately don’t use your boyfriends Wide Glide to start on…unless he loves you VERY much, the first time you drop it (and you will) the relationship might be over! Shifting gears on a bike is far different and easier than using a stick shift on a car, but still takes plenty of practice. Definately take the beginner rider course, not only is it a great course that teaches you all the good safety habits, but it will help save on insurance too.
Someone mentioned getting a used bike first, and that is definately a good idea. You WILL drop it, probably several times. I know I did and it would have hurt a lot more if I damaged a new bike…or my boyfriends Harley! Start small, a 250cc or thereabouts. A used one will be cheap to buy and very cheap to run. When you are ready for more power (sooner than you think!) move on up to whatever feels comfortable…sit on and try out plenty of bikes before you make that final decision.
My first bike (Sept of 2005) was a 1982 Yamaha Virago 920…that’s a pretty big bike for a beginner, but I couldn’t afford to start on a smaller one and trade up in a couple months when I wanted more power. I traded that on an ’05 Honda VTX 1300 Retro last fall, and I love it! It is not what most think of as a woman’s bike, but it is so well balanced and the seat is nice and low (I am 5’6″ tall) so it really is easy for me to handle. The Harleys sound great, are American made (so is the VTX, actually), and they are fun, but they do cost a lot more and I don’t think they are as comfortable as the metric bikes.
Just remember, whatever you decide on, practice as much as possible in a safe place before hitting the streets and open road.

Maria asks…

Im 16 and i am thinking about getting a motorcycle, or fixing up my granfathers el camino.?

Well for my job i make $100 every two weeks and my car insurance would be about $130 a month, Should i wait and get a motorcycle where everything is cheaper, or fix up a 1982 el camino. Which is a better option.

Administrator answers:

Fix up the El Camino. You won’t be very happy with just a bike. What if it rains? What if you want to take a girl out?

Nancy asks…

Do i need an auto insurance to drive a motorcycle? how much that would be if it is yes? higher than auto insu?

I think i need to know before i buy a bike that whether i would pay more $ on my insurance if there is 1 or would it be cheaper than an auto insurance, like car insurances?Ooh, i am an new driver so how much would it be?

Administrator answers:

Auto insurance and motorcycle insurance are usually written on separate policies. There are a few companies that will write them on one policy. Yes, you need to have the bike insured to drive it. The cost depends on what type of bike it is, your record, your credit, the coverages you want.etc… If you are looking for good rates try American Reliable if they write in your area. They are a good company and their rates are outstanding!

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