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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

August 6, 2012

William asks…

Who generally has the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

I need a place I can trust. My state farm insurance guy who does my car put an offer on the tabel that was huge. I’m 23 years old, male, great driving record. I feel like he is trying to take advantage of me with the price. it was going to be $800 a year.

Also, what is the bare minimum you need to ride a bike? Medical, liability? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Administrator answers:

I called around and found that Progressive had the best for me. I only pay $75.00 per year for my motorcycle ins. I too have a great driving record. State farm is VERY expensive. You could also try AIG but I heard that they were having some financial difficulties.
Good luck

Steven asks…

What is the cheapest motorcycle insurance for a 23 year old??? Progressive, Geico, etc??

I have had a few blemishes on my record, some tickets and an accident, but my state requires full coverage insurance on a bike that is not paid in full, what are your suggestions??

Administrator answers:

Typically, insurance rates will vary from State to State and can even vary by ZIPCODE! It also will depend on the type of bike, coverages, limits of liability, and driving record. Some companies run credit scores and MOST run a motor vehicle report and CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report to see about undisclosed accident involvement.

The best thing to do is call a LOCAL independent agent. Don’t go across town, or to some other city – look for someone CLOSE. Just look in the phone book for the PIA or Big I (Trusted Choice) logos and you will find a professional licensed agent that will be able to help you solve your insurance problems, and give you rate comparisons of several different companies.

An independent insurance agent will normally have a dozen different companies and if he cannot help you, he should be networked with other local agents that can.

In my agency, we have companies that do NOT run a credit score and welcome drivers with “less than perfect” driving records and specialize in motorcycle insurance. Some of the companies to look for are Progressive, Dairyland, AIG, Foremost, American Modern Home and Pacific Specialty.

Most of the replies on this site say “go to this on-line carrier or that on-line carrier or that 1-800 number” but I’m sure that when you do, you will find some impersonal computer user with a script to work from and you won’t be able to talk with the same person every time you have a problem!

Good luck, ride RESPONSIBLY and I hope this helps!

Susan asks…

Where can I get the cheapest motorcycle insurance?

I just bought a bike and haven’t ridden in years so don’t know where to start and I live in Pennsylvania if that’s any help. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Hope this site helps you.. They provide you the coverage that best suits your needs.. They can freely explain what kinds of insurance are available, and just what each of them offers.. Free quotes are available for you..

David asks…

cheap motorcycle insurance in Kansas for a 21 year old male?

cheapest i have found is AIG for about 115$ a month for full coverage, and they will also let me knock that down to liability during the winter time when i am not driving the bike. geico and progressive both wanted upwards of 210$. my question is, are there any places that i should try that you think might be able to beat AIG’s 115 a month for full coverage. i am 21 years old and have 1 ticket on my record of 14 mph over about a year ago. the bike is a 2006 kawasaki zx6r. thanks

Administrator answers:

I got my insurance for cheap here.


Mandy asks…

Where can I get the cheapest motorcycle insurance with tickets?

I am 20, and have 4 tickets on my record…3 disobey traffic devices and 1 seat belt ticket. They were from 2 years ago..I am a new rider and I took the MSF course. I just bought a 2008 kawasaki ninja 650r. Progressive gave me $231 a year with no collision or comprehensive(I am ok without having either)…Can I do better than this? Where should I try?

Administrator answers:

I have 3 motorcycles full coverage for the same price you get for the progressive..
Also Please note My husband had cancer & was with out work for a year Progressive wanted to up the price of our insurance 1,000 because we had a bad credit rating … Not a very nice company to deal with when you become ill and miss 2 months payments on your motorcycles. Go With Geico

Sharon asks…

who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance for young people?

im looking for the who has the cheapest motorcycle insurance for young people

Administrator answers:

There are so many things that would influence the cost of your insurance, such as type of bike, whether or not you take a rider’s course, and where you live. You have to shop around for motorcycle insurance. Check at least 5 different places. The rates vary greatly.

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