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April 24, 2013

Chris asks…

What do i need to bring to my NJ Motorcycle Road test?

Iv tried calling the DMV and tried researching their site but i still cant get the information i need. i need to get my motorcycle license and it dosnt say what equipment you need to bring or what qualifies as acceptable motorcycle goggles. is there anyone who has gotten their motorcycle license in NJ and knows what i need to bring with me?

Administrator answers:

Your learner’s permit.

Motorcycle with valid inspection sticker, motorcycle registration, and insurance card.

A licensed motorcycle operator (or tow your bike to the test site on a trailer).

A DOT approved helmet and DOT approved eye protection. The helmet must have reflectorized tape on the sides and back.

A face shield on the helmet is the best eye protection and, at about $5, is far cheaper than any goggles or glasses.

Carol asks…

How dangerous are motorcycles?

I’m thinking about buying one, mainly because they are cheap and barely use any fuel. I spend about 50-60 a week on gas going to school. I have about 7000 saved up and I was planning on buying a used one. Anyways, I’m a bit worried about driving one. I live in California and the people here are extremely reckless or terrible at driving.

Administrator answers:

The first thing you need to do is take the Basic Ridercourse:
They will tell you how to ride and how to dodge cars.

Californians are the *BEST* drivers and are the safest for motorcyclist. Dang! You need to drive in New York City some time — or even worse, Saigon!

Motorcycles are *NOT* dangerous. Riders are dangerous. If you are dangerous in a car you will be dangerous on a motorcycle. If you split lanes doing plus mph over moving traffic you *will* cause a red splat on

$7K is a good new motorcycle. A new Honda CBR250R, registration, tax, insurance boots and jacket and gloces and helmet will be under $7K. A used $7K motorcycle will be a speed freak’s motorcycle. A good late model commuter motorcycle will run you about $3-4K, top.

The first thing you need to do is take the Basic Ridercourse:
They will tell you how to ride and how to dodge cars.

George asks…

What is the best age to start riding a motorcyle?

Hint, I plan on going to college for 4 years to get my bachelors degree and does insurance cost less after a certain age?

Administrator answers:

Yes insurance cost less after 25 and after you have been riding the same bike for 1 year. Also take an approved motorcycle riding course, this will help out as well. Im 21 ride a Suzuki 650 sport bike and pay almost 100 a month. They say in another 6 months they will lower it to 50 a month as long as a don’t get in any accidents or get a ticket. Local insurance is always cheaper then the big national chains like progressive but the coverage usually isn’t as good. I would say wait tell your 18 to start riding a street bike at least, no one will cover you before that.

Joseph asks…

A theory on how to reduce car insurance for young drivers?

I have an idea of how to reduce my insurance for young drivers like myself, and it goes like this, I buy a motorcycle for about £10 to nothing(it could be broken I don’t care), with this motorcycle I insure it for about £100, because insuring a motorcycle is a lot cheaper than insuring a car, then for a year I have no claims with this motorcycle, would this then reduce the cost of my insurance premium for a car?

Administrator answers:

My daughter had FIVE years no claims bonus on her bike when she bought her car…..
The insurance companies didn’t want to know! It is not transferable

Lisa asks…

Can anyone help me choose my first motorcycle?

I’m going to be getting my first bike in about a week and I’m not sure which one I should get. There’s so many different choices and I’m not sure if I should get the Kawasaki Ninja 500r, the Suzuki SV650/s, or maybe theres some other one I havent heard of. I would like to get a good all around bike that’s fun to ride, not terrible for the insurance, and can go on a 65mph highway. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I dislike the Ninja 500R, cheap made.

For your FIRST bike, if you are wanting something that style.. I say go with either a Katana 600, which is a VERY nice looking bike without the “get you killed” power of the GXSR 600… This is you FIRST bike.

Or, I also like the YZF600R, not the R6, the YZF600R, there is a HUGE difference, the 600r is also a very nice looking bike, that is a toned down version of the R6.

Either or, both nice looking bike that are kind of easy on the pocketbook as well.

Sandy asks…

Was convicted of a dui and now have a motorcycle do i need insurance?

I was needing to have an fr44. The loophole here is that in the state of florida one does not need insurance while driving a motorcycle. Am i still required to have an fr44 (sr22)? Moreover, if i choose to not have insurance for three years and not drive, will i still need the fr44 for three years anyway?

Administrator answers:

An SR-22 isn’t a type of insurance coverage, but rather proof that you have insurance.
It is notification from your insurance company to the DMV that you have auto liability insurance in effect in the State of California which satisfies the minimum insurance coverage required by the State.

This insurance notification is typically required by the State for 3 years from the date the original suspension would have ended which can be determined, e.g., by adding 4 months from the date you were given the “pink” temporary license (assuming you are a first offender without a refusal of the chemical test).

If your policy lapses for any reason (miss a payment, get cancelled) the insurance carrier is REQUIRED to notify the DMV who is supposed to then notify you that you will have to file another SR-22 with them by a certain date or your license will be suspended. This form, typically filed electronically, is the only form the The Department of Motor Vehicles will accept. They will not accept any other form as a substitute for the SR-22.

When is the SR 22 required?
This will be required by you if:

(1) you were arrested for a DUI and;
(2) you have your license suspended or restricted and/or;
(3) if you are required to take a DUI program and;
(4) you want to get a restricted license.

To get a restricted license, you have to do 3 things:
(Not immediately – only if you lose your DMV hearing or get convicted in Court)

(1) Pay DMV re-issue fee(s).
(2) Provide DMV proof of financial responsibility (SR-22).
(3) Provide DMV proof of enrollment in approved DUI program.

Insurance minimums in California:
For private passenger vehicles per accident: $15,000 for injury/death to one person.
$30,000 for injury/death to more than one person.
$5,000 for damage to property.

Moving to Another State:
If you currently have an SR-22 and want to move to another state you must maintain the SR-22 like you still live in California – even though you no longer reside here. Also, your insurance policy for the new state must have liability minimums required by law in California. This applies even if you move to one of the states that does not have SR-22 insurance: Delaware, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania.

Already convicted and need a license?
First, make sure you are eligible for at least a restricted license by calling the California DMV at 1 (800) 777-0133. Then follow the steps above.

Other related information:
If you insurance company cancels your insurance because of your conviction, you will receive a notice indicating that your vehicle registration will be suspended if new insurance information is not submitted within 45 days.

Already agreed to enter a guilty plea or didn’t request a DMV hearing?
If you think you are going to be convicted, make sure you contact an insurance broker BEFORE the conviction appears on your record. A skilled insurance broker can often times save you from being cancelled or having your insurances rates double (typical through State Farm for example) once a DUI conviction appears on your record.

Additionally, you should know that although your SR 22 can be filed electronically you should be able to get an original from your insurance company and hand deliver it to the DMV so that you don’t have to wait for the clerks in Sacramento to do their job – which they do slowly.

I recommend calling John MacDonald at 1 800 346 7370 for all of your insurance needs. John MacDonald Insurance

Or, Generally, How to Downshift Your Insurance Costs with Smarter, Cheaper Coverage

1) Nab Discounts

Most insurers offer price cuts for such things as:
- having anti-lock brakes;
- having been accident-free;
- having taken a defensive-driving course;
- using the same insurer for your home policy.

(For more info., visit the auto insurance checklist at .)

These can take up to 25% off your premium. But your insurer usually will not come to you with them so you have to call the company and find out what the discounts are.

2) Raise your deductible.

The point of vehicle insurance is to protect you from catastrophic costs (your emergency fund should cover stuff like dents and broken windows). Raise your deductible from say $200 to $1,000 and you could save more than 40% on premiums, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

3) Prune coverage on old vehicles.

Once your vehicle is worth less than 10 times what you pay each year to insure it, get rid of the comprehensive and collision. Find your vehicle’s estimated worth at

4) Dig up competing quotes.

This is the most work but could have the greatest payoff. Go to to find your state insurance commission website, where you can download a vehicle insurance buying guide.

Pick the example closest to you and the 5 insurers with the lowest rates. Call them for quo

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