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April 11, 2013

John asks…

What shipping company would you recommend shipping a motorcycle through?

I am going to ship my bike from the mainland to Hawaii… I am looking for any info I can get on the cheapest, safest or fastest companies. I am going into this blind and need to make a decision soon on what company but there are so many. Any advice would be helpful

Administrator answers:

You actually have several options. Your best bet would be to do some very careful research on prices vs. Time it takes. You also want to carefully consider the shipping companies reputation and the insurance that they carry that would cover your loss in the event that something happened to your motorcycle in transit.

Here are some places you can call, but if you don’t like any of these, you could Google the term “ship motorcycle from “your city” to Hawaii”

Good Luck!!

Michael asks…

What is an inexpensive motorcycle insurance agency?

This is for a $300 bike, that is not worth replacing if something does happen. The insurance is just to be legal in my state, and the bike is rarely used.

Administrator answers:

The last time I heard about a guy who bought cheapassed insurance, the insurance was so cheap that they refused to pay on a claim. I’d prefer to spend a few bucks more every month for an insurance policy that I know will cover me in the event of an accident.

Geico and Progressive both do motorcycles, and there’s a good chance that they will be around to take care of you when you need them.

Helen asks…

Do You Think I Could Be Financed For a Motorcycle?

I’m very curious about purchasing a motorcycle(crotch rocket) and I was wondering if it would be possible to get financed for one if I made 6.55$ hour and make about 800$ a month- I have a payed off car and I’m still on my dads insurance- Basically, I have no bills because I live with my dad in an appartment.

Do you think I could be financed? And if so how much does it cost for a reliable and cheap motorcycle.

Administrator answers:

Financing is easy to get. Too easy. Can you get a credit card? If you answered “yes,” you can get a motorcycle.

I believe Kawasaki has a “good times” credit card specifically designed for people like you. You wouldn’t qualify for bank financing, but you can somehow get their credit card.

Basically you buy teh bike on the credit card they sign you up for. Interest is reasonable for the first 12-24 months, then jumps to like 25%. So if you pay off the bike before the interest jumps up, you’re fine. If not, you’re screwed.

The advantage is that any bank-owned bike is going ot require full insurance coverage, which is very expensive.

The best thing to do is NOT finance a motorcycle. Save up $2000 and buy an older honda CBR 600 (F2/F3), or a decent EX or GS500.

Financing is an acknowledgment that you can’t afford something. Unless it’s something you NEED (like a house), you really don’t have a reason to finance rather than just saving up.

Sharon asks…

Is it a wiser choice to buy a motorcycle by myself or let my parents buy it?

Hi! I’m 17 and I have a job. I’ve been saving up some money to buy a Ninja 300. I know I can’t apply for financial aid to pay for it so I’m planning to pay it all by cash. Now my question is; should I let my parents buy the motorcycle for me( most likely, they will be using financial aid to pay it) **which I’m paying each month**) or buy it myself like a macho man?

Sorry for being redundant there hehe.

Also, if I buy it on my own, most likely my insurance rate will be high right?

I’m thinking that letting my parents buy it is the better end of the bargain here(also low insurance hopefully).

What do you guys think?
I live in Oklahoma if that helps.

Administrator answers:

You’re 17, so you cannot finance anything legally (until you’re 18). You also cannot purchase a bike/car/truck from a dealership because there are contracts to sign, which again, you cannot legally do until you are 18.

So you only have three choices:
1. Give the cash to your parents and have them buy the bike in their name, then sign it over to you when you’re 18.
2. Have your parents finance the bike in full, you make the payments, and then have them turn the loan and title over to you when you’re 18.
3. YOU supply the down-payment, and refer to option #2.

Insurance is the same issue. You cannot legally obtain insurance on yourself for any vehicle until you are 18, so your parents will HAVE to be listed on the title of the vehicle until you are 18. In some states, that means one of your parents will also require a motorcycle endorsement on their license as well. Once you turn 18, your parents can then sign it over to you (if they so chose). Your parents may not want to sign it over to you at that time, so then you’ll have an issue.

Your best bet (to allow for you independence) would be to save your money until you are 18, then go buy the bike in cash. Insurance will be cheaper because you won’t have to carry more than liability on it (rather than comprehensive/collision/fire/theft/etc. As you would if it were financed).

Also, if you were my child, I’d be telling you to buy a used bike as your first bike! I would never endorse any first-time rider to have a new bike. You will drop it at some point! Take the MSF course, learn on a good used bike, and after you’ve got some experience, then you can move up to a larger bike, or at least a newer one!

Take the money you’ve saved (or start saving now!) and continue to add to it. Sign up for the local MSF BRC course in your area and take it ASAP so you can have your “M” endorsement on your license before you turn 18. As you get closer to 18, start checking Craig’s List or local ads for a used Ninja 250 or CBR250 (if you must have that style of bike). When you turn 18, buy the bike outright, and use it to LEARN on!

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