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April 5, 2013

Richard asks…

What do i need to register a motorcycle in ontario?

I am looking into grabbing an old honda 400 night hawk or something crappy and just playing with it all winter. i won’t register it and just have it sit in the living room fixing it till it’s done. once its done i will want to register it and start riding. what do i need to do this? will they be mad if i don’t register it now and pay my taxes? what is a good 80′s honda that will be cheap on insurance, quick and mildly easy to work on? thanks

Administrator answers:

Why not just register it now as un-fit? This way the bike is in your name and when you finally do get it ready for the road, all you will need is for the bike to be certified and all you will have to do is bring the certification paper to the MTO office and get a plate for it.

Joseph asks…

if i want lighter trnasportation like a motorcycle or scooter, how much do they cost?

how much for insurance, my car is nothing but trouble, and really i would love to just have a scooter, how much for one?

Administrator answers:

Ask someone that owns one. Scooter would be cheaper

Susan asks…

What are the requirements to driving a moped in Minnesota?

I am 15 years old and live in the suburbs of MN. Do i need to take some sort of class if i have taken drivers ed? Is there insurance needed on the scooter?

Administrator answers:

First, mopeds are uncommon. A moped have 50cc or less, 2 bhp or less, and are not capable of over 30 mph. A moped from the ’70′s may have just 2 bhp, but new Tomos put out 2.4 or more bhp and thus are not legal mopeds — they are motorcycles. The Cheap Chinese Crap “moped” scooters on the Internet claim 3.5bhp and thus are motorcycles, not mopeds.

I can read the Driver and Vehicle Services website or you can read it yourself. It is better for you to read — you don’t want to be trusting idiots on Yahoo!Anwsers.

Robert asks…

Will my car insurance be cheaper if I have a motorcycle licence?

I have always been put off learning to drive and buy a car due to the stupidly high insurance prices for first time drivers. The thing is, I have a full motorcycle licence. I have been riding on the road for about 4 years with no accident. Will this be taken in to account when I take out car insurance for the first time and will it make a huge difference to the amount I pay?

Administrator answers:

“Will this be taken in to account when I take out car insurance for the first time…”
No, it will not.

“…will it make a huge difference to the amount I pay?”
No. It will make absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Ken asks…

Is it cheaper to own and operate a motorcycle in DC than a car?

I’m considering buying a motorcycle after graduation and would like to sell my car, or at least leave it home in MD. But, I plan on living in Brookland with some friends and would much rather prefer getting around town in a motorcycle. Are permits cheaper? Is parking easier? What about storing a bike at an apt or garage?

Administrator answers:

I did it for 4 years (1996~1999) in DC, had to rely on friends about 7~10 days a year for rides thanks to snow/ice storms.

I didn’t own a car at that time, but lost a bet to a friend about what was cheaper. His Corolla absolutely slaughtered me on my VFR when it came to operating costs. We even extended time-lines (mathematically) to include major service items on the car and it was the same deal. Day to day costs, an econo-box will obliterate a sportbike. Now, I paid $4,000 less for my bike than he paid for the car, so the buy-in is cheaper. It’s not about fuel economy either, it’s the tires, chain and sprockets, brakes, fluids, insurance, etc… That kill it for the motorcycle. You CAN bend those more to your favor, but the same can be done with a car. I now keep records of motorcycle vs my car (a 2001 VW Jetta TDI), and it’s rare to find a motorcycle that’s as cheap as Double what my car costs.

If you have a car There that you can borrow/use with advanced notice, it’ll be lots easier. Better for shopping and better for dating (seriously, dates do NOT want to be on the back of a bike every time you head out, nor do they want to drive you everywhere or meet everywhere).

You need to be aware that if you take your motorcycle to a mechanic/shop to do everything, it will cost you both arms, a leg, and the other leg to the knee. You *must* be able to do your own work, otherwise you will be spending Way more than what it costs to own/operate a car. It was learning this that got me on the road to becoming a certified motorcycle mechanic,

Best of luck if you go this route. It can be done, but there are compromises. DC was the easiest place I was motorcycle only (out of DC, Phoenix and Atlanta).

Donna asks…

What should I do about my motorcycle situation?

I’m 18 years old and recently employed and make around $800 a month.
I don’t have very many expenses other than small things that add up to probably $50 a month.

Now I really want to get a motorcycle but don’t have enough money to buy one out-right so I’ll need a loan but have no idea how to apply for one. Also I would have to buy insurance and would like a good company to go to.


Administrator answers:

How about starting at the beginning, rather than the middle? The FIRST thing you need to do is learn to ride a motorcycle and see if it’s something you really want to to. This isn’t the end-all, be-all ~ but it’s a good class that’s offered everywhere. Click the link to find one close to you:

You’re looking for the Basic Rider Course, or BRC.

Then, once you have that experience you can look at buying a bike. For your first bike, skip the loan process, buy wha you can afford to pay in Cash. That means making “payments” to yourself, starting right now. In most areas you can buy a well running motorcycle for under $2000. No, it won’t be brand new, look cool, or be what you want… But it’s a FIRST bike, not your last. You need to factor in about $500~700 for riding gear too. Yes, gear, it’s cheaper than a hospital visit and more comfortable than months in a cast/sling not to mention a whole lot more convenient than death.

Insurance is the easy part. Watch TV ever? Then you’ve seen at least 2 companies that advertise motorcycle insurance. More can be found through google.

There’s also this handy FAQ for new riders. It’s bent towards people interested in the Ninja 250, but the vast majority of the information is good for Any new rider:

Learn to ride first, then bike/gear/insurance. If you’re saving $750/month, you could be on a bike in just a few months.

Helen asks…

How much is motorcycle insurance for 17 year old?

I plan on getting a cbr 250 2013 and take the saftey course or can I put my name for second driver and my mom first so it cheaper

Administrator answers:

That is impossible to tell. Insurance companies use many rating factors, including your location, where the bike will be stored. You will have to contact a local insurance agent to get a quote. Nobody on here will be able to answer your question with 100% certainty.

Mandy asks…

Who is the most dependable Motorcycle insurances and the cheapest?

What all do I really needfar as coverage..I have good medical already…what’s the minimum coverage? I have a new HD fatboy 2006 with the 1689 cc with custom pipes. I just wantthe basic coverage. How much is a good premium?

Administrator answers:

I have my Insurance thru Markel..I have had them over 7 yrs. Good rates.

Daniel asks…

Is it practical to own a motorcycle while living in New York City?

I am moving there in the fall for school. I was wondering it’s a good idea to take my motorcycle with me.

Administrator answers:

It will be much easier to find parking thats for sure, and you could beat alot of the traffic by driving in between it, there are alot of potholes though, it might help with the ladies, and the insurance is much cheaper than a car, so it seems it would be practical.


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