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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

April 1, 2013

Maria asks…

Would you consider a 2002 Honda CB900F to be a good motorcycle for touring?

How well would this motorcycle be for going on longer trips?

Administrator answers:

Small windshield and a sheepskin on seat, stop and stretch every couple hours. Tank bags, soft saddle bags, old gym bags or army surplus gas mask bags or small backpacks usable and cheaper than fancy tour packs and bag sets. I do think at least one hard, lockable bag or case is needed for longer trips in unknown city areas just for basic security for tools or important papers like insurance cards, registrations, pistol carry permits. CB900 with 3.5 gallon tank? –about 150 mile range to the tank? Good basic- fuel stop every 2 hours will give chance to stretch and drink up (water, not beer). A set of front foot pegs on frame or case guards handy to stretch legs on road. As for poster comment about T500 doing 400 miles – I’ve done some similar trips with old Suzuki Titan T500 in younger days- that’s when I first learned about sheepskin seat covers- 14.95 from Pamida store and a bungee cord to hold it on.

Donald asks…

What would be a good starter motorcycle for a 17 year old?

I’m 5′ 9.5″ and i want to know a good motorcycle to start with, i DO NOT want a sport bike. I want something with 400cc+, I won’t be worrying on speed too much, at least not now, i will be taking courses, i just want to find a nice bike first.

Administrator answers:

Not Sport Bike could be:
A Suzuki DRZ400SM, or a:
A Suzkki LS650 aka Savage aka S40.

The LS650 is a good motorcycle for beginners — cheap to buy, cheap to run, cheap to insurance.

Nancy asks…

How much does it cost to maintain a motorcycle?

I’m 25 and in Toronto. I was thinking of buying a car. But insurance payments would be like $350 per month. I can’t afford it.

I never owned a bike so how much would insurance, repairs and everything else total per month. Just some cheap reliable Honda or something.

That’s a good way to start riding a bike, when you’re too poor to buy a car :)
Also did you ever get an impression that you can park anywhere? Like in the corner of underground parking or construction site, somewhere no one would bother.

Administrator answers:

Motorcycle maintenance is rather cheap depending on the bike. Sportbikes have the highest maintenance costs by far, with their highly tuned parts and up to (I think) 8 carburetors. I’d look in craigslist for a used bike for <$1,800 as a starter bike, for you WILL drop the bike within the first 2 years of you having it…I did..glad my bike only cost $1,000! Yes, you can park most anywhere, and liability insurance is around $80/year…if you get injury protection (a VERY good idea for a new rider) insurance will be about $400/year with $25,000 worth of coverage.

If you are in the least bit inclined, moto maintenance is easy as pie! Changing the oil? Take out one bolt, drain the oil, put the bolt back in, pour new oil in, and you're done in less than 5 minutes!

I've done a tune up on my bike, changing oil, plugs, headlight and fluids, total cost was around $25, and took me less than an hour.

Good luck, and DO take the Rider's Safety Course-contact a dealership for more info.

Chris asks…

How does a police department insure their vehicles?

I am including crusiers, prisoner transport vans, suvs, motorcycles and boats. I am doing a school project and cannot find this answer anywhere.

Administrator answers:

It totally depends on the size of the fleet. A large city police fleet is self -insured because it is cheaper to absorb the repair or write-off costs than to have all vehicles covered by insurance. Liability is different. They will self-insure up to a limit for liability claims, but most cities have master policies for large liabilitity claims.
Small police forces insure just like the rest of us. I registered and insured several vehicles for a small police force every year. We also registered and insured the complete fleet of school buses for the municipality, however, we only insured to maximum $50,000 per bus, $200,000 liability, higher value losses were self-insured, and higher liability was on a master policy.

Charles asks…

does car insurance transfer to motorcycle insurance?

does car insurance transfer to motorcycle insurance?? i got in a accident with a motorcycle and my insurance is way up that i cant afford it. if i buy a car would my insurance be up like my motorcycle since i got a accident in it? or is it two seperate insurance‘s

Administrator answers:

Answer from a General Insurance Agent

No, Auto Insurance will not transfer to a Motorcycle nor vice- versa.

Auto and Motorcycle Insurance are two different animals. It’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Some Auto Insurance policies will allow you to add an endorsement (often called a rider) to your auto policy to cover a motorcycle.

Some Auto Insurers simply do not offer Motorcycle coverage at all due to the high risk nature of the vehicle.

You will however be assessed points against your premium rate as a result of any previous accidents regardless of the vehicle you were operating at the time of the accident.

Auto Insurance is almost always cheaper than Motorcycle Insurance, again simply due to the natural High Risks involved with riding a motorcycle.

Good Luck and Happy Motoring

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