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February 16, 2013

Mary asks…

How much will my motorcycle insurance be??

I’m 19 years old in Arkansas. I’m planning to buy a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R soon. I’m currently under my parents coverage policy with Shelter Insurance. I have good driving records so far…and I just want basic coverage. Oh, and Im also planning to make payments on the bike, so does that mean I have to get full coverage? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

My bike is a honda shadow and i pay $167 per year for full coverage. When i priced insurance,it was only $55 for basic coverage but i decided to go with full coverage through merkel group.These prices may slightly differ for the ninja bike and your age but it should still be fairly cheap compaired to car insurance.

Yes with paying payments on the bike ,most lenders are going to require full coverage on insurance but that would be something to work out with between you and the lender depending on what type of loan you get and what you use as collateral for the loan.

Good luck on your bike deal and happy riding and remeber to always be safe…………………..happy trails for now

David asks…

Why would people ride a moped instead of a regular bike or motorcycle?

Moped is half bike and half motorcycle,right? I’ve never seen people riding mopeds here in Southern California where I live.

Administrator answers:

A lot of reasons.
-they are easier to handle than a motorcycle
-they are cheaper to purchase
-they get better mileage
-insurance is cheaper
-you don’t plan on going long distances
-plates are cheaper
-easier to repair if needed

Maria asks…

What kind of Oil is Required for a Harley- Davidson motorcycle?

I’m totally new to Harley-Davidson motorcycles but I’m planning on buying a model Seventy-Two Harley- Davidson. I heard it from somewhere that 20W-50 oil is required for a V-Twin engine, is this correct? I just want to conform the correct type of oil. All Comments are appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

SERIOUSLY……HD’s oils and oil change intervals are CRAP, do not follow their instructions!!!!

If you want to PROPERLY break-in the engine and use QUALITY oil, follow my lead.

The HIGHEST rated synthetic would be the first maker of synthetic….AMSOIL. In fact, Amsoil is the ONLY manufacturer making syn SAE 60, which is what HD themselves recommend for temps above90 degrees, yet they don’t even make syn 60 only conventional 60.

Run Amsoil 20/50 in lower temps and 60 in higher temps in the engine. Change it every 2500 miles, this is an air-cooled engine that wears out oil faster than liquid cooled engines……oil is the life blood of the engine and cheap insurance for longevity…..


For the bike’s primary & transmission which share the same oil, use REDLINE and change this oil every 5000 miles…. Http://

To PROPERLY break-in the engine…..DO NOT, repeat DO NOT listen to HD for 1000 miles for the first oil change. Have the ENGINE OIL changed at 250 miles, then again at 500 miles, then again at the first scheduled service mark of 1000 miles…..use the regualr convention HD 20/50 oil first the firsdt 1000 miles…..then switch over to AMSOIL synthetic.

SOME dealers will tell you that you HAVE to use HD oil…..BULLSHlT… can use whatever you want and it WILL NOT void your warranty!!!!!!

When you buy the bike, also buy a FACTORY service manual for it, it will be the best $60 you’ll ever spend on it, and it will show you specifiically, in detail, how to service the bike yourself, and this bike being a Sportster, servicing is EASY and doing it yourself will save you thousands of $ over the years.

John asks…

Is it hard to learn to ride a motorcycle?

I would like to know if it is hard to ride a motorcycle. And shortly after you learn is it ok to get a powerful bike such as the 06′ Ninja ZX 14? Or does it not matter how strong the bike is as long as you know how to ride it?

Administrator answers:

It is not hard to ride once you get your confidence up. You need to watch out for false confidence or thinking that you are a better driver then what you really are. You can usually get very comfortable riding after about 3 or 4 hours. I would recommend taking a class. Always remember to be aware of your environment. Road conditions, traffic, and the clueless driver that is busy talking on the cell phone and will cut you off or cause you to crash. I would not recommend starting off with with one of the most powerful bikes out there. It’s like would you give a Dodge Viper to a 16 year old who just passed his drivers test. If you make to your first bike you stand a very good chance of hurting or killing yourself. Start off with a used Buell Bast. It is very easy to ride and is about 500cc. Ride it for 6mounth to a year and then sell it and get the ZX 14 which is an amazing bike but way to much of a bike to start off on. ZX14 has so much power that it will mess up a newbie. I spend a lot of time at my dealer and they sold 4 of them this year. 1 to and experienced drive and 3 to guys with less then 1 month experience. 1 is dead. 1 tried top pop a wheel in the first hour of having it and totaled it and broke his leg and arm. The 3rd one decided to brush up his skills on a smaller bike after almost launching it into the back of a car. From personal experience I have found that the insurance is really high and you tend to get tickets. I’m 30 and when I went to price out insurance the cheapest quote for full coverage was $3800 a year with $1000 deductable and I have no points in the last 5 years.

Mandy asks…

how much does it cost overall to get a motorcycle license?

i was just curious about it. i have been looking into getting my motorcycle license and permit and what not. if possible, can i get a break down of all the expenses and what they are for?

Administrator answers:

It totally depends on where you live. In Nevada it costs about $150 to take the motorcycle course at the community college and about $20 to get a new license. If you went through the Harley dealership the course costs double that, and if you had someone teach you to ride, the DMV motorcycle test is cheap or free (I do NOT recommend doing it this way). Other states can vary wildy though, so you need to check around.

And don’t forget you can’t ride without insurance, so you have to factor that in. Call your insurance company or go to (or wherever) and get a quote to get a ballpark of how much that will be.

Helen asks…

Where is a good site to buy after market motorcycle fairings?

I just crashed my bike and i cant find my color fairings for my 2005 r6 anywhere, even EBAY!
Please help!!! I want original ones for cheap!

Administrator answers:

You are between a rock, and a hard spot with what you ask.
Aftermarket, or used is your best bet. That will be the least
cost method for you, but it will also take a whole lot more
time to find what you want.

Of course, the fastest way is also the most expensive. With
no insurance for such a problem this type of damaged item
will be much more expensive, but available much faster.

Trying eBay isn’t always the cheapest either. Shipping costs
run more at times than the cost of purchase through some
independent motorcycle parts shop. I would do my looking
there first. Try searching phone books of cities closer to
you for such shops, then call them. Expand your cities of
search when you have exhausted the closest for shops.

I would not worry much about the color. You should be
able to strip yours down enough to someone to paint
it properly with the color of your choice. If it were me,
as it has been on a couple of past occasions, I would
even be looking into the repair, and painting of my
damaged fairing. After all, it is only fiberglass construction.
I was able to repair my own, and paint them as well.
It isn’t really any different than doing such work on a
car/ truck these days.

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