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Your Questions About Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

December 28, 2012

Mary asks…

What do I have to do to get a motorbike license?

I already have my drivers license, and I am 17.

Also, is buying a motorcycle + insurance cheaper than buying a car+insurance? My parents are unwilling to pay for me.
I’m in the US
specifically california

Administrator answers:

Who can say? You haven’t bothered to tell us where you live, so any answer (including the two so far) are only guesses.


Check it out.

And no, motorcycle insurance is usually more expensive than car insurance, in my experience, depending on what type you get e.g. Fully comprehensive or third party.

Lisa asks…

where can i find out if motorcycle insurance is required in a state?

I live in NC and I need to know if motorcycle insurance is required
so to add to my question, i know that it’s not required in all states but what i want to know is if it is required in NC

Administrator answers:

Check with your Department of Motor Vehicles or an insurance agent.

It’s not required in NH. But, if you get in an accident, it will be unless you can pay for everything immediately. If you can’t, you will have to arrange how to pay it, insurance WILL be required (at a much higher cost, and difficult to find). If you default on a payment, or lose your insurance, you WILL lose your license.

Liability is cheap.
Mine runs less than $180 for 6 months, includes uninsured driver and medical.

Edit: Your question was clear. My clear answer is the first sentence. The rest is just informational.

Thomas asks…

I live in MI and am wondering if there’s motorcycle insurance where you can just pay the months that you ride?

I have progressive right now and heard geico offered that but geico does not offer motorcycle insurance in MI.

Administrator answers:

My policy through Allstate runs for 6 months.
I always renew the same policy so I can ride on any day.
At renewal time there is the option to switch policies to a “storage” policy. Cheap, and maintains continuous coverage.
The alternative is to leave it uninsured for the other 6 months, but that means a NEW policy. On a new policy they don’t carry over any discounts (safe driver, etc.)

Joseph asks…

How much could motorcycle insurance be for a teen in California?

My mom has geico, how much could it possibly cost for insurance? and I’m also a good student, so can’t I get the good student discount? and my mom also has a great driving record.

Administrator answers:

Depends. If u just want the bike covered cheap. If you want the teen covered then expensive. Your mom’s driving will not matter.

James asks…

How do you get insurance and registration over the phone?

I’m not sure how this works? Can someone let me know. I’m insuring my motorcycle but the insurance I want is cheapest if I do it over the phone.

Administrator answers:

You do not get registration of vehicle with the government over the phone. You can go to the DMV offices. You can visit their web site & use credit card there.

You can get auto insurance over the phone if the agent is willing to accept your creidt card. Or you can make arrangements that are subject to you paying the bill they will send you.

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