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February 9, 2013

Nancy asks…

What’s the website that sells new cars with fully comp insurance included, with monthly payments?

I am 18, and, after looking at £3000+ for a years insurance, on the cheapest to insure car I have found, a

***Y REG,
PEUGEOT 106!!!***

I have decided that – there’s no way. I’d rather go the whole hog with a brand new or almost new car with the fully comp insurance included, where you can make monthly payments of about £150. There’s just no way i’m spending £3000 on a years insurance, thats literally my lifes savings lol. I’ll be in full time employment soon anyway, so the monthly payments will be affordable..

Cheers for your answers! :)

Administrator answers:

There’s no way an 18 year old is going to get a new car or almost new car, and be insured fully comp, for under £3000 a year.

That ad you saw, isn’t meant for kids. It’s for adults, with perfect driving records.

Laura asks…

Why is my Car Insurance Much Cheaper AFTER my DUI ?

Had a DUI last year and license never got suspended by the DMV but a judge ordered me not to drive for 6 months. I got car Insurance today through Geico $100 for liablity. I was insured with another company which charged me more before my DUI. Also I did not need SR-22. Is this Normal ? Also I checked monthly to see if I was suspended through DMV and they said that I was NOT. Why ? I am driving cautiously after my six months but I hear the DMV can suspend you without notice. I’ve already waited my six months through the court order,,,Now What ?
I told them about my DUI and Accidents

Administrator answers:

Could be Geico getting somewhat better rate to get you to switch and could be that your other insurance was overcharging that much in the first place. Another thing is do you have the same coverage and deductible(higher ones give you lower insurance as you will pay more before THEY pay). There is a lot involved in insurance. If it’s the same vehicle and not some milestone type birthday recently FOR INSURANCE then yeah you were likely being overcharged and should have called around sooner.

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