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August 16, 2013

Lizzie asks…

how easy is it to find car insurance payable monthly with early termination option ?

i may need to sell car in 6 months and do not want to pay 12 month insurance.

will i need to pay interests or penalty fees when terminating after 6 months ?

Administrator answers:

Budget insurance run a monthly plan. Cancel when ever you want. And they are cheap too.

Chris asks…

how much can i spend on a car with the money i make?

im 17 years old and i have a job that pays $8.30 an hour and i work about 16 hrs per week, and i also tutor afterschool, for $20 dollars an hour, for 6 hours, so i make about $240 a week, and im planning to get a car, but i dont know what car i could afford. how much money can i spend in a car if i have monthly car payments?, oh yea plus insurance. thanks

Administrator answers:

I would save up enough money and buy a cheap car outright for $1200-$1500.

If you need a car immediately, and are forced to make payments, I would not go any higher than $200 a month for a car payment.

Mandy asks…

How much does it cost monthly to take care of a child?

Just wondering how much it costs to take care of a baby a month. Just basic items and care. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Even with basic stuff, it really depends. Will you formula feed or breastfeed? Breastfeeding is free for the baby, but you may need to spend money on a breast pump (which can be about $80 monthly for a good one), breast pads for leaking, and perhaps even extra food for you (to keep up your supply). For formula, store brands usually cost about $12-$14 for a 25.7 oz. Can, and name brands are about $18 – $24 for a 25.7 oz. Can. But if your baby needs a specialized formula, it’s even more expensive. Then diapers vary according to brand, amount, and size of the diaper. Store brands can be about $13 of a big box, while name brand ones can be the same amount of money for a lot less diapers. Then there’s the money needed for other stuff like wipes (about $10 for a big box), toilettries (like soap and stuff), doctors appointments for the Well Baby visits (depends on your insurance or lack thereof), a good stroller (anywhere from $50 – $200+), a good car seat (same prices as strollers), a crib (usually about $100+), a baby bag (varies), high chair ($50+), and then baby food (70 cents and more per jar). Then there’s clothes, whose prices vaires depending on where you go.
Basically, no matter what, it’s not cheap having a baby. The most amount of money will be spent before the baby is born, and there are expenses that can pop up if your baby has any health problems like reflux or allergies. There are many ways to cut corners (with coupons and second-hand stuff), but even then it’s not cheap.

Maria asks…

What do you think of i-Go Car Sharing service in Chicago?

Hi guys! I’ll be moving to Chicago next week (Lincoln Park area). I won’t be having a car but I’ve recently learned about i-Go car sharing service. What do you think of this car sharing service? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I live in the city and I own a car but only because i commute to the suburbs for work. If it weren’t for that I could take public transit, bike or walk anywhere else I need to go. I would probably sign up for this if i did not have a car just because it is nice to have a car to drive to the grocery store or other various trips you may need to make. It is cheaper in the long run as you don’t need to pay for parking, a city sticker, registration, insurance or car notes, just the monthly and usage fees. I know a few people who have I-Go and they have had no complaints.

William asks…

Will a 2002 Ford Mustang be high on teen car insurance?

What kind of monthly prices should I expect? Who should I book my insurance with?
Thank you for responding!
I am 16 years of age. I’ve had my learners permit since June of 2011 and am expecting my license April of 2012. I’m in my mothers car insurance, and have a gap higher than 3.0

Administrator answers:

No telling on how much it will cost you. It depends on were you live, How old you are. And driving experience. But I can tell you I have had the cheapest rates with Progressive. Geico was a huge rip off

Sandy asks…

Where can I get a loan with no cosigner and no credit?

I just got kicked out I have a good job but need a car fast my moms boyfriend has been driving me to work I don’t have anyone to co sign and I have no credit is there any where I could go to get a loan?

Administrator answers:

… Well, I was going to say “your parents” but that went up in smoke.

>> You get a place near where you work (and walk or bicycle), or near a bus line that goes past your work so that you do not need a car. You will save a small fortune ( the monthly payments, car insurance, gas and oil, repairs, new tires).

{In fact, if it was not too far to work, it would be cheaper than owning a car. Seriously. Make a budget to compare the options. Only point is, you would not have transportation to go other places.}

Lisa asks…

Any one knows where is danhattan building in dubai?

With respect to my dubai offer, my office location is near Danhattan building and please advise me the advisable place for accommodation with my family – sharjah or Dubai.

Also how much will be the monthly car expenses for new accord/ camry. Include insurance, parking, toll charges but exclude petrol expenses (company provided).

Thanks and regards,

Administrator answers:

Dear its not danhattan it is DANATA (Travel Agency) situated near clock tower. The best and cheapest place for accommodation is Gusais Sharjah and if the company will be paying for the accommodation I would suggest u to stay somewhere near ur office as traffic of Dubai is really crazy it take long long time to go from 1 place to another.
If u r thinking of buying a new Camry/Accord with yearly maintenance and toll charges it will cost not more than 80K – 90K UAE DHS/-.
Looks you are new to Dubai if in future u have any queries regarding UAE you are free to ask me.Gd Luck

Daniel asks…

What would be my best bet in getting a new car?

what would be my best bet in getting a new vehicle? I have no cosigner, and no large sum of money to put down. I am a workahoclic and im still in high school, but i am living on my own…i need a new car for college….college is almost all set.

so i just need to know what my options could be.

Administrator answers:

Well there are used vehicles from Dealerships, which are off-lease, or trade-ins but aren’t that old or have to high of mileage on them.

My Suggestion to you is don’t lease. Or if you do lease then it should be a lease to buy, and the buy-out be for a 1 dollar. These are real just not every where does them.

In your case I would go more practical then stunning, so Civic’s, Corollas, Yaris, Aveo, Colbalt, Pontiac Sunfire or whatever they are calling it now, oh yeah VW’s aren’t to bad.

I seriously dont know how long your course is that you are taking in college/university, but if you get something quite new no more than 3 to 4 years old, it shouldn’t be a problem and should last you right through school. Also depends if you are willing to take care of it too, and not take it off-roading like your a huge 4×4 truck.

You might want to find out how much insurance is on the vehicle that you want, cause that can adjust your monthly budget too right.

So if financing/leasing is not your option, then you might wanna go and see if you can get a cheaper car through a private sale. I hope you have a mechanical friend who will go with you. Cause you can pick up cars quite cheaper but who knows what problems lie ahead for them.

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