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May 7, 2013

Donald asks…

How much does it cost to rent and live in California?

Specifically in the Central Vally. Rent around the area is about $700-$900 for 1-2 bed and 1 bath appartment. I have Gas and car insurance calculated into my budget, as well as phone (no cable or internet which saves about 100 a month).

I would also like to know an average cost of gas, water, elec, garbage, renters insurance, food, and anything else you can think of, for you personally (monthly) if you live near the area. I plan on moving in the near future and would like to know what my budget needs to be. Any additional expences that you can think of please tell me because I cant think of any more.
Stockton, Modesto, Tracy, Manteca, Lodi, Lathrop, Ceres, area

Administrator answers:

Chico, CA is pretty cheap :-) I was living in a 4 bedroom apartment for $925/ month, plus about $90/ month for PG&E (this was during the summer though), and internet was only about $50/ month. Trash was included in that… Not sure about the renters insurance, I joined a little late in the game to have to worry about that.

John asks…

Is it legal for the car insurance to be in a name other than person paying the monthly car payment?

My sister’s husband passed in November. Their car is in both my sister’s and her husband’s name; however, my sister can not drive and does not have a driver’s license. She wants to keep the car insurance on the vehicle, but to do that she would need to have a valid driver’s license. Soooo, she has asked me to get the vehicle insurance in my name using my driver’s license. My question is this: Am I in ANY way responsible for anything that happens to/in/with the car if I am not the driver? I use my car and driver’s license for work and I can not have blemishes on my driving record or my criminal background.

Administrator answers:

What your sister means is she wants to front the insurance using you so her newly qualified husband gets cheaper insurance, that is fraud. The main driver ( her husband) needs to insure it, the registered keeper or the one who makes the payments doesn’t matter.

I wouldn’t get involved and in any case, if you already have a policy of your own, you would have to declare it so her flawed plan wouldn’t work.

Sandy asks…

If I choose not to drive, will that save money from petrol and car insurance?

So if I choose not to waste parent’s money for driving school, for car insurance ad petrol, will that in theory help me have save all that money? Is driving really worth having all that money, when I can simply take a monthly ticket and use a buss?

Administrator answers:

I certainly hope that a bus ticket is cheaper than the combined costs of training, insurance, petrol, registration, licensing, maintenance, parking, vehicle purchase, and any tickets you may receive. That being said, public transit gets real old real fast. You’d be better off to ride a bike if you’re not going to drive.

Lizzie asks…

What does it cost to live in Puerto Rico?

I’m going to relocate to Puerto Rico soon and needed some help. What areas near the base are good places to live? What are the monthly expenses for water, electric, natural gas, phone service, cable tv, car insurance, vehicle fuel and food?

Administrator answers:

Puerto Rico is expensive. A small apartment will cost $1000 to $1500 a month plus utilities. ALL of the Caribbean is expensive because EVERYTHING has to be IMPORTED, other than those items grown or produced locally.

Why don’t you ask the BASE RELOCATION OFFICER and get some REAL information rather than asking for a single reply here on Answers.

There are also a lot of WEB SITES for P.R. That will help. The best way to find an apartment is to go through an Agency unless you can speak fluent spanish… The web sites don’t show any of the CHEAP places to live.. You can only get that information from the locals.

Mary asks…

How should I invest my money at the bank?

I am still young and have a part time job and was wondering which way would be the best to invest my money. I’ve heard of a GICs or RRSPs but what would be the best for me? I’m making up to 2000 per month but also have other expenses such as phone bills, car insurance, ie… So how should I invest my money for the long run.
I live in ontario canada and bank with TD canada trust
Also, I plan on depositing monthly

Administrator answers:

I would invest in a low cost index fund to match market returns.. Go to and look up their Index funds (Index funds are like a mutual fund but probably 10x cheaper). You can buy an index that tracks (matches) the S&P500 or the Dow and just collect the dividends and watch your money grow. Even better if you keep adding money to it monthly and enroll in a DRIP (Dividend reinvestment plan).. Hope this gives you an idea of what is possible.

Susan asks…

Where to find really cheap car insurance?

I want to buy a $200 car mainly to run it into my friend’s $200 car (kind of like playing bumper cars with real cars). I need a really cheap insurance that will basically only allow this car to be legal. I don’t plan on making any claims on it or using it for anything other than playing around on private property. Only want to make it road legal. Any suggestions? I am looking for something under 50$ per month

Administrator answers:

Sounds like fun.
Though if you are only going to use it for ramming in to each other, surely it will not be safe to take on the road anyway?
If you really want insurance take it out on a monthly basis as I don’t think the car will last that much longer LOL.
Have fun though.

David asks…

What car has the lowest car insurance rate?

I need the make and model of a car that has a pretty low monthly rate. And also im 18….it makes a difference in the price. sadan or coup. no suvs, trucks, van, or sports cars.
any car that is from the year 2005 and up. And it doesnt neccisarly b dirt cheap but cheap for a 18 year old.

Administrator answers:

Any sedan or coupe will do since your age and driving record play a much larger role in your insurance price. As long as you don’t get a luxury car (lexus/mercedes etc) and you have a clean driving record you should be able to get the cheapest price possible for your age. You will be hit with a really high rate though, but getting a normal sedan – toyotas/Volkswagen/nissan/ford/chevy should get you a lower rate.

Donna asks…

How do I know when to get a tune up for my car?

I bought a used car, and just wanna make sure things are okay. Im going to get a oil change, along with the other fluids, and I know I need my iac fixed, but what exactly will a tune up do in revelance to all of my “fixing up” and how often should I get one?

Administrator answers:

Basic tune ups are like oil changes.. They are more prevntative maint. Then anything. If you want the car to last here are some suggestions

1) Basic tune: points, plugs, rotor, cap (depends on your type of ignition of course…) about every 6 months or 5k miles

2) Oil change: once a month is great – bi monthly is a minimum (hey.. The manual may say 20k miles or so, but trust me… A $20 oil change monthly can extend your engine by years sometime- my classic chevy has over 300k and my 71 beetle at least 200k both get changed monthly)

That makes it cheap insurance

3) Oil filter (with each change)

4) Air filter ( depends on where you live and the season) but bi monthly is a good target… If it is really dirty do it more often.. If it is really clean extend it a month.

5) Smog filter (attached to the air cleaner) change it with air filter

6) Belts… Check them once a month.. Replace when frayed or when you see chunks missing (replace those quickly)

7) Fluids: (oil, water, tran.fluid, etc..) check them every other – fillup.
8) Tire pressure… Once a month… Something else to do while the tank fills… Buy a pressure gauge and keep it in the glove box

good luck with your new car…..


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