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April 17, 2013

Ruth asks…

ive recently swapped my car insurance over from a vw polo p reg 3 door 1.9 diesel l to a golf m reg1.4l 3door?

recently swapped insurance over from polo p reg 1.9 diesel to a vw golf m reg 1.4 my insurance company says its the same no change in price is this right??its 1 of them insurance companys that send you out your cover note to email then print it off but i havent recieved a letter stating my new car the golf saying the payments are anything i thought the insurance would have been cheaper with it only been a 1.4 cc can it be the exact same monthly payments as my 1.9 diesel are or my insurance company takin the mick as i know most of them are moneygrabbers?

Administrator answers:

These are both low group old cars worth little so much of your premium is about you and where you live and the sort of driving you do. So yes its not surprising it’s the same. Don’t make a fuss – they may put it up!

Daniel asks…

can i take out a new policy whilst my other is still running?

Car Insurance. I aam cancelling my existing insurance therefore returning the motor certificate. whilst my cancelation is being processed (postal days and so on) , i really need to be driving at the moment so would it be ok to take out another insurance policy during the cancellation process or will i have to wait until it is full confirmed.
I am changing insurance for cheaper monthly payments. Many thanks

Administrator answers:

You can take out another policy before you cancel and have the effective date be the same day as the cancellation date of the old policy.

William asks…

Insurance for me on a 1973 Dodge Charger?

i know ill probably never get one but im not too good on guesstimating insurance. im an 18yr old male with no accidents or tickets but i understand insurance on older cars is cheaper? can anyone give a rough estimate of what a monthly cost of insurance will be?

Administrator answers:

No. Insurance premiums vary due to literally dozens of factors including car, zip code, driving record, credit, etc etc.

Mary asks…

Rental Car – self insurance?

My 11 year old car is on its last legs and has no heat and bad brakes. My credit is bad, i can’t get a new car, dont have the money immediately available to get a used car, so i have decided to rent a nice car from enterprise on a long-term (monthly) rental. Not the cheapest option but in the end, it’s the best option for me for several reasons.

My question is – their insurance (LDW) is expensive. the daily insurance rates on it total to about $30. While i can “afford it”, i would much rather carry my own insurance. I have found plenty of information on non-owner liability – but is there any way to cover the Loss damage (AKA Full Coverage) with insurance i buy specifically to cover a rental car?

I do not have a credit card, so unfortunately that’s not an option.

Administrator answers:

A non owner policy pays if you do not own a car that you drive and in this case, would apply, since Enterprise owns the car. But most likely to get a short term policy for say one month maybe impossible to get, since most policies are for 6 months.

Also, another consideration is the Enterprise car. Liability only pays for other car damages that are the result of your negligence. You also need collision/comprehensive coverage for the rental car, since if the rental car is in an accident, you would be on the hook for the rental car damages which could be expensive.

My suggestion is to get the brakes and heat fixed on your current car. My guess is that the cost to fix maybe the same as the rental for one month. Then try and put away a few dollars every paycheck towards buying another car in say 6 months or so. If you can afford the $30 a day for the full coverage with Enterprise, put that away towards a down payment on another car and get this one fixed.

Good luck

Laura asks…

Can insurance companies renew car insurance without owner`s permission?

My friend has just had a letter from her old car insurance company, saying they have set up a direct debit for monthly car insurance. However, she has recently changed car insurance companies, and has not instructed the old company to set up these direct debits.

Is this legal?!

Administrator answers:

My husbands insurance runs out on 6th March and he already pays by direct debit.He got a letter telling him price etc for renewal and unless he contacted them it would be renewed automatically without having to do anything. I called them and cancelled the policy and the bank to cancel the direct debit because we got cheaper elsewhere.

Linda asks…

What company offers the cheapest auto insurace?

Help!!!I My car insurance is $432.00 a month! My husband has gotten 3 speeding tickets within the past year and our car insurance has sky rocketed. We currently have Geico Insurance and I have gotten a few more qoutes from different companies but nothing has been cheaper. Besides the obvious advise (SLOW DOWN), does anyone know what we can do to lower our monthly premium?

Administrator answers:

My best advice is try calling some local companies.. I have found that they tend to understand the traffic problems around your area and may fo easier on prices. The yellow pages in the back of the phone book is the best place to start. ..Plus its great to help out small business… Right?.. (thats not a question..its rhetorical) I hope that helps.

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