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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For New Drivers Young Drivers

April 29, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What cars result in cheap insurance for young drivers?

What cars lead to new (young) drivers (aged 17/18) having lower car insurances then they would do with the Golf’s or the Civics’s. I would like to know male attracted cars.

Thanks in anticipation

Administrator answers:

Well I have a 99 Mazda Protege. I’m 17 and I only pay about 100 a month. I think the older the car the cheaper the insurance. The cost might also depend on the insurance company. I use USAA. I got discounts for having good grades and taking a driving class. Hope I helped a little but sorry if I didn’t answer your question.

George asks…

anyone no any cheap insurance companys for new young drivers ?

Administrator answers:

In my experience, there’s no such thing.
In car insurance, the words ‘cheap’ and ‘young’ just don’t go together.
You can only shop around and hope!

Daniel asks…

What are the cheapest insurance companies for young new drivers. My cheapest so far has been 3k.?

I am 17 and passed my test in August. I am 18 in Decmeber. My best quote so far has come from LV who quoted me just under 3k. The car i am looking at is a black 1.2 corsa design 16v. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

There isn’t any, £3k is the best you are going to get.

Sandra asks…

Cheap Car insurance for young and new drivers?

I’m 21 and passed my test a couple of weeks ago. I always knew insurance was going to be an issue and I have found out it is cheaper to go on other peoples policys… but I want to get my own policy so I can get it down. I’ll be getting something small, 1.1 or 1.2 for obvious reasons. The cheapest I’ve managed to find is about 700, thats 3rd party and with a couple of named drivers on. that was with Swift Cover. From a weekend of insurance shopping I’ve found that all these compare insurance websites are a load of s***. Not had any quotes below £1500. Anyway, does anyone have any tips for getting insurance down more or does anyone know of any insurance companies that specialise in insurance young or new drivers.

I just wish they wouldn’t tar us all with the same brush… I’m not going to be spending my evenings following other “boy racers” in Saxos wheelspinning around McDonalds car park. I can see why it’s so high though there are so many idiots on the road.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, cheap and young new driver is mutually exclusive. And they have no choice but to paint you with the same brush as your peers, because rates are set by risk, and risk is factored by statistics. New driver, male, young all equal risk.

Do what you can on anothers policy to keep expenses down and get some experience. Don’t get tickets or get into any at fault accidents, and try again in a year.

When you do try, as you found out, avoid the comparison sites on the web. Instead go talk to a local and independent agent.

Good luck.

Thomas asks…

Which insurance company offers the cheapest car insurance for new and young drivers?

Administrator answers:

Circumstances vary depending on things like your age, gender, where you live!
Try a Pass+ course to prove you are a capable young driver – this will give you a certificate and many Insurance Companies will recognise this and reduce your premiums.

Carol asks…

cheapest young driver car insurance?


I will be driving soon and know insurance is very expensive for young, new drivers.
Does anyone know of any cheap insurance companies OR techniques of how to get cheap car insurance?


Administrator answers:

For provisional insurance, try
For insurance on a full licence, you’ll have to shop around. Your postcode will have far more bearing on what you pay than your choice of car;

David asks…

Where can I get cheap and good car insurance for a new, young driver (21 years old) in Texas?

Administrator answers:

For any male under the age of 24 there is no such thing as cheap car insurance; sorry. Believe me, I feel your pain.

James asks…

What are the best ways for a new, young driver to get cheap(ish) car insurance?

I have been looking online on countless insurance websites and comparison sites and the lowest quote I get to insure a 689cc Smart ForTwo is around £2000. That is almost as much as the car!!
The cheapest quote I have so far is from DirectLine (£1800).
I mean, seriously, all I want this car for is to travel back and forth from college because the public transport is so unreliable. I know it’s going to be high because there are so many male chavs who drive around hitting everything and making claims all the time, but, its a Smart car! Not exactly a chav-mobile!

What to do?
I’m going to take the PassPlus, btw.

Administrator answers:

Taking the PassPlus will help with some insurance companies but not all.
All you can really do is shop around.
It is a simple fact of life these days that insurance companies will boost the premiums for new young drivers.
I am surprised though that you are being quoted that much for a Smart.

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