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Your Questions About Cheap Insurance For New Drivers Ontario

April 16, 2012

Michael asks…

Insurance (and more) for new driver in Ontario?

So, I’m going to take my written test (G1) tomorrow and I’m looking ahead trying to figure this out. I plan on taking a MTO certified course to be able to take my G1 exit driving test in 8 months. I have a car lined up that will practically be given to me in 8 months. I’m 30 and living on my own.

Will I be able to get insurance on a car with only a G2 license? Will I have to pay through the nose for it?

Would it be legal and/or cheaper to have my dad buy the car and put it and me on his policy? Would I live to be living in the same household as him?

Any other ideas, issues, or options I should be aware of?

Thanks a bunch.

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure how it works in Canada, but I was on my Mom’s insurance policy up until two months ago, and have not lived with her for quite some time. Insurance was cheaper that way. Also, the insurance company was aware that I was not living with her. I’m sure that no matter what type of license you have…you have to be on some sort of policy so you are covered in the event you might be involved in an accident.

My suggestion…if you’re tight on money, go ahead and see if you can be on your Dad’s policy since you’re just starting out. Once things come together a bit more for you financially….gain more independence by opening your own policy. Keep in mind, you’ll have to pay a down payment, and pay close attention to what sort of deductibles might have to come out of pocket (for collision coverage, comprehensive [glass breakage], and so on).

I hope I helped some….any other detailed questions I can ask my Mom. She has been an insurance agent for 18+ years….she knows all the ropes! :)

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