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February 22, 2013

Carol asks…

Should I have a car in Chicago?

I am planning a move to the windy city in about a year. Its awhile from now but Im planning and seeing how much it will cost me financially. I will likely work downtown or in the downtown area and I am interested in living in the Lincoln Park area or Albany Park. Will it be a hassle to have a car and driving/parking everyday. Is the transportation good enough to not have a car. Is Lincoln park a decent neighborhood where I could walk home alone at night and feel safe , what about Albany Park and Ravenswood? I currently own (paying monthly) a 2008 VW Jetta and I am either gonna get rid of it and not have a car in Chicago or get rid of it and buy a cheap used car for getting around in Chiago. I am also worried about paying expensive car insurance. Please give me any advice and tips for my big move next year.

Administrator answers:

Lincoln Park is expensive and congested. It will cost you hundreds of dollars per month to rent a parking spot – and then, all the business streets are too congested to find parking. The neighborhood is pretty safe.

Albany Park is more or less blue collar with quite a few Asians (mainly Koreans). It is not as congested as the Lincoln Park neighborhood, and as long as you are patient and willing to walk a block or two, you will find street parking. The neighborhood is not unsafe, but it is not as upscale as Lincoln Park.

Ravenswood is OK, but you are near the crime-infested Uptown neighborhood.

There is plenty of adequate public transportation to get you downtown. There are several “L” lines serving Lincoln Park, and the Brown Line serves both Ravenswood and Albany Park.

Insurance is quite high in Chicago. It is 25-50% higher than inside the suburbs. Some Chicago neighborhoods have even higher insurance rates.

Helen asks…

Can you pay car insurance monthly without extra charges?

Most car insurers charge a direct debit fee up to 30% APR if you pay monthly – are there any free ones (or at least cheaper ones)?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you are in the UK…Yes – Virgin insurance

Susan asks…

Should I get a cheap car first?

Im 16 years old & getting my license in november. I’ve been told to get a car under 3,000 dollars. However, im planning on taking a car that I would get through college. honestly I don’t think a car under 5,000 would last long. I already made a deal with my parents for me paying the down payment and half of a monthly payment for a more expensive used car ( aroumd 17,000 ) however, I just thought of an idea of me getting a $2500 2002 beetle for a first car making my insurance less expensive. Keeping that car Then, for my graduation in 2014 getting the 2011 juke that I wanted. And throughout the time having the beetle saving money. Is this a good idea? Sorry if this is long..!

Administrator answers:

Although if properly maintained, a car that costs $2500 should last 3-4 years, your best bet is to make the deal with your parents, and be glad that you have that option.

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