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June 27, 2013

Joseph asks…

Should health insurances be forced to accept people with pre existing conditions?

I have noticed that a lot of liberals love to compare car insurance to health insurance. A common saying in the liberal community is:

“Well you have to have car insurance to protect your car, shouldn’t you HAVE to have health insurance too?”

Well now I have my own little comparison to make…

Wouldn’t you say that forcing health insurance companies to accept people with pre existing conditions is kind of like wrecking your car and then wanting the insurance company to cover the expenses? If health insurance companies were forced to accept people with pre existing conditions wouldn’t everyone just wait until they became sick?

Administrator answers:

Only if they can show proof that they’ve been insured prior to the condition. Otherwise they were scamming the system trying to get away with not paying an insurance premium until they ended up with some serious condition then suddenly want insurance coverage. I just don’t see how it’s right to force a company to take such a huge loss. I don’t know how best to resolve the issue though. Perhaps set it up so that in order to be eligible to have your pre existing condition covered you need to show that you had insurance coverage for at least half of your life since age 20.

I just find it funny how quickly people can come up with justification for paying a high monthly cellular service bill or Internet access bill or tv service bill, but when it comes to health care insurance they don’t want to pay a single dime. I don’t disagree that it’s often expensive, but I also realize that medical care will never come cheap unless you find mediocre care acceptable.

Lizzie asks…

How much should i plan on spending on my car insurance for a 3rd offense DWI? Please refrain from ridicule…?

I know i will have to get an Interlock device which ranges from $50-$100 a month. i am wondering how much I will be paying monthly for car insurance. Liability only. And if anyone happens to know, what company do you think will offer the best pricing? Thank you for your understanding…

Administrator answers:

Im 22 and have 1 DUI.

I was paying $270 a month for a 2011 Corolla and this was with the cheapest car insurance company in town. Geico wanted like $480 a month.

Im now paying $140 a month for a 1991 Nissan Sentra.

If your driving a older car and gets the cheapest insurance in town you would still probably be paying $200+ a month

Charles asks…

How do I save money on my car insurance?

How do I save money on my car insurance?

Administrator answers:

Shop around at other insurers to see if you can get a better deal. Check out your deductible and see what the next highest amount is. If it’s $500 more, make a plan to put at least that much in savings (so you can afford repairs in case you have an accident), then increase your deductible to lower your monthly bill. If you’re paying monthly, see if you can save up enough to pay for 6 months at once (cheaper).

Sandy asks…

How does car insurance work?

im sure this is a really dumb question, but dont know the first thing about car insurance.

I’ll be 19 next month & i’m going to get my license before this month is over. I’ve had my permit for almost 2 yrs now & just been waiting to get money saved up for a car & insurance.

I’d like an SUV but i’ve heard that it costs more to have insurance on an SUV? is this true?

Are there any specific cars that are better [meaning less expensive] to get insurance on?

Administrator answers:

Car Insurance like most other forms of insurance is a primarily used to provide protection against losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against liability that could be incurred in an accident. You pay a monthly premium for each vehicle that is covered under your policy. In the event that you were to get into an accident, your vehicle and the opposing vehicle would be covered if you had a full coverage policy. There is also something called a deductible, which is the amount you will be responsible for paying. So lets say you had $2,000 worth of damages to your car and you have a $500 deductible. You will pay $500 to fix your car and the insurance company will pay the rest.
SUV’s on average cost slightly more than sedans because they typically cost more to repair. Your age and driving experience/record are the most important factors in determining your policy rate. The more expensive the car, the more you’ll pay. The better the neighborhood you live in, the less you’ll pay.
Typically, entry level sedans with high safety records are the cheapest to vehicles to insure. I would recommend that if you still live with your parents, get your vehicle covered under there policy. Your age will make your insurance rate double or even triple what you parents would pay.

Mandy asks…

Do i have to pay a depsoit when i renew my car insrance with aviva?

im just wondering but, i currently have my car insurance with Aviva and it is ue to be renewed in October, does anybody know if have to pay a deposit when i renew my insurace, im stayng with aviva because they have gave me the cheapest quote

Administrator answers:

If you paid monthly by DD last year, that will continue with the new monthly payments. If you paid by deposit then lump sum then they will expect the payment in full.

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