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May 14, 2013

John asks…

Can I survive on $10 an hour?

I am a single male with no children. I work 40 hours a week. My apartment will cost $425 a month with utilities capped at $25. So $450 for rent. I have a car that is paid off. I have cheap insurance because of my spotless driving record. My only bills will be rent, car insurance, food, gas and a $15 monthly home phone bill. I have no cell phone, cable, internet, etc. My only necessary forms of entertainment are a home phone and my stereo. I eat very cheap. Brown rice, oatmeal, sardines, beans and frozen vegetables. I purchase fresh fruits from the city market at below wholesale prices. I am what some would call a minimalist.

Will this be enough to develop some savings or will I just be living paycheck to paycheck?
I should also add that I live within 15 miles from my job and I drive slow to save gas.

Administrator answers:

Yes this is possible

Mandy asks…

Need help i almost bought a salvaged car taking me to court?

I was on craigslist i saw a Honda Accord for 13,000 dollars. I was going to buy it cause my credit isn’t that good and and the guy was going to let me pay half with cash and monthly payment for the rest. He said the car was in 1 minor accident just hit a deer and the front right rear of the car was repaired. So i signed for the title for the car and insurance he came to my house and brought it,but i didnt go to the dmv for the title and he cant do it for me. When i found out the car had been in 2 accidents and he never told me about that one i knew this was to risky and when i tried to sell the car i would have been on the short end of the stick. I told him im not going to buy the car and he emailed me that i owe him $600 dollars for a waxing and cleaning the car oil change and paperwork(which hes suppose to do anyway) so hes taking me to court i think hes bluffing cause hes pretty shady. This guy was trying to rip me off im a single mother with 2 kids need advise please and thank you. (Ps i also think he used his warranty on the car and sold the part separately for extra cash and put something cheap for the front right rear for the car)

Administrator answers:

You dont owe a thing he bluffing get your money back.

Daniel asks…

Parents won’t let me get a job for a car, how can i earn money?

My parents refuse to let me get a job of any kind so i can purchase my very own car. I told them i’m willing to pay for the insurance, gas, property tax, and the car itself by myself. I was looking for a cheap used car between $1,500 to $2,500. I’m going to be a junior in HS this year, have a 3.7 GPA and 16. So is there anyway I can earn a bit of cash w/o a job???

P.S: When I told my mom of my idea, she said i could just work at our family owned business, and she would pay me minimum wage. I already have been working there for years just w/o any pay. She told me that she would pay me monthly but when i showed her the amount i accumulated over the month; she said it was too much and refused to pay me anymore all together w/o compromising a plan. Why is she like this to me?
Plus almost all these white kids get free cars from their parents that were either bought for them or were handed down. ..rrrr…it just makes me angry cause its not fair at all.

Administrator answers:

You shouldn’t be saving money for a car, you should be saving it for college and a good education. Then you’ll be able to afford a lot of things when you get older.

Life ain’t fair. Never was, never will be. Make your own lot in life and deal with it. And it all starts with a good education.

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