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April 10, 2013

Charles asks…

Any help with buying a first car?

Hi, I’ve got my practical test in a few weeks time and I’ve started looking around for a decent first car. I’ve been looking at Peugeot 106, 206 and 306s, Clios, Micras, Golfs and Fiestas.

Now, my budget on a car is around £1500, up to £2000 if it’s amazing. Insurance is the same amount, again up to £2000 if it’s definitely what I’m after (looking to pay monthly, preferably).

Can anyone give me any guidance as to what type of car would best suit me? (given my height as my Mum mentioned, I’d need a car with a bit of room, since I’m 6 foot 2 inches)

Preferably, as long as it goes without too much hassle I’ll be a happy guy. So far all I’ve found is either dirt-cheap cars that are “better than new!” for like £300, or £2,500 cars (types mentioned above) that have been beaten up.

Thanks for any advice that comes my way! =D

Administrator answers:

The first thing you need to consider is your height, as you cannot safely drive a car that doesn’t fit you properly. I reckon that might discount the 106 straight off (no bad thing, it’s a VERY old design car, my mate has one & it’s awful!) and possibly the Clio too, but try them all & see how you get on. Also as you are painfully aware, insurance is ridiculously high for young drivers, all you can do here is shop around for the best deal, and keep to very low insurance rated cars (which may discount the Golf, I’m afraid, otherwise it would be ideal)
Your best bet may be a Fiesta, Polo, or Punto, all of which should fit you, and are in group 2 or 3.
Semi-silly suggestion; how about an old VW Beetle or Land Rover, or similar? A lot of these older cars can be insured as ‘classics’ with specialist insurers, don’t incur road tax if pre-1973, and are way cooler than a Fiesta! You’ll also get to learn a bit about car maintainance, since they’ll need plenty, but you can often learn to do it yourself, if you’re that way inclined!
Good luck with the test & happy motoring!

David asks…

Is it cheaper on insurance to have 2 people on the title?

I don’t have a very good driving record, and when I had insurance under my name on my old car, I was paying almost as much as the monthly car payments. The bank I received the loan from told me that I had to have insurance under my name on the car. I’m looking to get a new car, and I know that the insurance alone would cost me a lot. If I put someone else’s name (such as my father) on the title, along with mine, would I be able to get insurance under his name?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you could, but the car would still be rated for YOUR driving record, so you wouldn’t save any money. That’s called fronting, and the insurance companies are wise to it, and if you “forget” what’s on your record, they’ll find out anyway–then rate you up for your actual record or cancel you for misrepresentation. Be honest. Better to wait until your record cleans up, and drive so it does.

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