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March 21, 2013

Joseph asks…

Am I making a mistake? Please Please Please HELP!?

So I have about $760 saved up right now. I want to buy a $500 dslr camera. My sister in law says thats stupid I’m not a professional photographer so I am an idiot if I buy one. I love taking pictures and I’ve had many point and shoot cameras, and I earned my money so I think I have a right to be able to spend it.

I have monthly car insurance which I pay for on my own, plus a phone bill, gas and food. I’m 19, in college and living with my dad. She thinks I’m sooooo irresponsible for wanting to spend any of my money. I work already and I’m about to get a second job. Part of me feels like I earned it, but she made me feel like crap because she thinks I’m a loser and I’m just so immature for wanting an expensive camera. What do you think? I planned on trying to take pictures of people with it, on the side for some extra money. Also, I want to be a wedding planner one day, so I thought getting a nice camera and taking wedding pictures at a cheap price would be a good investment, so I could run elbows with people in the actual field of work I want to be in. What do you think? Is this a bad idea? Is this a completely stupid question I’m even asking?

Administrator answers:

Do it,this is your hobby,follow your heart.i think your will be a good wedding planer one day

Carol asks…

Mortgage question. Loan amt. 280,00. monthly expenses for, utitities $220. maintance $100 property tax $380 &?

home insurance monthly about $50. I have a car loan payment of $350. Would it be better to rent or purchase a home over the next 5 years holding period with a contract rate of 8% and assuming over the next 5 years that the rate will rise 3% annualy including utilities, maintance and taxes to also rise at the same rate. Now If i’m only going to pay interest, i came up with $87,574 this is over a 5 year period at the 8%. How far off am I ?. I for got renting would be about $1400. a month and insurance $25 plus utilities around $220. over 5yrs. to me renting would be far cheaper?

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure that I understand everything that you’re asking, but you are not factoring in the fact that 1.) the mortgage interest is tax deductible, and 2.) you will own your home, which will increase in value.

If you are not planning to pay anything on your principle and you don’t need the tax deduction, then it might make more sense to you to rent.
If I were in your situation, I would purchase a smaller home. You can’t be getting a very large apartment for $1,400/month; I would buy a home that’s similar in size, which would make owning your home the more sensible solution.

David asks…

Highest MPG for a used older model car?

Any ideas or suggestions. Best miles per gallon from an older model used car (not bikes sorry). Standard gas or diesel fuel only, no electrics, solar or battery or hybrids. Something you can find and buy used today for cheap, and start driving tommorrow – no expensive full coverage insurance necessary to keep banks happy, no monthly loans to worry about, just a minimum no frills piece of transportation that will get you to work and make money. Idea is: you don’t go to work to make money to pay the car, the car takes you to work to make money for YOU.

1982 VW Diesel Rabbit.
1982 Izuzu I-Mark Diesel
1992-2002 Geo/Chevy Metro’s 1.0 liter
VW Jettas, Fox, the Bug (older ones)
Honda Civics, Accords, CRX 1.3 liter motors
Toyota Tercels
Ford Fiestas

The basic assumption here is to pay cash for the car, buy it and register it for cheap mimimum insurance coverage, drive it to work or around town for errands with the least amount of repair and expenses. Must get over 35mpg city.

Administrator answers:

I would stick with either a Honda or a Toyota. Even a Nissan would be ok. They are known to have engines that run forever.

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