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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For Men

August 16, 2013

Nancy asks…

are there any REALLY cheap places to live in Washington state? or places where i can get help 2 pay rent?

hi. my name is evie rae and I am 19. I currently live at my grammas house but we are getting ready to sell it. she passed away in july and now we have to sell the house and everything in it. and when we do. I will become homeless. I have a job at dollar tree inc but I only make about $600 a month if imLUCKY. and all that money goes to my car insurance and phone and food. and gas. so I really need help! is there anywhere in Washington that has super cheap rent or maybe a federal assistance that could help me pay rent for an apartment until I can pay for it myself when im done with my schooling at gene Juarez? I just need to figure something out soon because I don’t want to live out of my car :’(

Administrator answers:

Oh man that sucks. I’m homeless right now in Seattle and only yesterday did I finally get a cheap place to rent for $400 a month (and it’s just some dude’s living room in south lake union). I’ve been homeless for 5 weeks then and its tough out here. Getting section 8 vouchers are a lottery and most don’t get it.

However- since you’re female you might have a much better chance that I did. Check out:

You may have to sell your car so you can get an apartment instead. And just take the metro. It looks like your school is in downtown so it shouldn’t be too hard (though I know it will suck to see your car).

If you need any help or advice you can contact me at

Donna asks…

My windsheild wiper wont work in the rain but sometimes come on for no reason?

I took it to the shop and they said It would cost 100 dollars just for a part plus man hours would be like 26 bucks to 50 bucks.Im single know nothing about cars but wonder if thats not a load of bs.Every time I go there I end up spending tons of money for little stuff. Is that reasonable?Im guessing its a fuse wire or switch of course as I said I know nothing. I have a monte carlo 97 .Can knows kindly direct me if Im wrong.

Administrator answers:

My fiance owns a auto repair shop. Things are expensive. I would definately get a second opinion but I will tell you that your estimate doesn’t sound outrageous. Call around and see how much the part costs from the dealer, from napa, advanced auto parts and other places like that. The labor doesn’t seem expansive at all. What people have to realize ist that it is a business just like everything else and people need to make a living. There are a lot of expenses in owning your own shop… Insurance, rent and other overhead expenses cost more than you could estimate! But it also doesn’t help to be informed. I would find out the exact part they say you need, call around and see if it seems fair, get another option and consider waranties of different places. For instance my fiance’ will let you buy your own parts but doesn’t offer a waranty on them (that should be easy to understand) so you might be able to save $10 getting a part yourself but if the place won’t waranty it, is it worth it? If you find the part cheaper tell the shop that you found it for this price at this place and negotiate with them from there. Some people are dishonest and you have to be careful. As a general rule the dealer is going to charge you more and lie to you. Local places are more honest. Just from knowing the business in my area go to someone who is younger and has more modern equipment, scaners, etc. Older people tend to use old technology and not keep up with modern vehicles (your ’97 doesn’t work like an ’85, you know what I mean?)

Good Luck, I hope I have given you some good information!

Laura asks…

What are the ups and downs to owning your first car before getting my P’s?

I am 25yrs old and wanting to buy my first car to learn in and also will become my primary transport .but my old lady(guardian) said I need more hours before she would agree on letting me buy a car(her house her rules :( ).i want to just buy without consent from her but I know I be receiving an ‘ear bashing’ from her about buying it behind her back .and have done my homework on the rego and insurances and I have the finances to cover it all with my own money(not loan/borrow) .
.the car is a golden opportunity as of th low klms and condition and price(2k cheaper then most of the series.i know there will always be cars for sale but not this one if I wait to the old lady is happy then ill be paying $2-3k more come to that time .
I want this car(commodore acclaim VY 3.8l)
What can I do ?????

Administrator answers:

Dam dude, your 25 and still living at home and being treated like a child, so pathetic. Your a 25 year old grown man, make your own decision. And grow some balls.

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