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July 5, 2013

Mary asks…

How much money should I be earning to live a comfortable lifestyle in Montreal?

I’m not talking “lifestyles of the rich and famous” just normal allowance for clothes, bills, mortgage, food, entertainment, health care, etc.)

Oh yeah, I’m an American.

Administrator answers:


Rent = approx $700 per month
(you can find cheaper in outlying areas or in less desirable parts of town, more expensive in other parts)

Electricity/Heating = $150 per month
(if not included in rent)

Food = $100 per week (one person)

Public Transit = $80 (on-island)

So you are looking at $8400 for housing, $1800 for utilities, $1200 for food, and about $1000 for transportation. Add on to that insurance (home, life, plus Blue Cross since you are American and don’t qualify for Medicare until you become a citizen), phone bills (cell phone and/or land line), cable TV, internet service, then you are running a minimum of about $20,000 for bare living expenses.

If you buy a car, you are adding to the expense, by the way. Costs for cars are $20,000 for a small Toyota, $200 for registration, $100 for license, $1000 for insurance, and gas as of today was $1.17 per liter (roughly $4.60 a gallon). If you live on the island, you probably won’t need a car, or can rent one if you need to go out of town.

(Edit: Ole Man)
I guess you focused too much on my rent vs mortgage and did not see the asker was Anne.

You say SHE needs $80K-100K minimum to be able to pay a mortgage and live comfortably? Anne wanted a rough idea of the cost of living in Montreal, so that’s how I figured I’d answer the question…in the spirit of the question. My point was that you need to make $20K just to pay your living expenses and break even. To “live comfortably”, you would need probably twice that much. To buy a house, triple it.

I had her renting as a non-Canadian resident who may not want to deal with purchasing real estate here in the first few years. Yes, you have to pay income tax here, but with a house you also pay the full amount of the school tax, the municipal taxes, and of course the welcome tax on the home.

For the record, with a down-payment of 10% on your home, you can get a mortgage costing $925 a month on a $50K/yr salary. Example: There are condos going up in Riviere-des-Prairies on the eastern tip of the island for $146,000.

James asks…

How much did things cost in germany when they had the deutsche mark?

The eurozone is very expensive so how much did common items such as a can of coke a bottle of beer and so on cost in DM. I know a frankfurter cost around 4.44DM
When i say the eurozone is expensive i am taking that from eurozone countries i have been to which have been quite expensive. The only exception is ireland which is ok

Administrator answers:

> I know a frankfurter cost around 4.44DM
Oh, come on! You mean a glass or can with around 8 Frankfurter Würstchen, that doesn’t cost you even now no more than 1.99 EUROS. And that’s around the 4.44 Deutschmarks you mean.

Sure prices have increased since the introduction of the Euro, but they would have, too, if we still had the Deutschmark. Cost of transportation have risen due to the worldwide high fuel prices, insurance fees have risen, consumer “protection” laws are getting stricter and stricter, and so on, and who pays for all that batsh’t: We, the people. We can’t even elect those people in Brussels who are responsible for all that, we can only vote for our national government.

But, well, they introduced lower cellphone fees in Europe and a right to compensation if your flight is delayed. Does that ring a bell on you? They are working on their own behalf, because they are frequent flyers and cellphone users. No ordinary man or woman does profit from that.

But it’s not all that bad in Germany; I mean, food is still affordable and cheap, but if you want good quality, there’s a gap. Food retail in Germany has divided into mass-produced, cheap meat, and a high-quality, very expensive segment. It seems to me that there’s nothing much in between, like local butcheries or organic farmers. They sold their soul to the industry, producing rapeseed oil not to fire a frying pan, but to produce Diesel to run some car engine.

I don’t mean we should return to horses and oxen, but as a not-so-resourceful country, in my humble opinion, Germany could do better than plant rapeseed in order to convert it to Diesel, but — and that’s about your question now — those people in Brussels pay us back for every acre of “Biodiesel” what we once paid them, and for every Euro they give us, our Chancellerine gives them five back.

The point of my argueing is, we don’t pay much more due to the Euro, but there are things that need to be changed soon, otherwise Germany will be a dead duck. I’m hoping for the 2013 election, but with no great confidence.

Lizzie asks…

SORN Vehicle left on driveway, Is Insurance needed?

A friend of mine is planning to buy a car and leave it on his driveway until he passes his test. He is going to declare the Vehicle as SORN. Does he still need to have the vehicle insured?

Administrator answers:

He does not need to insure but he is wise to do so to cover for theft, someone could still nick it. Insurance companies have done this for me and my sons car and is somewhat cheaper. However, it might be worth getting the old man or lady of the house to do it through their policy, cheaper still.

Maria asks…

Do men who get sex changes get cheaper car insurance?

Women get cheaper car insurance then men. If a man has a sex change does the insurance company consider him a woman?

Administrator answers:

No, I don’t think so.

Michael asks…

Why do women get cheaper car insurance?

Ive noticed all my guy friends pay a lot more for car insurance then i do why is that?

Administrator answers:

Having sold Automobile Insurance for years the only true answer is ‘ Younger Women pay less than Younger men “. A 45 yr old man pays the same as a 45 yr old woman. I guess you can compare it to the Army . They don’t enlist men at 40 , they prefer them at 18 when they have more balls than brains. In addition Women usually buy more practical vehicles that insure for less than a Guy’s favorite Pick up truck raised 20 inches with 30 inch tires and sounding like they need mufflers.

Laura asks…

What if I do not agree with insurance company fix estimation?

Brand new Toyota, collision: door, fender, bumper and mirror need to be repainted. Fender needs to be replaced. In few shops I visited I was given estimation at least 2.5K. It is Ca state. Farmers Insurance company brings me to their own trusted shop which look very cheap and does not have positive online reviews, and they calculated repair cost under $2K. I do not like to fix my car in the shop, I would prefer to take the money and do repair later in the shop I choose. Can I ask them for other appraisal in their other trusted shop? What is the best way to deal with them in my case?

Administrator answers:

Your in the state of California, so you can take it to which ever shop you wish, its the law, Farmers is the worst insurance company on earth when it comes to repairing your vehicle, they find the cheapest cut rate shop that uses aftermarket parts known to man and try to send you there, I was in the business for over 20 years, Farmers hated my guts and I hated there’s simply because I was a high end shop that only used OEM parts, better let whoever does the work know your insured by Farmers though, some shops wont deal with them, and some will as in use aftermarket parts and cut the bill, yes there adjusters will be contacting the shop to work a deal, I actually sued them once to get my money over a bill they disputed, I won, they didn’t give me too many more problems after that. Take it to the highest end shop you can find, they have to pay the bill, its the law. Oh and WHEN they give you the, Oh we’ll have to get authorization to let you take it to that shop, remind them you can take your car to any shop you wish, its the law.

Lisa asks…

How much does it cost to own a classic car?

So I was on craigslist looking at Camaros for fun. I came across a 1979 Camaro Z28. The car was completely redone in 2001 and a new 350 crate engine was put in it in 2003. The car has new leaf springs, suspension bushings and tires on it. The new engine and trans has just under 45,000 miles on it as well. The seller is asking $5500. Ive driven it and am pleased. The car seems to be strong and is of good quality. If I were to get this car it would only be brought out on nice days, probably over the summer. Next year the car would be 35 yrs old so im assuming its considered a “classic”. What would be a good estimate for 50yr old man in Pennsylvania to own this type of a car that is rarely driven. Again the car is in good shape, only a little rust and probably wouldnt even see 1000 miles a year. Just curious for some input.
I dont really plan on having the car in shows because its not probably at show quality due to the small areas of rust. Im just going to basically store it during bad weather and maybe take it out to cruse around a little bit during the nicer months. I like the car because its not a fixer uper, meaning its not really a project car seeing as I am already satisfied with the looks and performance of the car. Its above average but not a perfect 10.

Administrator answers:

Taking your age in consideration it’s not very expensive at all. License plates are cheap and your insurance company probably will have a classic car policy that they can give you on it for a very low cost. I have a 68 Chevelle and it costs practically nothing to own. Buy it and enjoy.

Richard asks…

What kind of investment advice would you give a 17 year old?

Im seventeen and I want to invest in the stock market……Ive read a few finance books like rich dad poor dad…richest man in babylon…ect… but im interested in investing maybe in bonds….stocks….ect……
I work at a hotel as a valet attendant……i like to save my money….just bought me a nice 2004 camry last year…..i love it… im looking to invest … dont get me wrong I like to buy clothes and shoes too…but just want to invest…..please help

Administrator answers:

You’re doing the right thing by starting now. I started the same thing around your age. I’m 25 now and financially stable and still building networth.

I would start by looking at your debt to income ratio (how much are your bills monthly verses your income). I would imagine at 17 your bills are probably pretty low, maybe even none at all if your car is paid for and your parents are covering your insurance and cell phone etc.

Set yourself a goal of how much you are willing to save weekly and put it in a savings account or a seperate checking account from your normal day-to-day spending account. You can begin buying stocks with a minimum investment of $500 (places like etrade or scottrade where you can do it online). Start slowly accumulating stocks as you can and pick stocks with the mindset of owning them forever – think of companies you know are stable and more than likely can weather any sort of financial storm (Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, etc.). Don’t be afraid to branch into new, innovative or risky stocks – but just be careful how much you are willing to put in based on how much you might be willing to lose – you don’t want to lose all of your savings (even if it’s only $1000-2000) on a gamble.

Next I definitely agree with getting an education!!!! In this time and especially this economy a college degree is almost the equivalent of a high school diploma 30 years ago. Meaning – good luck finding a decent job without a degree! At 17 concentrate on grades in high school, taking your ACT/SAT and trying to get as many scholarships, grants, etc. To go to college FOR FREE OR AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE!!!!! Try to accumulate as little student loan debt as possible.

With your interest you will probably be great pursuing a business or finance degree and working in investing after college. Immediately out of college the wisest investment I made was to buy a duplex right away. With only a couple of thousand down I owned not only a house, but a rental investment! I lived in one half and rented the other – which covered my mortgage! Then I began saving toward another property.

Robert asks…

Can someone help with some facts about 1960 through the 1965?

I need any random facts about that time period. Mostly just general facts about the life style back then that is different than right now. (e.g. cars, the president, general stuff like that. QUICKLY.

Administrator answers:

In Franklin County, Maine, girls had to wear skirts or dresses to school, even if it was forty below and you had to wait for a broken down school bus that was late. Birth control pills might have been out by the mid 60′s. I know that in 1970 they had them on the market. Nobody had food stamps back then, as far as I know. The government would give out food to people, like rice, cheese, oatmeal, flour, stuff like that. When a lot of rice wound up at the dump, the government started giving out stamps. Speaking of stamps, there used to be S & H green stamps consumers would get after grocery shopping. You would paste these into a small book and when you had accumulated a few books, you could send away for merchandise and only pay for shipping and handling and taxes. I remember when we heard about JFK dying. The school flag was lowered at half mast and we were sent home from school. Everyone was sad, even us little kids. Soda used to come in glass bottles instead of plastic. Nobody fooled with our food supply so we didn’t have safety seals on stuff. The milk man used to deliver milk to homes in glass bottles with a small card board top that set into the neck of the bottle. 4 lane highways were only at I-95. Everything else was 2 lane. Parents used to use skinny tree branches to smack kids with if they were bad (called switches) and teachers used to hit us with a ruler. (They would all be in jail today!) Kids didn’t have computers, x-boxes and some didn’t even have a t.v. At home. Kids played ball or played house or went fishing. Nobody wore seat belts. Car insurance was not mandatory. A husband was king of the castle. Alcohol was the big drug instead of pot. That came later in the late 60′s. American Bandstand was a teen’s favorite program. The top hits would play music they liked instead of having to listen to old mom and dad’s old fogey stuff. If you caught hell from your teacher, you were going to catch even more when you got home. People went to church more. Everyone was taught in school to hate the communists. In rural areas, people had telephone “party lines” where a neighbor shared the same line with you. If you needed to call someone, you had to see if anyone was talking, first. If not, you could dial out or you could ask them to please get off the line. No one worried about cigarettes or second hand smoke. Smoking was cheap and even the soldiers were given cigarettes. Viet Nam was a place where thousands of young men died in vain. Widows and orphans were left behind. Veterans came home to hostile crowds that spit on them. A lot happened back then. Some of it good and some of it bad.

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