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June 3, 2013

Helen asks…

Is this Honda Civic worth it for my first car?

It is a 2005 special edition honda civic with 158,000 km ( 98,000 miles).

It has had one owner and has no apparent problems. ( have not gotten it checked by a mechanic yet as it is far from where I live )

The are asking $7500 but it is negotiable.

Is this a good car to get for that price for my first car? ( I am only 18 so a car like this is slightly cheaper on insurance than others, also heard it is fuel efficient. )


Administrator answers:

I think it is, if a little too expensive for my taste for that mileage, but if you are unexperienced and are going for a 2005 car then it might be a good price. My neighbour just bought a 1987 corolla for $700 and it has less than 45000 miles as it belonged to an old man who never used it much.

So, 10 times as little money and less mileage but yep it is way older than yours..

Mark asks…

What do you percieve to be the advantages of being the other Gender?

Today I came from the gym, and realized people tend to be nicer to women. They have it so easy when it comes to getting sexx, they can not pay taxes, and they will automatically get an exemption. Parents tend to care more for the girls, and they can wear guy clothes and it “cute”. We cant ever dream of wearing TNA pants without getting strange looks.

Administrator answers:

There are of course disadvantages, but some of the advantages I see:

Are exempt from selective services.
Are aided in hiring, retention and promotion due to affirmative action.
Are protected in sports under title ix.
Have many more shelters and other such programs.
Small business aid available to them from which men are exempt.
Many more grants, etc. Than available to men.
Have a big advantage when seeking child custody
Tend to be favored in divorce settlements.
Less likely to be the victim of a violent assault
Easier to be a stay at home spouse and not have to work.
Taken much more seriously in harassment issues.
Eligible for maternity leave, often paid.
Live longer
Have lowered standards for some careers
More health care research funding for gender specific issues
Cheaper car insurance, at least initially
Have been advantaged in school reform polices beginning 15 years or so ago.


Susan asks…

What happens to “Shila’s wheels” car insurance now?

Will they start offering insurance to men now that they can no longer discriminate against them? Or do you think they will just close?

Administrator answers:

Been insure with sheilas wheels for 6 month very cheap. Running st220 mondeo male

Michael asks…

Does my landlord have the right to have his post sent to my address?

He has serious post sent to my house. Bank statements and from the management company who own the grounds of the block. I have had a bailiff around asking for him. I have told him this and he said to ignore them and he has the right to have his post sent there.

Administrator answers:

I’ll contradict what some others have said about it “being his house” etc…

It’s often overlooked that when you give an address to certain companies and organisations you are making a legal declaration. For instance, bank statements – technically he could be breaking the terms of his account by giving them an address he’s not living at. If you gave someone else’s address on car insurance it would invalidate it. Telling the tax man you live somewhere else is a big no-no! The list goes on.. Whilst it’s rare for people to get into trouble for this, it can lead to serious problems. Another example – If you took out a loan and gave the lender an address which is not yours so you could evade payment then you’d lose all ability to argue the case when it eventually comes to a CCJ being issued because the lender couldn’t trace you – the line “I didn’t get the letters…” wouldn’t go down well with the court or lender. A particularly vicious lender might even accuse you of fraud.

He may well own the property but if he’s using that address (one which he doesn’t live at) to evade authorities and/or people he lends money to then he’s in the wrong. There are even circumstances he could be breaking laws.

Tell the bailiff the situation, you may need to prove your identity but they cannot and will not serve a warrant on an address if they’ve been shown proof the debtor doesn’t live there. I’d even tell them his real address if I knew it. The fact he’s got bailiffs after him says a lot – see what I said above! If I were you I’d return each and every piece of mail with “NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS” clearly written on them. You are totally within your rights to do that. If they persist then contact the people concerned and tell them (preferably in writing) that the person in question is your landlord and does not live at that address and they are to cease sending his mail there immediately. You have certain obligations as a tenant but taking receipt of his mail is not one of them – you also have rights as a tenant…

They’ll catch up with him eventually, they have all sorts of ways and means. If your landlord doesn’t like that then tough! He needs to stop using your address to evade people who are after him.

Long story short – I know of someone who ended up in serious trouble for using the address of a property he was renting out simply so he could get cheaper car insurance. The house was in an area with a low risk rating for car theft, the place he actually lived in had quite a high rating. He then had an accident and made a claim. For the sake of trying to save about £120 he ended up having the policy cancelled, which then stays on record for years and affects further quotes, and the insurer refused to pay out on the accident. He’s lost a lot of money over that. Unfortunately for him, his insurer was also the company he banked with – he no longer banks with them and had to very quickly stump up £800 for the overdraft they called in (they cited “serious risk of loss/fraud” for closing his account).

So, yes it was his property but it landed him with a major headache which lasted a long time.

You’re his tenant, not his secretary.

Ken asks…

Should I get my motorcycle license or car?

I’m almost 16, and where I live that’s the legal age to receive a drivers license. I was wondering if it were better for me to get a car license or a motorcycle. I think driving a motorcycle is more fun, but i cant really make my mind. I know that insurance is expensive for people like me, and I know a motorbike would be alot cheaper (depending on the type). What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Hey! I am 16 myself, I just got my license! Go for the car, and get some experience behind the wheel, and then get a bike. Trust me man I want a bike to, but if you have a lot of friends like me, get a car.

Laura asks…

What is your objection to “re-do” weddings?

This is just being asked out of curiosity. I am not planning to do this, nor would I. I agree that they are silly, but after reading so many answers that are vehemently opposed to this without actually giving a real explanation as to why, I am curious.

Please explain WHY you think wedding re-do’s are unacceptable!

Administrator answers:

Probably what I dislike most about re-do weddings is (1) the justification behind it, married people complaining they never got a wedding. In order to be married they, of course, had to have a wedding and then they take that one wedding which did mean something and act like it meant nothing because there weren’t enough flowers or bridesmaids or whatever. It’s such a shallow way of thinking and their immaturity shows through, (2) the vows mean nothing to them, to them it’s all about the wedding fluff and being the centre of attention. The truth is you can’t separate the legal wedding from the show and if you try what you will end up with is a (3) sham. I can’t bring myself to like anyone who could denigrate their vows like this and act out in this way. It’s funny they’re married yet they still act like children throwing a tantrum they never got the wedding they wanted. Which brings me to my next very strong dislike of wedding re dos, that (4) these spoiled brats act like how they got married was taken from them, as if they are victims of some crime. But how you get married is completely up to you, if you choose to elope or get married in the courthouse, that’s your decision to make, but that is the end of weddings for you until you ultimately divorce because your partner can’t stand your diva commands anymore. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Going more into how these “victims” justify having a fake wedding, reasons to marry quickly first often include financial gain of some sort, be it through medical benefits, cheaper car insurance, etc; (5) So now they’re marrying for money. Ok, fine, you were getting married anyways, but if you want to speed the process up for personal gain, then that’s your wedding, you’re done. Adults have to live with the consequences of their actions. If you give up on your dream wedding to save $300 on car insurance, then I don’t see how it could have meant that much to you that you now want to redo it.

(6) Then there is the lying aspect of it. It isn’t always the case, but sometimes family and friends are kept completely in the dark and think the fake wedding is the real thing. (7) The couple is making their family and friends into fools. Their guests congratulate them, buy presents for them, spend time and money on hotel accommodations, gas, travel, etc; and all for something fake. (8) I’m sure if the guests knew better they would not appreciate being taken advantage of. (9) Then, the couple who elopes and then has a fake wedding is cheating their family out of actually seeing them get married. This is a moment many parents look forward to from when their children are just young and no fake wedding will make up for that.

What really gets me is the people behind these charades. Let’s be honest, it’s most always the woman, she wants to extend her bridezilla-dom beyond the wedding day. (10) They take no pride in being a wife and always want to be the bride. This isn’t a healthy attitude to have, living in the past stuck on keeping the spotlight on them. Then the man who just nods, smiles and goes along for the ride. What the hell is he thinking and why doesn’t he put his foot down? Two people who act this way don’t even have any business being married in the first place.

That’s ten.

ETA: Ooh…and looks like some of you got some points that I missed….that brings the count to 15?

Steven asks…

How can I title and tag a 74 in Kansas?

My moms boyfriend bought a 1974 Dodge Charger and pretty much gave it to me because of a promise. So I have it in the garage and its mine. But the title to the Charger can’t be found anywhere. It was given to my moms boyfriend but he doesn’t remember where he put it. He can be very difficult at times because he’s owned tons of classic muscles and he hasn’t had one in awhile. He is also a cheap ass when it comes to doing things. He envisioned that we would antique it but after we painted and redid the interior. Like I said he’s a cheap ass because antiquing it will make it to where we don’t have to pay taxes on it or whatever. But I think he is trying to wait as long as possible until I have it half ass restored and antique it. I am a 17yr old Junior in high school and ride the bus, don’t have a job, but I do have access to a car without insurance and in order to get a job I need to go 20 miles. What can I do to get a title and tag? Please!! I need advice… I also would’ve had to tag my car 30 miles away if I had the title. Insurance isn’t the problem, we have it now but without a job I can’t help out. My mom used to work but now she can’t because she was starting to gain weight and my moms boyfriend does odd jobs but might be working as a lineman for an electric company. Its good pay but I don’t know what to do!?!?

Administrator answers:

I feel you, im 17 and i restore mustangs, to title the car to you, You need a bill of sale signed by you and your moms boyfriend, with the vin of the car on it(if he writes it as a gift to you. You wont have to pay the bluebook tax on it) then you need to go to the rmv and apply for the title, if approved, you pay $75 and theyll send you the title in about 6weeks or so. As far as registering it, you need to be 18 to register a car in MA(where i live) and 20 to insure it on your own, so you mom will have to take care of that. If i were you, i would get another car for a daily driver and work on the charger through college, then once you have a job, start putting the money in it. Trust me, you will save alot of money! Good luck man.

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