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May 6, 2013

Linda asks…

Where can I buy one of those trailer hitch receivers that bolts through the bottom of the trunk?

I drive a ’93 honda accord EX, that is lowered, and has a larger aftermarket exhaust, so the regular bolt on hitch receivers won’t fit it.

I took it to a well known hitch shop around here torklift (in fact the only one I can find), and they said that the way it can be done is taking out the spare tire, installing a few small reinforcement bars, and bolting it through the bottom of the trunk. He says I’d be able to tow 1000 pounds like that.

Only problem is they want about $300 for the job, and that doesn’t even include the wiring. I think $300 is way too much to pay for a couple pieces of metal bolted to the car.

I’m sure that if I found one of those trunk mount receivers that I’d be able to bolt it on, and wire it up myself, however I’ve been calling all over, and scouring the net but can’t find one.

Anyone have any advice how I can find one of these?

Administrator answers:

Do your insurance man a favor and pay the 300 bucks. It’s a lot cheaper than the lawsuit you will have if the trailer hitch rips out in traffic.

What the 300 bucks covers at the hitch shop is their experience, workmanship, and liability insurance if their work should fail and someone is injured or killed.

Donna asks…

If Gays are offered Civil Union type marriages one day, should Hetro couples be offered the same?

Many will think marriage is just between a man and woman, either way you look at.

But what about couples who do not intend to have kids? What if they for all practical purposes are gay-like? Should hetro couples get the same equality.

Administrator answers:

Yes, this is actually a big argument for civil unions. Say two adult sisters end up living together in the same home one a single mother with children (children’s father is in jail for life) and one without children- both women are hetro but not involved with any men. The one with children has her company shut down and loses her job and loses health benefits. Why can’t the one without children add jobless sister and children to her benefits?

Why couldn’t they both be on the same car insurance policy and get the cheaper rates as married couples would?

John asks…

so confused about renting a car in ireland?

I have read so many customer reviews warning about extra charges and the necessity for insurance – but there are so many types of insurances and I am totally confused. CW, SuperCDW, third pary, etc.I just want to rent a car for the week with the appropriate insurance and not get scammed into buying more than I need but yet having what is needed. Also, don’t understand about toll roads and how one pays for that. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Book before you go, much cheaper than as a walk up at airport! offer (extra cost) full insurance cover to cover you for just about everything, including the excess.
Make sure you fully examine the car when you pick it up. Any problem get the agent to come with you and get even the tiniest mark/damage marked on acceptance form.
If you have paid for a full tank of petrol check the dashboard gauge shows full!
With prices low (to get your booking) renters can only make a profit on the deal if they find some damage to bill for! If scratch was there when you picked it up but it was not noted on the pick up form they can bill you (and every other renter) as they only “repair” cars when handing back to lease company. £150 for a simple scratch (times 10 or 20 renters……) soon makes renting a car worthwhile!
If you are at all worried take close-up photos of car before you move it and when you return it in case they find “imaginary damage” after you have left – and bill your c/card!
Check at reception desk if you return car with a full or empty tank!

Just be sensible and thorough and you will be OK!

Toll roads – go through manned booth and pay cash.

Michael asks…

Whats the fastest car i could buy for under 20 grand?

the insurance in my town is rediculous. ive looked at mustangs and gotten quotes from the insurance companys…its bad. so anything with a smaller engine that can fly would be ideal. nothing too ricey.

Administrator answers:

Some performance-oriented cars you could try with smaller engines under 20k are:

Dodge Neon SRT-4
Acura RSX Type-S
Subaru Impreza WRX
Chevrolet Cobalt SS

However, those cars are popular with young kids as well and may not be any better on insurance than a mustang gt.

If all you care about is straight line speed and low insurance, then you should look at some older luxury cars. I had a friend with a 91 Q45. This car had an underrated 276hp v8 and could hang with or beat any of the cars mentioned above from a roll. His insurance was very cheap since the car was considered an old man’s car by insurance companies.

Maria asks…

why do woman get cheaper can insurance?

If blokes got cheaper car insurance because obviously we’re the “better drivers” ha then all you woman would be complaining…

Administrator answers:

No we wouldn’t…we’d accept it just like you do.

The fact of the matter is that men (especially men under 25) get in more accidents and get more tickets. It’s not that we get cheaper insurance…it’s just that yours is more expensive. The price will go down when you turn 26, and/or when you get married.

Donald asks…

I want to buy a new car, I’ve never had insurance. How much will it cost for insurance?

I’m 22, Single male, no credit history or insurance history. I want to buy a new 2013 Chevrolet Spark, base model.

Allstate gave me a “ballpark quote” of $3,200 for 6 months. This seems OUTRAGEOUS! Is that what I can expect to pay???
Edit; for clarification, I have never had a car whatsoever

Administrator answers:

If you have never had a car whatsoever, it’s very important to buy a brand new 2013 Chevriolet Spark.

There is a clever young man here on answers who discovered that insurance on his 100 thousand dollar car would cost less if he was to get only liability on it, so maybe you can do the same on your 2013 Chevrolet Spark, after all it’ll be a cheaper car.

Sandra asks…

What should be the best choice between Subaru sti and MITSU evo?

Witch vehicle is cheaper, better, reliable, cheap in maintainense, insurance, gives better mpg, and will never loose its value??

Administrator answers:

A question which has been asked many times over the years.

Myself i have driven a few of each generations of each and found them both to be really good cars although as good as the Impreza is it is also the one which turns boring really quick,it is good at handling and power is pretty good and so on but after a very short time it feels like when you where a kid and your Mum was taking you to school its exciting and fun to be in a car but its safe and after a while you can’t wait to get to school,the Evo’s feel different like this time your Mum has to go to work early and your brother is driving you and he has his crazy face on and you hope that you are going to get there and the ride is going to be fun filled and crazy all the way.This does not mean each handles bad etc just the way it feels the thrill which if you did not want from a sporty car you may as well your Grannies MPV.

And i know there are STI owners saying it feels exciting and i know it does but its like many things in life once you have tied something else your taste change,i was not shocked when this was picked up on topgear where they felt the Evo was more of a man’s car and i knew just what they where saying and nodded with them.

Cheaper is def the Impreza as you can buy almost new models for peanuts for there age,this also accounts for the mass of them on the road infact within 3 streets of my house there are 5 of them,reliable hard to say depends if looked after,maintenance again on these sort of cars nothing is cheap to maintain and regular i have drove sporty cars for 20 years nearly and none have been cheap to service etc,but again it is the type of cars they are but what they give you back when looked after.

Insurance more on the Evo and speaking for this week where my friend rung for a quote on an Evo 6 ,better mpg more the impreza but again on these cars mpg questions are silly as i get 14 mpg driving a slow as i can in my R33 Skyline but it is the price i pay for driving a sporty car.

Value def the Evo check for yourself even old Evo models fetch a really good price and def hold there value much much and much again more than an Impreza.

Richard asks…

What jobs pay a lot in houston tx? tipped jobs included?

im into aviation, and im planning to go to aerosim in texas to get my 4 year college degree for aviation. I need a lot of money since i would have to pay for housing, basic needs, and the college course, which is not cheap. i was thinkking of being a bellhop, waiter, or pizza man, because they could make a lot in tips, but i need someone´s opinion. Please help

Administrator answers:

Suggest u get jobs locally where u at.
SAve up thousands and be able to pay
for school and living costs in houston.

U would do better to get your ‘degree’ locally.

A rental at low end will be 400$ plus
electrics (75-100$ )month 6 month
minimum. U wil need 1st month plus
security deposits. Have good car insurance.

As for work, waiters earn ok income if they work
long enough and in the right places.
Pizza delivery can bring in extra 1000$
after expenses b4 taxes.
Don’t bet on bellhop.

Do your home work or u’ll end up in debt
without ‘degree’.

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